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  1. / Mar 29 2015
    Wow pretty much sums up the drama of this incredible necklace. I went to the store to pick it up which they just got it in and both were scooped up immediately. So I came home and ordered it, I was every bit satisfied when I open the box and even more when I tried it on! It is a major statement piece and it does drape close to the navel. you will not need any other accessary with this, I did purchase the beautiful open crochet sweater type vest by Angel of the North and that sweater vest screams to be worn with this necklace it is beautifully made for the price it looks like a lot more then $98.Must must have!
  2. / Apr 02 2015
    unique and long statement necklace
    This is a great, light-weight, statement necklace. It is long...it extends to my waist. It is also wide and fills out my torso. The only problem with this is its ability to crack. I would not travel with this or wear it with any cross body purse that might become entangled with the necklace. It would look amazing on a taller gal, but is not bad on me at 5'6" with flats. I think that this would not work on a petite person as it would be too overwhelming. It is a mix of horn and metal and is just lovely. I recommend buying this one, particularly if you are tall and like neutrals.
  3. / May 07 2015
    It arrived broken, ordered a new . It is stunning.
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  1. / May 18 2015
    A pretty neutral
    I had high hopes for this piece and it didn't fail to deliver. The beads have a decent enough weight; you know it's there but it's not so heavy as to become bothersome after wearing it for a while. As you can see, there are a number of various beads in the necklace, along with 3 chains. The beads offer a delightful little neutral, which makes this a great necklace to wear with a variety of different colors. It lays well and requires no fussing. I imagine it will be a piece I choose to wear on many occasions to come.
  2. / Apr 20 2015
    This is a substantial necklace, the beads are all metal or stone and is quite heavy. Seems very well made and easy to dress up or down. It's a good piece for the fall and winter especially, it will hold it's own against a thick sweater and layering pieces. I love the sparkle in it as well.
  3. / May 09 2015
    Ordered this online because it looks very good, and it's even better that I thought.
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  1. / May 06 2015
    Goes with Everything!
    Love this necklace. Sturdy chain and great length. Associate at store even told me that the back of the necklace was cute too, it can be worn either way.
  2. / Apr 08 2015
    Great Necklace
    I got this necklace to go with the Sarita Swing Dress. I am very pleased with this. The quality is good and I love the two tones in it. The chain isn't too "wispy" and it doesn't tangle easily. I would recommend it.
  3. / Apr 08 2015
    Statement piece
    This neckless go with many looks, and several co-works have tried to steal it from me already. Not heavy around my neck. Goes with casual or dressier work outfits. Love it!
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  1. / May 12 2015
    Delicate & Lovely
    This is a very pretty necklace that's a bit unusual and classy looking. The long length goes well with tunics and the colors go well with many summer outfits. I got a compliment on it the first day of wear.
  2. / May 16 2015
    Nice accent piece
    Received this as a birthday gift. Really like it and have already worn it twice - once with linen sundress and once at work with a dress. Haven't had any issues related to quality.
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  1. / May 12 2015
    Versatile bronzed rose gold & dark pewter piece
    Saw this in the store paired with a simple dress double-looped and have routinely done the same. This piece is extremely versatile, structured, has a good weight to it, and can be paired with almost anything in my closest. The colors adapt with warm or cool outfits, casual or business casual. I would probably not go too formal with it. It can be looped once, twice, or even three times if you can get it over your head. I've received many compliments in & outside of work. Wish it was a little less pricey, but I'm getting very good use out of it! P.S. the links are uniformly stacked- the online photo is a bit deceiving in showing some of them turned a couple different directions.
  2. / May 27 2015
    Simple but sophisticated
    This is a cool piece. Great addition to any wardrobe. The feel of the metal is slick
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  1. / May 16 2015
    Best necklace ever
    I am so glad to see that Anthro has brought this necklace back. I purchased this about 4 years ago and never in my life have I gotten so many compliments on anything I've worn. I'm serious. If you want a statement piece, this is the one you need. Pricey, but worth every penny. Also now I can tell everyone who comments where they can purchase. Because I promise you will have tons of people asking where you found this.
  2. / May 20 2015
    Bigger than I thought
    I thought these were much smaller in scale. The wooden beads are really heavy and big. They kind of look and weigh the same as really large pebbles! Lol! They're really well made and I think fair priced but who doesn't love a good deal? Will keep them because I think they're beautiful! FYI the largest golden wrapped bead measures about 3-1/2"length x 2-1/2"width.
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  1. / Apr 30 2015
    Delicate and Cute
    My best friend purchased this necklace a few weeks ago and when she first wore it, my eye was immediately drawn to it. I love the pave around the pendant, it adds a delicate charm to the necklace. The stone is very small and each one is different so note that it will not look exactly as pictured as each stone has unique detailing. Overall very pleased and I love that it can be worn as a shorter necklace!
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