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  1. / Aug 16 2014
    Love the whimsy!
    Bought this on a recent excursion to Anthro with a birthday coupon. I definitely love the whimsical feel this gives my bathroom. It is a gauzy fabric in a off-white color, so don't expect bright white. Matched it with charcoal gray towels and bath rug..
  2. / May 29 2014
    Absolutely gorgeous!
    This shower curtain is delicate and lovely. It is lightweight and has a gauzy/textured feel to it. The background is not quite white -- it's just barely off-white. The small drops are charcoal, and the big drops range from navy to royal blue to a light-medium grayish-blue. I plan to pair mine with mid-blue bathroom walls, a charcoal bath rug, and navy blue towels.
  3. / May 31 2014
    We love it!
    Love the the vibrant vintage feel this curtain gives to our bathroom! The curtain is made out of soft cotton fabric although it does not seem that soft. My husband often tells me how much he likes this curtain. Worth every penny!
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  1. / Mar 31 2014
    Beautiful plates
    I have so much LOVE for these plates. I bought the red ones to go along with the blue and white matching dinner plates. I am constantly getting compliments on both sets.
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  1. / Mar 14 2014
    LOVE the love
    i bought this for a newly-married couple the design is exquisite and the newlyweds loved them these are a great gift! would love to have the entire set for myself as well!!!!
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  1. / Oct 21 2014
    Absolutely Astonishing
    When I first saw this piece I was dumbfounded and had to have it. The way the faces were depicted with the simplicity of the dents conveys the emotion in the piece in subtlety. Most importantly I found it tied my bathroom together in such a way I had never dreamed possible (the theme I am going is suburban slums.)
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