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  1. / May 24 2012
    Is it ridiculous that I like this so much?
    After looking around our family room at the large photos taken in Africa, the framed textile from India, the Mexican rain stick and a shark jaw I picked up in Tarpon Springs, Florida, I decided what that room needed was a paper mache rhino head. Actually, my fella and I saw it in the Anthro in Rockefeller Center. He LOVED it, so I eventually ordered one. It looks GREAT in the family room though. The Savannah Story busts are handmade in Haiti, and hopefully a few local island residents are making some much-needed money. There's only one rather small hole in the back of the head, which is flat, to hang it up, but don't let that throw you. Mine is really symmetrical and evenly painted too, (unlike some other reviewers who received lopsided ones.) This rhino head is inexplicably awesome. I'm naming him Dudley.
  2. / Jul 13 2014
    Beautiful and Intriguing
    We have had the Ibex bust for a long while and felt it wanted a companion and so we ordered this rhino. It blew our minds--it is a very large bust but light as air, and so beautifully detailed it's hard to imagine how people worked with paper mache to create such a lovely creature. It is truly lifelike and well crafted. No more hunting real animals--these busts honor the living ones!
  3. / Jan 23 2014
    Unexpected find from Anthro!
    I was looking for something decorative to fill up the space of my large grey walls... just browsing on this website and saw the reviews for the Rhino and purchased it. I must say it is so cute and sits perfectly above the entryway to my living room. I would have NEVER EVER have thought to buy something like this, it's totally not my style and I've never had a hankering to have a bust of any animal hanging on my wall. It definitely adds character to the room without making it look juvenile. If you have any hesitation about this item just take the plunge and buy it. Even if you decide you hate it, at least you will feel good knowing you've made a contribution to the Haitian artists who've created them.
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  1. / Feb 14 2010
    So Cute & Quirky!
    We got the giraffe today (which is not online at least as of yet) for my son's room. He loves giraffes and his face lit up with such a smile at the site of this, that it couldn't be resisted). They are handmade in Haiti, all in French text, which sold me as a Francophile. It comes with a nice detailed tag telling the importance of recycling in Haiti, tradition of papiermache as an art, etc. that I want to save for him to appreciate as he gets older for an anthropological perspective on it (no pun intended). I am so excited about this purchase and can't wait to get it on his wall. He is 14 months. Another customer was in there getting the zebra for his son's room as well. I think of all, I liked the giraffe and zebra best for the art on the stripes and spots. They are all adorable and would even look nice in a living area with the right decor. Jungle theme anyone? I think it is definitely a good conversation piece and I hope he comes to appreciate the art of it as he gets older and not just the fact that it's an adorable animal!
  2. / Aug 18 2014
    Beautifully made
    I fell in love with the the zebra when I saw it online. I'd searched high and low for the perfect wall decor for my eleven year old son's room. I ordered the giraffe, rhino and zebra thinking I'd keep two and send the one I liked the least back. We ended up keeping all three as he loved them all. These are beautifully made, light enough to hang without worries yet not flimsy. They are handmade in Haiti from recycled materials.
  3. / Mar 29 2012
    Funky and unique
    I have the rhino and the zebra. I thought they would be good for my kids' room or the family room. But when we unwrapped them, my husband and I decided to hang them in our formal dining room. They add whimsy and creativity. The only flaw I've found so far is that they are not the easiest to hang. I wish they had a small hook affixed to the back, but instead they just have a small hole poked in the papier-mâché. Also, when you look at the rhino head-on, it is lopsided. But that's a little charming. The last thing - I ordered them online and they each arrived in a large box, wrapped with what I gather was recycled/reused paper - Haitian political posters. With political candidates' pictures. I think it was a nice touch so you feel you're getting something straight from Haiti. Love this purchase. Might buy the elephant head even though it's so much more expensive.
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  1. / Apr 15 2011
    i love my little giraffe! i bought him in one of the stores and he's a lot smaller than i expected but i still love the size. not too overwhelmingly big. it's really cool that they are made in haiti and from recyclable goods. very well put together, beautifully made with some tiny imperfections which i do actually like. a pencil mark here and a tiny opening on the head there, but it's fine. you could tell it was made with lots of love and care from the people of haiti. i feel that gives it a vintage quality and some personality. like a connection to the person(s) who actually made it which i feel is pretty cool. i'm sure i could of picked another cause they're not all alike but i was happy with the one i had. he's very light for hanging and i can't wait to hang him on my wall so he can watch over and protect me :)
  2. / Dec 20 2014
    The giraffe I received has a slightly turned head, Online it looks like it is looking straight. But with the turned head, its expression looks even cuter. This item is fairly light despite it's size. It seemed less than a pound which made it very easy to hang up. The only problem I had was getting it to rest on a nail. The back of the giraffe only has a hole for hanging. You can make the hole bigger. I think it might be better to attach a frame hanger or wire to the back so that it can hang from a nail. Glad I made this purchase!
  3. / Jun 05 2010
    I absolutely love my giraffe! Smaller in size than what I expected but that makes it easy to fit in my small house. Love the personal story that comes with it and my text was David Copperfield in French, which is fun. The eyes were different but that made it extra special since I have some issues with my eyes. I feel like this giraffe was meant for me. :)
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