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  1. / Apr 02 2014
    such a beautiful lampshade!
    I kept looking at this online but wanted to see it in person. I got my birthday discount card so thought, now's the time to splurge if I like it. When I saw it, I couldn't believe how beautiful it is! And well-made too--all of the stitching and materials were perfect. I've never paid so much for a lampshade before but I know I'll love this for years. It makes such an impact in my living room. It attaches at the very top of the shade so I have it on a harp-top standing lamp. The pictures don't do this justice! It's truly beautiful. I'm sorry about how many times I've used that word but that's what it is!!!
  2. / Jul 13 2014
    Such nice quality. I get tons of compliments. Worth the price!
  3. / Apr 18 2012
    Such a fun lampshade!
    I first saw a picture in our local newspaper and loved it from the start. The price was a little startling but after thinking about it for a few days decided it was worth it. Yesterday it arrived in perfect condition and I couldn't be more pleased. The handwork and colors are incredible! It makes me smile every time I look at it. When the light is turned on the room is a little dimmer because of the shade but we have another lamp in the room so that is not a problem. It's worth it to spend extra for something out of the ordinary.
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  1. / Nov 01 2012
    i love this product, but wish Anthro references where they got their round bulbs, shown in photo. I have looked on many websites to find similar look, but only vintage globes are available, or strange globe shape in clear. Does anyone know where to find these bulbs? thx
  2. / Feb 04 2011
    Unique and cool -- love it!
    I love this chandelier! It is really unique and I love the exposed bulbs. Although it definitely has a very industrial aesthetic, you can dress it up however you want to achieve the look you desire. That's what drew me to this fixture, I knew I would have lots of fun decorating it for different occasions, hanging things on it, weaving fabric around it, whatever strikes my fancy! My only caveat is that six exposed bulbs are intense, so you'll definitely need either a dimmer or to go with a much lower wattage. Also, I hardwired it myself and was a little thrown that the wires are not well marked (they are both black but one had a sticker with a plus sign that fell off immediately). The face plate also has a nut that is obviously intended for a grounding wire but there isn't one in the fixture. Ultimately, though, I had no problem wiring it and this is probably my favorite purchase ever from Anthro!
  3. / Sep 27 2010
    simple, industrial, chic, and a lot cheaper than anything you could get from restoration hardware. We love it over our dining room table. Just a side note... if you are planning to use Edison bulbs factor in about $60 additional bucks. I did not realize that those bad boys are about $10 each... worth it to complete the look though. Super pleased with the light :)
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  1. / Jan 21 2011
    Thomas Edison is a genius, we all know that though! This light bulb brings that to the for front of your mind as it iluminates whatever it is placed in a magnificent way. You will find yourself placing these all through your home so every lamp feels special with their magical glow!!!
  2. / Nov 12 2009
    worth the money
    I bought this to go with the Mechanic's Beacon Light. I wavered on just using a normal 40w, but I am so glad now I bought this one. The lighting is soft on your eyes and the style is art in itself! Love, Love, Love it. I can't decide if I love the lamp or the light bulb more......
  3. / Dec 07 2010
    I bought these bulbs for some clear glass pendants I have above my kitchen island. The bulbs are so cool, and very retro! I only wish I had ordered a higher wattage.
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  1. / Dec 15 2013
    Really beautiful.
    This is a beautiful, artful lampshade! It came poorly packaged and damaged, but Anthro. is taking care of a replacement for me.
  2. / Jul 19 2012
    Vivid colors really pop!
    I purchased this shade to use in my bedroom. It is stunning in person and the colors are vivid. It has a dreamy quality. Very pleased with this shade as it is very unique and perfect if you like a little pop of something unexpected.
  3. / Jan 07 2013
    Looks better than the pictures. The colors are amazing and beautiful!
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  1. / Feb 22 2015
    Love this lamp!
    I've had this lamp for over a year and it is fabulous! So quirky, unique, and stylish. It's such good quality, It feels like it was last a life time!
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  1. / Dec 12 2014
    Better in person
    This lamp is even more beautiful in person. The blue has a beautiful gradation of color and the white is so versatile. It will look good anywhere. The shade is natural and elegant. Don't hesitate on this one. Great price too.
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  1. / Mar 30 2012
    Great light BUT only 10" diameter!
    Love this light! The glass is beautiful, color is true to what is shown on the website, and the overall design is just lovely. I purchased this to go in a kitchen nook. Unfortunately, the description on line says the pendant is a 20" diameter which is not correct. Its a 10" diameter. I like it so much though, I'm considering getting another and hanging two side by side!
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Nothing brightens up a room like…well, some good lighting! And we’re not talking tacky track lighting. Our unique, designer light fixtures blend modern and vintage, and they all inspire some beautiful home decoration ideas – none of which will sacrifice your progressive interior design style. For an industrial vibe, try the Medium Conduit Pendant Lamp which uses salvaged brass pipe fitting and heavy gauge steel – it fits in perfectly with a modern bedroom décor or lighting up some counter space in the kitchen. For something a bit more colorful, the Golden Sap Pendant Lamp is made of hand-blown, seeded glass that emits a soft green glow – perfect for the ambience in the bathroom, living room, or any room for that matter. There are also some replacement bulbs in different shapes in sizes. Take a look around at our various lighting options and find the perfect element to revitalize your space.
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