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  1. / Mar 29 2015
    Beautiful necklace and gorgeous genuine stones
    I saw this necklace listed on the Evy's Tree website and just HAD to have it to go with my new hoodie. This necklace is absolutely gorgeous. The stones are genuine (not glass or plastic) and the colors are beautiful. The necklace is a bit heavy, due to the genuine stones, but not uncomfortable to wear at all. There are so many colors in this necklace, it is hard for find an color it does not complement (red, rust, orange, yellow, turquoise, blue, and just about any neutral like gray, black, cream, or white) If you are looking for that one necklace which goes with everything, this is it! I have been wearing it with everything. It can even dress up a simple t-shirt or tank top. Love this one!
  2. / Apr 23 2015
    This has become one of my favorite necklaces. It is so beautiful and looks great with everything. I always get tons of compliments when I wear it. It is now on sale (30% off) so if you have been eyeing it up you should get it now - you won't regret it.
  3. / Apr 17 2015
    Love this piece. Truly unique. Makes a statement without being overpowering. Colors go with so much.
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  1. / Mar 29 2015
    Perfect Choice!
    After searching online for something that was casual, yet special, I finally found this piece! The mix of pale pinks and peach along with the simple but unique design has truly made it a staple in my wardrobe. This necklace really is the perfect combination of casual sparkle and has made each outfit a little more special. One thing that immediately stood out for me is the amazing quality of the crystals, as well as the necklaces itself. I know that my necklace will be something that I can wear for a long time. I am so happy I found this!
  2. / Mar 17 2015
    Amazing Sparkle
    I recently bought this necklace at my local Anthro- what a great piece! The quality is amazing- from it's delicate chain to the crystals, it is pretty, delicate and chic. It is the perfect amount of sparkle for day or into night. I also love that I can wear it layered with my simple gold necklaces- it goes great with them! So glad that I have purchased this- I will wear it now and well into the summer!
  3. / Mar 20 2015
    Sunshine Necklace
    Sometimes Anthro's offerings like this look costumey to me. Not this one, it is so pretty in person. The color says peach but it picks up a lot of yellow to, very sunny and fresh. A perfect piece for Spring. It has enough spark to be noticed but it isn't overwhelming. I've only paid full price for one other piece of Anthro jewelry but this will probably be the second time!
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  1. / Mar 24 2015
    Versatile, excellent statement piece
    Grabbed the last one available in store (gold), and its proven to be a wildly worthy purchase. Fortunately for me, it didn't turn my neck black and it didn't ruin any of my sweaters (cashmere or cotton) or dresses (silk, cotton, polyester). Versatility: can use it to dress up a casual tshirt & skirt combo, went especially great with the Painted Silk Tunic Dress. Worse it to work with a white silk blouse under a blazer. Have gotten numerous compliments and inquiries about where I got purchased it. I agree with one of the previous reviewers that some of the little coins have a tendency to go out of place, but in my case, it was just a few and barely noticeable.
  2. / Jan 09 2015
    Turned my neck black
    I love this necklace so much but it turned my neck black after wearing it for only a couple of hours. Returned it
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  1. / Apr 08 2015
    Great Necklace
    I got this necklace to go with the Sarita Swing Dress. I am very pleased with this. The quality is good and I love the two tones in it. The chain isn't too "wispy" and it doesn't tangle easily. I would recommend it.
  2. / Apr 08 2015
    Statement piece
    This neckless go with many looks, and several co-works have tried to steal it from me already. Not heavy around my neck. Goes with casual or dressier work outfits. Love it!
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  1. / Feb 21 2015
    I fell in love with this necklace looking at it online. The design is so very unique and is a true statement piece that can be worn with a lot. Initially, I was put off by the price, but finally gave in and ordered it. (I kept looking at it!) It IS an impressive necklace. The pendant itself is very sturdy. However, I have a couple of issues with it not relating to the design. First, it is shorter than shown on the model. I'd say by at least an inch. There is no way to adjust the length on the necklace itself and the chain is not quite as substantial as it could be considering the size of the pendant. Second, the cow horn part of the pendant is glued into the setting and there was some glue residue on it. I was able to remove virtually all of it without damaging the necklace but, for the money, it should not have been there at all. I'll likely keep it because it is such a cool design, it looks fine now, and I just can't persuade myself to return it. Anyone interested in this necklace could take a chance and order it or wait for it to go on sale.
  2. / Mar 18 2015
    Beautiful but weak chain
    Lovely piece and it supports a great cause. The pendant is beautiful and substantial. The chain, however, seems very thin and flimsy - I may need to replace it. Also, it's shorter than it looks on one of the pictures - I noticed that since I bought it, another pic has been added showing it at the actual length - I bought it thinking it would hang lower. But it's very nice, maybe too pricey for the chain/what it is.
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  1. / Jan 25 2015
    Delicate layers
    I saw this last week at my local and grabbed it. I love the delicate layer of gold with little accents of mint green. I think this will be a great piece moving into spring. The one I purchased does not have a two-tone large stone. Mine is more of a solid mint green. The stone appears larger in this picture, also. It really is a light, feminine piece.
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  1. / Mar 27 2015
    Fun piece
    This is a really fun piece. The blue stone looks really good with the black and white necklace.
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