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Izar Necklace
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  1. / May 18 2015
    A pretty neutral
    I had high hopes for this piece and it didn't fail to deliver. The beads have a decent enough weight; you know it's there but it's not so heavy as to become bothersome after wearing it for a while. As you can see, there are a number of various beads in the necklace, along with 3 chains. The beads offer a delightful little neutral, which makes this a great necklace to wear with a variety of different colors. It lays well and requires no fussing. I imagine it will be a piece I choose to wear on many occasions to come.
  2. / Apr 20 2015
    This is a substantial necklace, the beads are all metal or stone and is quite heavy. Seems very well made and easy to dress up or down. It's a good piece for the fall and winter especially, it will hold it's own against a thick sweater and layering pieces. I love the sparkle in it as well.
  3. / May 09 2015
    Ordered this online because it looks very good, and it's even better that I thought.
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  1. / Jun 01 2015
    I was looking for an every day necklace and this is perfect! The mother of pearl is absolutely lovely, the pendant itself is small and understated but beautiful, and it lays nicely on my neck! I tend to have issues finding store-bought chains that are long enough to wear I like them but this one is great.
  2. / May 12 2015
    I eyeballed this necklace for a day or two before ordering it. I'm so glad I did. It's lovely and delicate. The pearl has such a pretty sheen and the details around it doesn't distract from the main idea of the piece. I hate gaudy jewelry and am pleased by the size.
  3. / May 14 2015
    Great piece!
    Love this elegant, versicle, and understated piece! Would highly recommend it!
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  1. / May 30 2015
    I bought this necklace during the 30% promotion, and I think it's worth the money spent. It can make even a tshirt and shorts interesting and beautiful! It is heavy, so be prepared for that. I don't need any more jewelery- but I love it!
  2. / Apr 13 2015
    Beautiful in person - but way overpriced
    This was paired with the Lola Cocoon Tunic in my local store. It has more gray in the beads and looks so much better in person. It is really beautiful. I purchased the dress and thought that the necklace would be a perfect touch...until I saw the price. I is not a $148 necklace (the dress was $158 - and totally worth it by the way). Maybe the beads are rare or something, but I was floored when I saw the price. The associate told me that several of the girls at the store wanted the necklace, but even with the discount they could not justify it. I am looking for a similar style somewhere else.
  3. / Apr 23 2015
    Great necklace
    A piece of jewelry that is timeless. I went into Anthro today to pick up something else and all jewelry was 30% off only way to justify buying the necklace. I will say that this necklace is well made better than some other pieces I bought. The associate told me that they are trying to get better quality jewelry
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  1. / Jun 03 2015
    A hidden gem
    At first glance this necklace looks like a simple rope hanging around the neck. Kinda neutral, kinda boring, right? Why would anyone buy this, and certainly not for a hundred dollars! But if you actually put this necklace around your neck and wrap & fold the one strand over the other so that it's hanging in a simple knot (like the first half of tying a shoelace), you will see what this necklace is really capable of. It hangs in simple elegance and because it's completely flexible, you can tie the "knot" anywhere you please - high, low, wherever, according to your neckline. If you like the long & lean look, this necklace is for you. It's simply fabulous and sooo functional! Love the tassels on each end too. The chain is made of a simple, comfortable metal (although it doesn't look or feel like metal); rose-gold is an appropriate color name b/c it has a glint of gold throughout, even though the chain itself is primarily a skin-colored pink. It's truly unique and a very, very ingenious necklace IMO. I pondered buying it for a month before I actually caved. So glad I did. Random side note- my 5-year-old autistic son who never notices any jewelry I wear, seemingly likes this necklace. Whenever I have it on, he likes to play with the tassels on the end... as if he's fascinated by the look & feel. Ha! Me too, kid. Me too.
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  1. / Jun 08 2015
    Simply stunning
    I picked this up a few times in the store and finally purchased. So glad I did! This tiered necklace is simple and stunning with a lovely light catching quality. It is easily paired with everything from workday attire to jeans, even weekend rompers. The gorgeous pendant falls in just the right place and allows the eyes to cascade from one tier to the next, the asymmetrical beading bothered me at first but with each wearing I like this uniqueness. The top of the chain where all chains meet did tangle on me while I was wearing at a party, I think that was more due to movement than the necklace itself.
  2. / May 20 2015
    Pairs well with my outfits!
    Love this necklace! I tend to wear simple outfits, so this delicate piece is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I love the layers, and the honeycomb labradorite pendant is absolutely stunning!
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  1. / May 12 2015
    Versatile bronzed rose gold & dark pewter piece
    Saw this in the store paired with a simple dress double-looped and have routinely done the same. This piece is extremely versatile, structured, has a good weight to it, and can be paired with almost anything in my closest. The colors adapt with warm or cool outfits, casual or business casual. I would probably not go too formal with it. It can be looped once, twice, or even three times if you can get it over your head. I've received many compliments in & outside of work. Wish it was a little less pricey, but I'm getting very good use out of it! P.S. the links are uniformly stacked- the online photo is a bit deceiving in showing some of them turned a couple different directions.
  2. / May 27 2015
    Simple but sophisticated
    This is a cool piece. Great addition to any wardrobe. The feel of the metal is slick
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  1. / Jun 07 2015
    Went to the store to return some items and looked around and saw this necklace which I fell in love with and it was perfect with the outfit I was wearing so I had to buy it had to do more shopping at some near by stores so the put it on and got a couple of compliments
  2. / Jun 16 2015
    Goes with everything!
    Oh, why does this necklace cost almost $70?? I tried to walk away from it at the store, but it just looked like such a simple, easy to wear, statement/non-statement necklace that I couldn't resist. I have tons of jewelry, yet I've already worn this twice since getting this a couple of days ago. It looks good dressed up or down... the style is just that great...
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