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What's In A
Petite Size?

A tuck here, a tweak there and most importantly–you!

If you've ever pulled a too-low neckline, pushed a too-long sleeve or tiptoed to make jeans just-right, we have good news. Each of our petite styles–all 700 of them–have been entirely reproportioned to fit you to a T, meaning your size remains the same, it just fits better.

Washed Chino Blazer

precisely tailored sleeves

raised knee-breaks

shorter inseams

Washed Chino Blazer Pants

in-the-right-place waists

proportional necklines

Dress Dress Bryr Miranda Champagne Clogs

abbreviated hemlines

Q & A

with our petite buyer

Bryr Miranda Champagne Clogs Dress Dress
Windowpane Shawl Jacket
more colors
Anson Leggings
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