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  1. / Oct 28 2014
    I love this vase! It adds just the right pop to my side table in my living room!
  2. / Jun 12 2014
    Love it!
    Got this vase online and I love it! It's even more beautiful in person.
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  1. / Feb 25 2014
    pedestal bowl
    **just to note to reviewer above, the gold rimmed & pedestaled bowl IS indeed available separately--see navy color option.
  2. / Feb 01 2014
    Jardin Des Plantes Tea Set
    Disappointed when I see the wonderful display of Ruan Huffman, only to discover, the beautiful vessel (not sure if it is a teacup) with gold around top edge and also on the pedestal base, not available to purchase.
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  1. / Aug 26 2014
    Just Lovely
    These bowls are really quite something. I received two of the white ones as a wedding gift, and am so pleased with them. They are sturdy, high quality pieces that I know we'll have for decades. They are also much more practical than I thought they'd be. I imagined using these bowls primarily for entertaining, but the longer I have them, the easier it is to find excuses to use them. Overall, I'm so so happy with them.
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  1. / Oct 21 2014
    Absolutely Astonishing
    When I first saw this piece I was dumbfounded and had to have it. The way the faces were depicted with the simplicity of the dents conveys the emotion in the piece in subtlety. Most importantly I found it tied my bathroom together in such a way I had never dreamed possible (the theme I am going is suburban slums.)
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