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  1. / May 29 2015
    I love it even more in person. I received countless compliments on this necklace the first day I wore it. As they are all different; the color is not exactly as turquoise as in the picture.
  2. / May 30 2015
    Love it!
    I just got this necklace last week and have already worn it twice - it goes with everything!! And I can't even begin to count the number of compliments I got!
  3. / Apr 29 2015
    Awesome necklace!!! I bought this in turquoise, not one, but two. As hautehippiemom said, buy it in the store because each one is different. That is why I bought two; one with a turquoise and mottled brown pendant, and one with a turquoise and white pendant, each for different outfits. The pendants are also different sizes from one necklace to the next. Which ever one you choose, this will become a favorite piece for all seasons. I love wearing this necklace.
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  1. / Jun 08 2015
    I ordered this necklace when it was on sale and waited weeks for it to come in due to it being backordered. I was nervous that I was going to be disappointed as what I paid for the necklace is more than I would pay for any other costume type jewelry piece but this necklace is absolutely stunning. It was 100% worth the wait and is truly the only statement necklace I can't imagine not having in my jewelry box. It is a combination of peach, lavender/light blue stones but really could match with any color. It adds a great touch to a simple shirt and I would definitely recommend purchasing this item if you have been eyeing it online. The clasp is not as shiny as pictured, it is more of a subtle washed gold color. I will say the clasp area was not designed the best and can be a bit difficult to clasp but it does have three adjustable areas depending on the length desired.
  2. / Jun 18 2015
    This is a truly beautiful necklace that goes with any outfit. I wear it regularly and always get compliments. The quality is fantastic, and it has had no wear over the few months that I have been wearing it.
  3. / Jun 22 2015
    Beautiful Necklace!
    I splurged on this necklace for a wedding and I love it! I got so many compliments on it. It has gorgeous lavender tones. It's a perfect way to add some sophisticated sparkle to your outfit!
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  1. / Jun 03 2015
    A hidden gem
    At first glance this necklace looks like a simple rope hanging around the neck. Kinda neutral, kinda boring, right? Why would anyone buy this, and certainly not for a hundred dollars! But if you actually put this necklace around your neck and wrap & fold the one strand over the other so that it's hanging in a simple knot (like the first half of tying a shoelace), you will see what this necklace is really capable of. It hangs in simple elegance and because it's completely flexible, you can tie the "knot" anywhere you please - high, low, wherever, according to your neckline. If you like the long & lean look, this necklace is for you. It's simply fabulous and sooo functional! Love the tassels on each end too. The chain is made of a simple, comfortable metal (although it doesn't look or feel like metal); rose-gold is an appropriate color name b/c it has a glint of gold throughout, even though the chain itself is primarily a skin-colored pink. It's truly unique and a very, very ingenious necklace IMO. I pondered buying it for a month before I actually caved. So glad I did. Random side note- my 5-year-old autistic son who never notices any jewelry I wear, seemingly likes this necklace. Whenever I have it on, he likes to play with the tassels on the end... as if he's fascinated by the look & feel. Ha! Me too, kid. Me too.
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  1. / Jun 08 2015
    Simply stunning
    I picked this up a few times in the store and finally purchased. So glad I did! This tiered necklace is simple and stunning with a lovely light catching quality. It is easily paired with everything from workday attire to jeans, even weekend rompers. The gorgeous pendant falls in just the right place and allows the eyes to cascade from one tier to the next, the asymmetrical beading bothered me at first but with each wearing I like this uniqueness. The top of the chain where all chains meet did tangle on me while I was wearing at a party, I think that was more due to movement than the necklace itself.
  2. / May 20 2015
    Pairs well with my outfits!
    Love this necklace! I tend to wear simple outfits, so this delicate piece is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I love the layers, and the honeycomb labradorite pendant is absolutely stunning!
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  1. / Jun 15 2015
    I got this a few weeks ago on a whim. To my surprise, it really goes well with almost everything I own! It's been my go-to accessory for adding onto a plain tee or simple dress. Just a warning that the ones in store re not quite like the one in the photo. The beads aren't as far apart attaching to the pendant/circle as they are in the photo. Mine attach to the pendant much closer together which makes it want to twist once or twice, but I actually like that look better!
  2. / May 04 2015
    gives interset to any outfits
    It's an eye catching piece but not in a flashy way. Able to mix and match it with many blouses or dresses. Can also be layered with another shorter necklace.
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  1. / May 20 2015
    Statement piece at its best
    I needed a statement piece for my birthday dinner., but wanted a casual look.. This was it! Great piece to have to dress up or wear with jeans. I will wear this many times this summer!
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  1. / Jun 14 2015
    Adjust Right!
    Goes with so much more then I thought! Love that you can adjust to any length (long or short) really creates different looks!
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