Nicole Romano

Rich in historical references, Nicole Romano’s timeless pieces offer an au courant perspective on bygone eras
of elegance. Mentored by Patricia Field and Nicole Miller, the Rhode Island native was fascinated by her region’s 19th century jewelry factories, each one housing decades
of historical material that supplies endless inspiration.

De Petra

A collaboration between artists Cynthia Sheridan and Lorena Rodriguez, the Texas-based jewelry studio De Petra draws inspiration from ancient Greece when crafting its hand-forged, precious metal collections.

Jessica Barensfeld + Gahaya Links

For her latest collection, jewelry artist Jessica Barensfeld spent a month
in Africa collaborating with the artisans of Gahaya Links, a cooperative helping Rwandan women translate their traditional crafts into full-fledged careers. Since its launch, Gahaya Links has gone on to train and
employ 4,000 women
across the country.


Founded as a small family dance shoe business in the Italian town of Montebelluna in 1976, Anniel leapt into producing ballerina flats and other around-town pairs
24 years later, when they became popular as everyday footwear in Japan. Anniel sources inventive and
on-trend fabrics, making their soft, dance-inspired pairs utterly of-the-moment.


In the years following
World War I,
Antonio Chiacchio traveled throughout Italy selling shoes handmade in his father’s small shop in the southwestern town of Marcianise to retailers across the country.
In turn, Antonio's sons sell
the family’s wares—finely crafted pairs made of select Italian leathers—both within Italy and the world over as the Alissia brand.

Caterina Lucchi

Stand-out shapes, bold colors and washed leathers are the hallmarks of Caterina Lucchi’s collection of Italy-made bags.

Carla Peretti

A former fashion editor for Italian Cosmopolitan, Elle and Glamour, Carla Peretti turned her attention to making jewelry in 2002. Inspired by natural stones and vintage metalwork, Peretti creates intricate, richly accented pieces with timeless appeal.


Founded in 2001,
this line of entirely handcrafted jewelry is
named for its founder, Frederica Borello,
who trained at the prestigious Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design
in Florence before turning
her creative drive into
a full-fledged industry.

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