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  1. / Jul 01 2011
    Perfect tank in every way. Most tanks are too low, requiring one to wear a tank under a tank for coverage. These tanks fully cover, yet the v-neck makes them still cute and stylish. The fabric is great, not too thick, not too thin. So many tanks are too thin too but these are not. I love this tank, have bought 4, would have bought more had colors not gotten sold out, and will buy many more if anthro continues to carry them. I don't care about the reverse factor, since the v-neck is more stylish anyway. The only flaw for me personally is they are quite long for my petite frame (5'4, 105 pounds) so they tend to roll up around my center if not tucked in. However, I can see how this length would be a plus for most since fully covers the dreaded muffin top and/or underwear exposure. These should be a staple in everyone's closet and I would have an entire drawer full if I could to wear under everything. I really hope anthro continues to carry them since the other eloise cami tank fit me horribly.
  2. / Oct 21 2014
    Wardrobe necessity
    I have a collection of these. I wear them alone and under jackets, cardigans and sheer tops.
  3. / Dec 20 2012
    Awesome staple (But don't machine dry it!)
    I've amassed several of these tanks/camis over the past year and still love them to bits. Some may complain about the price, but keep in mind IT'S REVERSIBLE, so technically you're getting two for the price of one. And if $12 still seems steep, allow me to explain that these camis quickly become a staple item to your wardrobe—I wear one at least once, if not twice a week, and year-round at that. They fit like a second skin and are perfect for layering under flowy tops that need a little help in not catching on belts or waistbands. I always get mine in the M (5'3", 135, 34D). NOTE: these are fine to be machine washed, but we always caution customers to LINE DRY them. Otherwise they can pill, and wear down faster. If they do pill a little, it's easy enough to fix with a "lint razor," but even then BE CAREFUL because the material gives/forms to whatever it's on and can snag in the lint razor (meaning it's not like lint-shaving a wool skirt). I lost one cami that way.
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  1. / Jun 22 2013
    Wearing them as I type...
    I didn't think I knew this designer personally, but I must bc these pants are made for me!!!!!!!!!!! This is my new go to pair of crops. The dark denim color is SO slimming, and the slight flare at the ankle is perfect. Not as bell as shown here. Also, these are exponentially softer and more comfortable than any other pair of jeans I've ever worn. EVER! They feel more like yoga pants than jeans, which means I will be dressing more like a real person on my days off than I tend to for the sake of comfort. They look fantastic on my nothing special tuckus, too. Lifts my bum and gives it some shape. LOVE everything about these. Considering ordering a second pair in black to wear to work. I actually ordered my regular size 8 (Im 5 ft 7 in and wear about 8-10 in pants) and these are a good fit. I think the length is perfect for me... above the ankle but not a short crop. The rise is a really decent medium rise, preventing any muffin top, but definitely not mom jeans... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
  2. / Nov 15 2014
    Best fit out there!
    I've searched high and low for jeans that fit my more athletic body both in the waist and legs. These pants are just right! No gapping at the waist, not too tight at he calves or quads. The only thing I have found- the crop and regular length seem to fit me a bit differently. I am generally a 4 or 6. In the AG Stevie a 28 is perfect, regular length Lily's the 28 is also perfect, but in the crop I chose to up to a 29. The 28 fit nice in the waist but the hips seamed a bit more snug? Either way, that's fine by me because the do feel like butter on- almost as nice as the sateen Stevie's but won't collect as much lint! My only complaint- Anthro please bring back more options in the regular length! Love love love
  3. / Mar 14 2013
    Finally, the perfect pair of black pants that are neither jegging, nor legging, nor too-thick denim! These are soft, have a little give in the legs, hug all the right leg and butt curves, but don't look too-tight or tawdry (pleather, anyone?). Appropriate for any age, for sure. I'm 5'3", size 8 or 28, but got a 27—while I *do* size up in the AG Stevie colored denim, all of us at the store hands-down agreed it was necessary to SIZE DOWN in this pant, as it stretches differently from the AGs. One of our girls even went down two sizes for this pant. The stretch mainly occurs in the waist (which is great—no inadvertent muffin topping!), which is great, and lets you wear these a few times before getting the dread "elephant knee." Another perk is that the regular length hits right at the ankles for me. They look cute rolled up with booties, rolled down with flats, tucked into boots, or even with a favorite pair of Chucks. And the price for the quality and versatility is EPIC.
