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  1. / Mar 12 2013
    I am learning french at the moment and this is the perfect book for me to learn simply vocabulary with. It looks so cute and vintage! I love it! It is just what I expected.
  2. / Nov 05 2011
    Great book
    This book was shipped super fast and protected in plastic. I can't wait to give it to my best friend to read to her son! The front is super glossy so it's different than the old Dr. Seuss books from my childhood but it looks great! So glad to have this classic in French!
  3. / Dec 14 2011
    Great way to learn French!
    What a wonderful way to learn French, whether you're a child or even an adult! I took French years ago in high school and college, but have sadly forgotten much of it over the years. I plan on using this book to relearn it all over again! :-)
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  1. / Apr 20 2014
    Great unique gift idea!
    I purchased this book for a close friend and her daughter for Christmas. They already have conversations similar to the ones the questions in this book pose, but they never write them down. The things kids say! I am so happy that she will have a record of some of the things her 8 year old daughter will say over the next 3 years. I can imagine this book would be a great hit from ages 3-12 or maybe even 13 but after that when they hit their rebellious and not cool to talk to mom or dad years, it might not work so well so I think timing is key with this book, but that is just a personal thought and obviously every child/parent relationship is different. Overall, love the design, the price was very reasonable and when you think you are really creating an heirloom and capturing memories for a child, it is perfect.
  2. / Jan 26 2013
    great for stimulating conversations!
    This little book is great! I love that you can log 3 years' worth of responses for each question to see the growth in your childrens' answers as they grow. The first page is "write your name" so you can see how their motor skills develop as well. My children love answering their question of the day, and it gives me more insight into what they're thinking and going through and has spurred some interesting discussions. It's a great way to connect with your child!
  3. / Dec 13 2012
    This is such a gem. I have two kids and my husband and I are always trying to find ways to document all the memorable things they say through the years. This book is totally adorable. I'm giving it to my 5 year old for Christmas and can't wait to go through it with her. This would make an incredible gift for ANY parent!
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  1. / Mar 02 2015
    Sheldon Sheep
    I looked everywhere for the perfect sheep to give as gifts to friends celebrating Chinese New Year and the year of the ram/sheep! This little guy was so absolutely perfect! Very happy with this purchase!
  2. / Jan 20 2015
    Shabby Sheep
    I got this sheep for my child's nursery. He's perfectly adorable with lots of fluff to cling to. I have a long hair dachshund mix with a similarly textured coat that made this sheep impossible to pass up. The product is so soft and certainly less fuss to wash.
  3. / Dec 05 2014
    so cute and amazing
    this little guy is so soft and sweet and cute. he's a bit smaller than i expected, but makes up for it in amazing quality and softness. such a sweet toy.
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  1. / Apr 23 2015
    My sweet Carmela!
    She just happies me. My husband doesn't like it when I talk to her. I think it's because she gives him "the look". I had to have her after my precious pet ostrich passed away recently. I re-named her Carmela of course. Once in a while I have to straighten her neck because it tends to droop to one side so that is my only complaint.
  2. / Dec 21 2014
    This ostrich is absolutely beautiful! The fabrics are lovely. I love how her beak and head are made with a textured weave and her feathers have just the right amount of fluff! Her knobby knees are beyond fabulous...and she even sits up on her own with her little legs dangling off a shelf or chair. I can't say enough about how much I love her :)
  3. / Jan 02 2015
    Love this unique stuffed animal. I bought it to give to put in the guest room since the family has ties with ostriches from traveling in Africa. Great quality!
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  1. / Mar 22 2015
    classic book for my baby girl
    When I was pregnant, this book was a must have for my little girl's little library. I love the vibrant pictures and the rhyming storyline. Such a beautiful book.
  2. / Mar 04 2015
    A classic must have
    I absolutely loved Madeline as I grew up and wanted my daughter to fall in love also. This book is absolutely stunning, I love the art and the story line is of course classic. I look forward to reading this to my daughter. Great edition to the home. I would recommend this book to anyone. I now want to add the other Madeline book to the collection. Just note that the book is large and thin.
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  1. / Mar 01 2015
    As an Afghan Hound owner, I was delighted to find something to represent my favorite breed of dog! I ordered it for myself and it is proudly sitting on my bed. Absolutely precious! Thank you Anthropologie! By the way, my dogs name is Pete Fountain (Petee) and is much the same color as Annabel. Sometimes, we never completely grow up! (in my 50's buying a stuffed animal)
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  1. / Mar 22 2015
    I love this bunny! My boyfriend bought me this bunny and he is so cuddly, soft, and cute!
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