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  1. / Jun 20 2011
    Two thumbs up!!!
    I purchased 5 of these letters to represent each member in the family. After searching on ebay, these were a find!!!! Not only is the size terrific, but they are sturdy and the price is very reasonable. I am hanging these outdoor on my shed, so I did do some prep work to ensure they last. There are some holes in the letters (not sure why) that I filled in with some outdoor clear caulk and then painted them black with a rustoleum paint for metal. They came out fabulous!!! The metal is a little textured, so with 2 coats of paint for coverage, they really have a vintage/marquee appearance to them. Thank you Anthropologie!!!!
  2. / Nov 10 2014
    Good value
    I purchased one of these letters for my kids' playroom and I'm very happy with it. While fairly small in size the weight is substantial and it mixes in well with a variety of decor styles. I'm considering purchasing a few more for their bedrooms now.
  3. / Jan 10 2010
    Good value
    I looked around the internet for metal letters before choosing to get a zinc letter from Anthropologie. I could not find metal letters that had a cute font as these did, nor did I find anything at a better price that I liked as much. I had seen these in the stores prior to purchasing online so I knew they were lightweight and had a rustic quality to them. The package came quicker than I expected, and the letter is going to look fantastic on the wall of my baby's nursery. These letters would also look great in an urban loft, kitchen, or really anyplace!
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  1. / Aug 15 2009
    You have no idea !
    I just received my shipment today & I LOVE it....its GINORMOUS! Yes I had the measurements, but you have no idea until it arrives how GRAND & impressive the letter really is. I purchased the letter "A" to go up against a charcoal gray interior wall.....Stunning! truly a one of a kind item & I'm keeping it a secret from my freinds where I bought it....no copy cats .....lol
  2. / Oct 18 2009
    So cool!
    Looks great on my bookcase! Would be excellent on a mantel. Really big, but hollow so not too heavy to lift or hang. I was planning on leaning it against the wall, but J is too tippy a letter for that and I had to use the hanging thingy on the back. If you get a flatbottom letter, like an A, it should have no problem standing or leaning.
  3. / Dec 27 2011
    I am absolutely in love with my big letter! It's very industrial looking and will look great in my son's nursery. I was very hestitant to purchase this because of the price but now that I have it I'm so glad I did. Even though it's hollow it still is quite heavy.
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  1. / Feb 14 2014
    Awesome little find! I know they "say" it's a plate holder but this little girl saw a vintage, industrial, shabby chic iPad holder, yes iPad holder. Perfect to hold my iPad while I follow along with that fav recipe. Small enough to tuck away yet the possibilities are endless for what you can use this for.
  2. / Mar 21 2012
    Functional and attractive
    It is pretty strange to write a review about a plate stand, but I am happy with this product. I have been trying to find a plate stand for a while, and I have never seen one this unique. I use it for a plate I have that is 13 inches (32 cm) and I wouldn't use it for a plate much bigger than that (I think it would start to be wobbly and unstable). The spoons are not actually vintage, but new replicas. They are not quite as warm and worn looking as the photo, but more of a crisp silver. Maybe they will weather with time. Overall, it is a good price, decent quality and is pretty much the nicest plate stand I have seen!
  3. / Aug 03 2012
    More than just a plate stand...
    I love these! I have 2 in my kitchen, one holds one of anthropologie's plates and the other holds a small book. They're functional and add some vintage/antique flare. They also work hung on a wall! I tried this with a plate cradled in it and it seemed very secure. They were a bit on the shiny silver side when I first got them but after a month they've seemed to darken a bit.
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  1. / Oct 25 2013
    Just right
    This frame is small (can hold a 2" x 2.5" photo), and so adorable. It' the perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift for your friend who's either from "across the pond" or loves to visit Great Britain. The frame can be displayed horizontally, or vertically. The bone is good quality; nice and smooth, and the distressing of the flag colors lend to a feeling that it's "one of a kind." The sides of the frame are not made of bone, and are brown, but that doesn't take away from its charm. Highly recommend!
  2. / Jan 15 2015
    Very cute
    Bought this for a "Sherlock" fan and I love it! "Distressing" look of the colored bone adds to it's charm and rock-n-roll style. My only complaint is the color varies greatly from one frame to another. I recommend picking it out in the store. Some were bright like the photo, but on others the red color was very dark, almost brown and wasn't nearly as nice looking. Also, some frames were smooth while others didn't seem as well constructed.
  3. / Jun 09 2013
    great product
    This frame is constructed sturdily and the colors are lovely!
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  1. / Mar 30 2014
    timely adorable.
    I love this little alarm clock. The light blue is quite adorable and looks great on my bedside table. I was so tired of my apartment power going out in storms that I resorted to a battery operated clock....this fits the bill. The alarm is easy to set and quite loud. A fun piece to my bedroom.
  2. / Mar 19 2013
    This product serves its purpose well.
    Excellent service from Anthropologie. Easy ordering online; quick delivery; product well-packaged. Simple classic piece. No reason to oversleep ever again! Loud ringing quicky gets attention! Recommended.
  3. / Nov 09 2013
    Love this sweet clock!
    This clock sits on my bedside, the aesthetic is perfect, and the loud ringer definitely wakes me up in the morning. Love this home accessory.
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  1. / Dec 24 2014
    The best throw in the world!
    This is the throw that one wants to keep touching. It is soft yet has some pleasant heft to it. The presence of many colors in the confetti stripe makes it suitable for most decors. I have it on an ivory sofa, and it adds a dash of color without overwhelming the sense of calm.
  2. / Dec 01 2014
    Amazing Blanket!
    I bought one of these blankets for my Grandma first as a gift, and could not resist buying myself one as well. I have never felt a blanket so comfortable in my entire life! Not only is it the fuzziest blanket ever, but it also coordinates with most rooms. I use it mainly in my bedroom but I threw it into a couple of different color schemed rooms and it went perfectly.
  3. / Nov 18 2014
    Love this!
    I bought this throw as a gift but fell in love with it. I kept it and my family members fight over it! It's incredibly soft and it coordinates with any color. I logged on today to buy another for my friend!
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  1. / Oct 28 2014
    I love this vase! It adds just the right pop to my side table in my living room!
  2. / Jun 12 2014
    Love it!
    Got this vase online and I love it! It's even more beautiful in person.
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