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  1. / Nov 07 2014
    Gorgeous well made skirt
    This is a substantially well made skirt and incredibly flattering. I'm 5'5" with a 28" waist and 37" hips, and the M was too small on me. I normally like my skirts at my waist but this skirt should really fall at the natural waist to be most flattering. The material is stretchy and has some give and is very flowy. I wish I could exchange it for a Petite size but they are sold out. So I'm going to exchange it for a regular Small. It is a little long, falling about mid-calf. I would prefer it falling just below the knee, but still is a gorgeous skirt I feel great in. Paired with a plain white short sleeve blouse as shown in the pics is absolutely perfect.
  2. / Jul 19 2014
    A lot of skirt
    I saw this skirt in the catalog and instantly fell in love, so I decided to order it. Before it arrived, I had second thoughts (where will I wear it?) and decided I'd have to return it, since it was too late to cancel the order. When it came, I tried it on and liked it, but it's a whole lot of skirt. While it is a lovely design and color, it reminded me very much of the skirts my bridesmaids wore when I got married 12 years ago. I felt it was quite costumey for someone in their late 30s, so I decided to send it back. I'm 5'5" and curvy, and I still found the skirt flattering, if snug around my true waist. The skirt is definitely a midi and hit a few inches above my ankles. And as another reviewer mentioned, there are quite a few unfinished roses with pieces of the mesh material hanging down. I worried about snagging them on something. Overall, it's a beautiful statement piece, but I felt it was too young and too over-the-top for my style these days. I sent it back.
  3. / Jun 28 2014
    Whats not to LOVE!
    From the minute I saw this skirt I knew that I had to have it and that It would be coming home with me. Its perfection. I am 5'6" and the length hits just below my knees. So perfect midi length. The waist fits TTS. I initially tried on a size S and thought the waist might be a tad big, but then tried on the XS and while it fit, I don't think I could eat and be able to sit in it without it being too tight (my waist is about 26.5 in), so I decided to go with the S. It looks fabulous with a belt and just a simple white tee. There are two little tiny issues I have with it that aren't a big deal. The skirt is really heavy becuse of the material used and the lining. Not a big deal but its not really a great summer skirt. The other is that the material is so thick that where it was trimmed at the waist band seam it is a little tiny bit bulky, but again its not a huge deal, and not a deal at all if you opt to wear a belt.
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  1. / Nov 04 2014
    Love this dress!
    This dress is actually pretty heavy and a decent made fabric. The fabric is a bit stretchy and there is some elasticiity with it. I really liked this dress - for me ( I am 5' 7 ') it came to a little above my knee and I felt was very flattering cut wise. I got a lot of compliments regarding the dress when I wore it. I have a lot of Maeve products and feel that some of their dresses are good, others not so much - this is one of the great ones! Would recomend!
  2. / Mar 29 2014
    Great but not for everyone!
    This dress is very well made and designed. I sometimes feel that Anthro is overpriced, but this item is well worth the money due to how substantial it feels (it's lined, and the fabric is robust without being too heavy for spring). I especially liked the way the lining is a couple of inches shorter than the shell of the dress; it adds a sexy touch to an otherwise demure shift. The colours on the dress, especially the coral, are brighter than pictured, and this is the main reason I'll be returning the 00P I bought, rather than sizing up (it was a little snug for me). Also, ladies be warned, the dress while beautiful is not terribly forgiving. If you have even the slightest bit extra for love handles or around the waist, or if you would simply prefer not to emphasise your bum, I'd steer clear. I think the reason is that the design naturally draws attention to your shape, and the cut is not quite empire but slightly above your natural waist. Even if I sized up to a 0P, I think I'd still encounter the same problem. Such a shame!
