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  1. / Jun 23 2015
    Monogram Perfection
    I am in the process of planning my wedding. We are keeping our decor vintage but elegant and I wanted the perfect metal monogram for our welcome table and this did not disappoint. It's big enough to not get lost in the design, but not overwhelming. I will definitely being using this in our home on a gallery wall after the wedding!
  2. / Jun 20 2011
    Two thumbs up!!!
    I purchased 5 of these letters to represent each member in the family. After searching on ebay, these were a find!!!! Not only is the size terrific, but they are sturdy and the price is very reasonable. I am hanging these outdoor on my shed, so I did do some prep work to ensure they last. There are some holes in the letters (not sure why) that I filled in with some outdoor clear caulk and then painted them black with a rustoleum paint for metal. They came out fabulous!!! The metal is a little textured, so with 2 coats of paint for coverage, they really have a vintage/marquee appearance to them. Thank you Anthropologie!!!!
  3. / Jan 10 2010
    Good value
    I looked around the internet for metal letters before choosing to get a zinc letter from Anthropologie. I could not find metal letters that had a cute font as these did, nor did I find anything at a better price that I liked as much. I had seen these in the stores prior to purchasing online so I knew they were lightweight and had a rustic quality to them. The package came quicker than I expected, and the letter is going to look fantastic on the wall of my baby's nursery. These letters would also look great in an urban loft, kitchen, or really anyplace!
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  1. / Aug 15 2009
    You have no idea !
    I just received my shipment today & I LOVE it....its GINORMOUS! Yes I had the measurements, but you have no idea until it arrives how GRAND & impressive the letter really is. I purchased the letter "A" to go up against a charcoal gray interior wall.....Stunning! truly a one of a kind item & I'm keeping it a secret from my freinds where I bought it....no copy cats .....lol
  2. / Oct 18 2009
    So cool!
    Looks great on my bookcase! Would be excellent on a mantel. Really big, but hollow so not too heavy to lift or hang. I was planning on leaning it against the wall, but J is too tippy a letter for that and I had to use the hanging thingy on the back. If you get a flatbottom letter, like an A, it should have no problem standing or leaning.
  3. / Dec 27 2011
    I am absolutely in love with my big letter! It's very industrial looking and will look great in my son's nursery. I was very hestitant to purchase this because of the price but now that I have it I'm so glad I did. Even though it's hollow it still is quite heavy.
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