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  1. / Feb 04 2015
    Surreal Nail Polish
    This is the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to nails! It is so different from everything else out there. How is it possible that polish can go one week without chipping? I'm a new mom, which means I am washing bottles all day long. With every other polish I look like a haggard lady by the 2nd day. Not with this though. It truly lasts up to 6 or 7 days without chipping. Also, can I please mention how beautiful the colors are? This line has the most perfect shades of pinks, nudes, and reds. And they glide on like butter. Do your hands a favor and buy this polish immediately if not sooner!
  2. / Feb 12 2015
    Life Saver Nail Polish
    This is definetly my fav nail polish. I wouldnt change for anything. As a mother, I don't have much time to do my nails but this allows me to do it...and weekly as it dries so very quickly. Not only that, it is easy to apply and stays on my nails for days without fading away or losing its original color. Very worth it!
  3. / Nov 04 2014
    Love the quality!
    I'm so happy Anthropologie is carrying this brand! I've bought polishes from them before. It's safer than other well-known brands, but these polishes stay on forever...even after dish washing and laundry. My mani and pedi don't chip anymore! I also noticed my nails had yellowed from other brands, but ever since I started using Ella+Mila, the yellowing started to grow out and I have pink healthy nail beds now...thank you! I will also be getting these sets for holiday gifts...they're just too perfect. Definitely recommend this brand!
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