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  1. / Jul 17 2014
    Love this pillow :)
    I bought this pillow and I'm very happy with it. It took me a while to work up the nerve to buy it given how much it cost but I'm very happy that I did. The pillow is in excellent shape, not too rough or scratchy at all, in fact it's quite soft and cozy, inviting to the touch. The fact that it is a cream color makes it all the better for me; it's not one of those crazy outlandishly dyed things. Very classy. I do recommend ordering online vs purchasing in the store... the store's pieces were a bit mangy and not so beautiful as the one that arrived from the warehouse. Just FYI.
  2. / Jan 05 2012
    extremely soft
    I hate to admit I paid this much for a pillow, but you get what you pay for as they say - you'd likely never find this one at a discount store or in a bargain bin It is supremely soft and fluffy and begs you to "pet" it The length is pretty unique for a pillow of this kind (sheared Mongolian sheep) - it's a popular style nowadays but I have not seen one this wide (long) before- it looks great on a big brown leather sofa It's good that it's not wide AND high, this way it does not overwhelm- like fur city on my couch....... my husband called it a catterpillar when he saw it and he throws it on the floor when he sits on the couch- so it's not for everyone it seemed squished and loooooong when it came out of the box and it was folded
  3. / Jan 05 2013
    Luxe for Sure!
    I wasn't even thinking about purchasing this item, but when I went in to my local Anthro store to purchase the Pilar quilt this item was laid out on the display bed. When I laid out the comforter to get a better look at the quilt, the pillow display just looked so nice with it I splurged and picked up this surprising little number. I'm so glad I did too! It really adds dimension to the bedding and I'm so happy with it. It is so fluffy and soft and the length is great. My only worry is that my dogs seem to like it even more than I do. At almost 30 years old, this is my first big girl bed and I know I will have it and enjoy it for years to come (that is if the pups don't eat it)!
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  1. / Feb 14 2014
    Awesome little find! I know they "say" it's a plate holder but this little girl saw a vintage, industrial, shabby chic iPad holder, yes iPad holder. Perfect to hold my iPad while I follow along with that fav recipe. Small enough to tuck away yet the possibilities are endless for what you can use this for.
  2. / Mar 21 2012
    Functional and attractive
    It is pretty strange to write a review about a plate stand, but I am happy with this product. I have been trying to find a plate stand for a while, and I have never seen one this unique. I use it for a plate I have that is 13 inches (32 cm) and I wouldn't use it for a plate much bigger than that (I think it would start to be wobbly and unstable). The spoons are not actually vintage, but new replicas. They are not quite as warm and worn looking as the photo, but more of a crisp silver. Maybe they will weather with time. Overall, it is a good price, decent quality and is pretty much the nicest plate stand I have seen!
  3. / Aug 03 2012
    More than just a plate stand...
    I love these! I have 2 in my kitchen, one holds one of anthropologie's plates and the other holds a small book. They're functional and add some vintage/antique flare. They also work hung on a wall! I tried this with a plate cradled in it and it seemed very secure. They were a bit on the shiny silver side when I first got them but after a month they've seemed to darken a bit.
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  1. / Aug 18 2014
    unique and also functional
    I bought the yellow one in the store and noticed all of the red second hands were a little bent and the minute/hour hands were kind of loose. However, it was SO gorgeous and fairy-tale, antique chic that I couldn't leave without it. I went home and was able to fix the loose hands very easily, within minutes. Unlike a few other reviews, my clock has functioned perfectly ever since that quick fix!! It's sitting on top of a few antique books in my house and I swear it receives a compliment every time. Two thumbs up for analog clocks in a digital world!
  2. / Nov 30 2014
    This clock is whimsical, and it makes me smile to see it on my bookshelf. The hands are bendable, and unprotected. It was necessary to fiddle a bit to get them bent so that they can pass by one another. The clock keeps time. It does make an audible ticking sound. If you are sensitive to that kind of background noise, you may be bothered.
  3. / Mar 04 2014
    Cute as can be and useful
    I bought this in the yellow color. I just love it. The AA battery is slightly difficult to insert in the back and I did adjust the hands so they do not bump into each other, but the clock is so cheerful and easy to see. I am very pleased with it.
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  1. / Aug 21 2014
    Exactly what I envisioned
    This is an awesome statement/conversation piece. I easily put this up in my living room on a light blue wall..it really pops! It truly compliments my serene home :) Whenever I move, I may use a different design with the swallows, I have it as pictured currently.
  2. / Mar 12 2013
    So unique!
    I am so happy with this clock. It is unlike anything I've seen before. I have it on a gray wall and it sets it off perfectly. It was also pretty easy to install. I am constantly getting compliments on this piece.
  3. / Jan 25 2013
    Very Cool, if you know what you're getting...
    The descritption of this item should make it VERY clear, especially for the price, this is not a clock as pictured. These are clock parts/pieces you mount on a wall to create a clock. It's a cool concept, looks great and unique, but over-priced. I picked this as a gift from my husband and it's unique so Ill keep it, but otherwise...not sure. The Swallows are detailed and made well. The instructions are easy and fool-proof. The instructions claim there should be a screw to hang the hands/clock mechanisim and a second hand which were missing. Mine is on a gold wall and makes a nice conversation piece.
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  1. / Oct 25 2013
    Just right
    This frame is small (can hold a 2" x 2.5" photo), and so adorable. It' the perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift for your friend who's either from "across the pond" or loves to visit Great Britain. The frame can be displayed horizontally, or vertically. The bone is good quality; nice and smooth, and the distressing of the flag colors lend to a feeling that it's "one of a kind." The sides of the frame are not made of bone, and are brown, but that doesn't take away from its charm. Highly recommend!
  2. / Jun 09 2013
    great product
    This frame is constructed sturdily and the colors are lovely!
  3. / Oct 11 2013
    Cute but Little
    This frame is supercute, but keep in mind the size. It's about the same size as a 3 X 5 index card. I was surprised by how little it was, but I liked the design so much I kept it.
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  1. / Nov 22 2013
    very nice
    originally ordered the chartreuse, it was a bit too green. exchanged for the rose and is was a perfect blend, looks aged without looking dirty. compliments the fruteria lamp we have with the blend of orange to red. feather insert is great weight.
  2. / Oct 08 2013
    I ordered two of these in the yellow/blue tones. They are gorgeous, but they do vary from one another quite a bit. I wish that they came in standard bed pillow size too. The quality seems really good. These pillows offer a bit of a hand-made, funky but elegant and colorful jolt to a bed, couch, bench, etc. They are expensive but seem worth it.
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  1. / Nov 28 2014
    Great feature cushion
    I purchased a couple of these to dress up my bed with some other cushion. They are really beautiful, however, I would say the detailing is bronze not gold. This was a happy surprise for me.
  2. / Oct 24 2014
    this is so much more beautiful in person. i'd been searching everywhere for a cute bolster for my bed with some texture and this is perfect!
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