  3. / Oct 16 2014
    I have a curvy figure and am 5'-3" around 155 lbs. Thanks to another review I knew that size 10 would be my best bet. Luckily the 10 fits beautifully! It hugs my curves and the colours are so vibrant. I love the material and quality of this dress. The only small peeve is that the arms do run a bit smaller then I'd like but the dress is still comfortable and flattering.
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  1. / Oct 08 2014
    Even better in person
    OK. Pics do NOT do this poncho justice. Online I kind of looked at this like "oh, ok, cute, next..." but that is impossible to do when you see it in person. It is just too cute for words. The maze color is so darn pretty. And there are these ADORABLE button closures under the sleeves. The design is awesome. Fits TTS, IMO. I vacillate between M and L, and because of the sleeve style I went with the large. If you tend to go between sizes and you have a small upper body frame, I would go to your lower end. If you are like me and have broad shoulders and larger arms, I would go with your larger size. The ONLY caveat I would write is the sleeves are dolman. It comes down to a preference thing; for me, I am just not a huge fan of the style. But with that written this poncho can pull it off. Get this sweater! It will work with jeans, leggings, and even skirts and is perfect for casual nights or can even be dressed up for the office. A real winner!
  2. / Nov 11 2014
    Want One In Every Color!
    Purchased the Maize! I love, love, love it. Bought a Petite Medium. This Poncho is very forgiving, so I believe if you get your regular size or go up one size, it will fit perfectly. I am coming back and purchasing the Ivory. If I could I would also get the Two remaining colors. This is this perfect length for me. I am 5' and 125 lbs if this helps anyone. I think I could of gotten a small but love the way the medium fit. The sleeves are also the perfect length. Very cuddly sweater and oh soooo flattering. This was money well spent. It's like putting on your favorite sweatshirt, as far as comfort, only you look so classy in this! Love the design in the Poncho also. Honestly some one hit it out of the park on this one as far as design. If your size is available, grab one before there Gone. Highly recommend this sweater!
  3. / Oct 14 2014
    Beautiful addition to your fall wardrobe
    When I saw this sweater in the catalog I was instantly obsessed and so happy when I saw it in person at my local Anthro store. I tried on both the M and L as I tend to run in between sizes. Both sizes fit, but I felt that sizing up was best for my frame. I am broader through the shoulders then the hips and I have a longish torso. Although the M fit, whenever I raised my arms the sweater came up too much for my comfort showing my tummy. I would say that if you have a smaller frame up top, go with your normal size but if you have a longer torso or broader shoulders, size up. The sweater is made of cotton for anyone whose skin is sensitive to wool. My only complaint is the price, I hate paying full price, but the detailing on the sweater won me over and I thought that this is the kind of sweater that will not see the sales rack for a long time. I plan to wear this sweater with skinny jeans and cute flats or riding boots.
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  1. / Apr 11 2013
    I thought that I had found a pair of jeans that I loved when I found the Abercrombie jeans 5 years ago. They fit nice, albeit a little tight in the legs, but were very soft and comfortable. But now that I've essentially outgrown their demographic, I thought I'd try a new pair of jeans. I've been wearing the pilco stet's for a while, and they were nice (and 19.95 in clearance!) but they weren't a perfect fit. So I tried some ag jeans on in store the other day, only I wasn't ready to pay 213$ for them. So when I found this pair in clearance, I was over joyed! They fit perfectly, which is amazing seeing as if jeans fit my legs, they are always too loose in the waist (years of being a back catcher made my thighs slightly disproportionally thick). These jeans wash up amazingly, and they don't stretch out. I'm not usually one to wear jeans multiple times before washing, but I was running late and threw these on, and they looked as good on day two as they did day one. I can't wait to run out and grab another pair. I would highly recommend these jeans!
