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  1. / May 03 2015
    Baby Shower Gift
    I bought this to go inside a baby shower basket! Let's be honest, I wanted to keep it for myself! This cute ostrich received so many compliments at the shower, and it looks so cute in the little girls room! Half tempted to buy it again!
  2. / Apr 23 2015
    My sweet Carmela!
    She just happies me. My husband doesn't like it when I talk to her. I think it's because she gives him "the look". I had to have her after my precious pet ostrich passed away recently. I re-named her Carmela of course. Once in a while I have to straighten her neck because it tends to droop to one side so that is my only complaint.
  3. / Dec 21 2014
    This ostrich is absolutely beautiful! The fabrics are lovely. I love how her beak and head are made with a textured weave and her feathers have just the right amount of fluff! Her knobby knees are beyond fabulous...and she even sits up on her own with her little legs dangling off a shelf or chair. I can't say enough about how much I love her :)
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  1. / Jan 15 2015
    I got this as a gift for my mother, who is an art teacher at an elementary school. It's absolutely adorable. I'm not sure who enjoys the book more; my mother or her students.
  2. / Jan 30 2014
    Wonderful picture book!
    This is such a cute story and the illustrations are fantastic! I love the personalities of the crayon characters. A great gift for any child!
  3. / Jan 10 2014
    Adorable book!
    This is written in a direct,"See here!"matter of fact manner from the perspective of various crayons in a child's crayon box. Children ages 5 and up will enjoy the candid, sometimes slightly cranky tone of the overused and the underused colors. It's an original idea with a sense of fun. Nicely illustrated. Sure to become a favorite!
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  1. / Mar 22 2015
    I love this bunny! My boyfriend bought me this bunny and he is so cuddly, soft, and cute!
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  1. / Feb 27 2015
    Love this!!
    This bunny is so cute. It is even cuter in person. I got it for my baby's first Easter and was worried it would be too large. It's the perfect size. I love it, and would definitely recommend. I received it very quickly as well.
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  1. / May 04 2015
    I purchased 3 of these coloring books as gifts for my flower girls and I am elated! They are beautiful, amazing quality and tons of images inside. Love love love!
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