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What's In A
Petite Size?

A tuck here, a tweak there and most importantly–you!

If you've ever pulled a too-low neckline, pushed a too-long sleeve or tiptoed to make jeans just-right, we have good news. Each of our petite styles–all 700 of them–have been entirely reproportioned to fit you to a T, meaning your size remains the same, it just fits better.

Washed Chino Blazer

precisely tailored sleeves

raised knee-breaks

shorter inseams

Washed Chino Blazer Pants

in-the-right-place waists

proportional necklines

Dress Dress Bryr Miranda Champagne Clogs

abbreviated hemlines

Q & A

with our petite buyer

Bryr Miranda Champagne Clogs Dress Dress
Read More About Petites
How's this for a petite treat: we now offer over 400 styles of petite clothing for women that are specially fit for smaller frames (5'3" and under, to be exact). Gone are the days of poor fits and too-generous cuts—our women's petite clothing is all about petite proportions: shorter sleeve lengths, tailoring at the natural waist, better-fitting armholes, the list goes on. From petite denim to dresses to jackets to tops, we're a one-stop online (and select stores) shop for petite clothing for women. That means more colors, more silhouettes, more options all around for women's petite clothing-and, of course, less visits to your tailor.
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