  2. / Apr 16 2013
    A closet staple
    I have often favored other brands of high end jeans (always on sale!), but had never tried on AG jeans until one day when I was perusing the Anthro sale room and stumbled across some. I have been on the hunt for a "normal" wash pair of AG jeans on sale ever since. I am slender and moderately tall (5'7'), but have a rounder rear. These jeans (in Landing) hug my figure without lookiing or feeling too tight. Length is typically a problem for me too; I have a pretty long waist which means sometimes full-length jeans are a bit longer on me than I prefer. These hit right where they should and also look great cuffed as well. They're also lightweight enough to wear throughout most of the year, even in my midwest/south region. Like another reviewer, I would put an asterick on the 5 star rating due to the price (though the sale price helps).
  3. / Aug 10 2012
    Perfect for petites!
    Thank you Anthro and AG for offering the classic Stevie in petite sizes! I love the regular Stevie cut but have always had to scrunch and roll up the hem so during the recent free shipping promotion, I ordered the petite version in both grey and blue in 25P (I'm usually a size 25), thinking I would try them on for size but keep only one pair given the high price. The fit is so perfect and flattering, and it's so hard to find such well fitting jeans, I decided to splurge and keep both pairs. I've already worn them both multiple times so I think they're a good investment in keeping with typical AG quality. Fellow petites, these trump the Stevie Ankle! I believe they're a genuine petite cut - not only is the hem shorter but the overall fit is tailored down and slimmer at the knee and opening. I'm 5'2" so these may be a tad short for taller petites. Note that the blue color way feels softer than the grey, but the grey is also a perfect neutral. Highly recommend these jeans and only wish that Anthro carried petite sizes in stores so that other petites could try them on.
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  1. / Oct 02 2014
    Adorable AND flattering!
    As the previous reviewer pointed out, despite the name of this skirt it is not remotely a Fairisle pattern: definitely more Southwestern. Whatever the pattern, the colors are fantastic. And the fit is even better! Cut closely enough to hug the curves, but in a thick enough material to camouflage any slight lumps & bumps. I'm just under 5'5" and the length on me is approx the same as on the model, perhaps slightly longer. It really does create a nice long, lean silhouette, even if you're not especially tall. Like a flowy breezy maxi is a great alternative in the summer, I think this will be an equally great fall/winter alternative to the standard skinny jeans & boots. And while I sometimes struggle with what footwear to pair with a maxi in the winter, this looked great with the booties I had on when I tried it at the store. Quality seems very good (overpriced, as most Anthro items are, but different enough to make it worthwhile). I have not worn it repeatedly or washed it yet, but this is one of those Anthro buys I'm really excited about!
  2. / Nov 15 2014
    love this skirt
    I love this skirt, I too, wish they would make it in another print. I also like to wear my shirts out because I am short waisted. I have only worn it once so far, and I wore it with a black fitted tank top, a grey Saturday sunday moto jacket from last year, and black lizard cowboy boots. I also plan to wear a black pleather moto jacket, a black lace tank top and black frye harness boots. I think it goes well with denim as well, a denim jacket and a black tank top beneath., with some black clogs.
  3. / Oct 03 2014
    Even Prettier in Person
    I bought online and it's even prettier in person! I wasn't sure whether to order a XS or S. I'm 5'5" 118 lbs. with a small waist and fuller hips/thighs. I went with a small and it fits perfect IF I wear it lower than my normal waist line. The wide-banded elastic waistband allows you to adjust for perfect fit on your waist/hips. This will naturally affect the length of the skirt. Its much shorter than I expected--so even more the reason to wear it below my natural waist. Though a XS would have fit my waist better, it would not have been long enough. As such, I will only be able to wear flat or very low heels. All things considered, I absolutely LOVE it !! The colors are vibrant, the material is high quality (of course!), and the flow and fit are very comfy. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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