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  1. / Dec 27 2012
    Interesting Design, well built, easy to install
    I installed this hook in my kitchen and it looks great. I suggest to have 2 screws of the same color ready to install it, as I only had stainless steal ones and I liked the hook so much that I couldn't wait to buy the right ones! The hook is a nice size I use it to hang my aprons, although it seems strong enough to hold heavier stuff. it feels well made and heavy duty. I am very happy with it. I bought it to replace a ceramic flower hook that broke after few weeks as it fell on the floor, some other hooks from anthropologie are a bit tricky to instal as the location for screws is not very convenient or easy to access. this one however, is very easy as you can see in the picture and 2 screws make it very very sturdy and strong
  2. / Dec 07 2012
    I like it...but
    You guys, I bought this at the store and loved it. Then, last week, I was in Hobby Lobby. IDENTICAL OWL HOOKS THERE--only three differences: the ones at Hobby Lobby may not be pure brass (less "brassy"), the hooks attach to the wall differently--and lastly. The big difference. I bought the one at Hobby Lobby for $2 (50% off...). Otherwise, the very same owl.
  3. / Dec 03 2009
    Who can resist owls?? I couldn't! This is so cute. I admit I didn't really look closely at the size online; the hook is smaller than I thought it would be! Be sure to note that before you purchase. Also; the finish does vary, so if you're near a store, you may want to select yours in person. There are a few splotchy areas on mine and variations in the antique bronze patina. Overall I'm positively charmed and I love this little hook."
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  1. / Dec 03 2010
    I'm absolutely in love with these knobs! I'm using them in my new all white, bright kitchen. They are even more beautiful in person. My only complaint is that I wish there was more quality control, because upon ordering over 30 of them, I realized I had to closely inspect each one. I found a couple that were adheared to the base noticeably crooked, one with a chip, and a couple more almost falling off their screws. I'm exchanging the above mentioned and I'm hoping my next shipment is much better. I suggest double checking all your knobs upon shipment to prevent any dissapointment upon installation. Other than that they are perfection!
  2. / Nov 30 2009
    Love these!
    I received my prism knobs last week & love them! We put the clear ones on an antique white dresser I bought for the nursery & they are beautiful -- bigger & much better quality than anything at the home improvement stores. The only problem was that the screw the knob is attached to was not long enough to go all the way through the front of the drawer so my husband had to drill out part of drawer to install them...Fortunately he is handy enough with a power drill to do that & they look great, but I wouldn't have been comfortable doing that on my own...
  3. / Dec 04 2012
    Makes Anything More Feminine Instantly!
    I bought these to transform an Ethan Allen Chest that is primarily wood with mirrored front drawers. The knobs that came on the piece were very nice, but a bit too masculine for me. I swapped all 6 out with the Prism Knob which I used previously on my closet doors. I was in like with the chest before, well I am in LOVE with it now. Instant, subtle femininity!
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  1. / Oct 23 2014
    Just so much better than expected -
    I had my eyes on these for many many months and always had them in the back if my mind for my ideal "look" - I just couldn't bring myself to pay for shipping because, from the photo, they looked kinda flimsy and I couldn't decide quality. In any case, I always looked for them in every A store (plus 'knock offs') I traveled to online as well. When I finally found them on-site at a random not-near-me anthro location ........ I was mad at myself for waiting! These are GREAT quality and worth the shipping fee. Fabulously heavy and solid - much much better quality then you'd even need. They look just as wonderful in person as in the sites photos + great, great quality. Couldn't be happier with the purchase and more upset that I waited 6+ Months. WORTH THE BUY! PS: photo quality gives no credit!
  2. / Aug 25 2009
    This is the prettiest switchplate I have ever seen! I used one for the lightswitch in our bathroom, and it's amazing how much a little detail like this can change the look! It's so much better than the standard ecru-colored switchplates that come in most houses. Our bathroom is decorated with ornate vintage-y black and white items, with deep sand-colored walls, and this was perfect for the decor. I love the way the color contrasts with the wall paint. The quality is great, although, like the other poster mentioned, I do think there was a little problem with getting one of the screws to match up. (My husband installed it, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but I do know that it's hanging perfectly on the wall now, where I expect it to hang indefinitely.) I would definitely recommend this item!
  3. / Jul 27 2009
    beautiful "vintage" piece
    These are beautiful - they look AWESOME with light or dark painted walls. I painted our hallway Valspar "agave blue" the past weekend and added the 3 switch plate cover and it looks absolutely amazing. almost like a piece of art! I also used one in a guest bathroom that has the marta stewart "vintage map" paint and looks great too. they are expensive...esp. if you have a lot of covers, but I would say to use them strategically. don't use them when a piece of furniture is covering...and i would just use them in higher traffic areas so they make a difference! the only reason why quality is 4 stars, is that I sometimes had difficultly lining up the screws exactly - eventually i was able to get it, but it look some trial and error and a little bit of adjusting. Other than that, they are perfect!
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  1. / Jun 06 2013
    came w/ hardware - sturdy
    Really pleased with the quality and look of these. They are certainly sturdy enough to hold heavy jackets, robes, etc. They look as shown online and are a good size---not too large or small. Hardware did come with them (including anchors), which was a nice surprise. Not sure if this was an anomaly or if Anthro has gotten the hint and is now providing hardware with hooks, as none seem to include hardware in the listings. Great product overall, particularly pleased that the hardware was included, which made it much easier to get them mounted right away.
  2. / Oct 03 2012
    awesome hooks
    Love anthro for their hardware! Really....it is not easy finding well priced and interesting hardware. The twist makes these hooks unique. I also love the practical aspect of the double hook. We plan to attach these to a piece of stained oak, and then installing on the wall. Even my husband thinks they are awesome, which is quite a compliment given his critical nature. Mine came with anchors and screws....even if they didn't it would be okay for me.
  3. / Jan 05 2012
    Hardware now included
    Previous reviews indicate that hardware was not included, but the pair of these I ordered came with screws and plastic anchors. Very happy with the size and design. They're sturdy and functional without being boring, and perfect for hanging coats in our entry. The finish is mostly black with some rust-colored accents that give the hooks a nice vintage look.
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  1. / Jul 11 2013
    My favorite!
    It seems I am constantly changing knobs on something in my house because Anthro keeps coming up with these really cool and different knobs. I bought this one for a little table w/ drawer in my boys room and I will be purchasing another for the new clothes cabinet we just installed. Why is the screw so long? What could possibly need a knob that is 4-5 inches thick?
  2. / May 16 2010
    Better than I'd hoped for!
    I bought two of these knobs for a desk that I'm refinishing, and I absolutely LOVE them! They're beautifully made, completely unique, and will certainly last forever. I agree with a previous reviewer's comment that the screws are a bit long, but that's not a big deal at all. Can't WAIT to buy more hardware from Anthropologie for my future projects!
  3. / Dec 15 2012
    just what i wanted
    as soon as i saw this online i knew it would be perfect for my bathroom vanity. i purchased two knobs to go on the shaker style doors. they are high quality... the face looks exactly as it does in the photo and the metal on it is a silver color which goes with my faucets. these have taken a simple (kind of plain) cabinet and made it very special!
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  1. / Nov 01 2012
    so cute!
    Used these knobs on my dresser and I love them. They're much more inexpensive than a lot of the Anthro knobs, so they made my Craigslist DIY dresser still cost-effective - but I don't think they look cheap. They are rather long, so you'll need bolt cutters if you don't want them sticking far back in your drawers.
  2. / Jul 10 2012
    Very pretty but...
    These knobs are so pretty and they have a nice weight to them - I'm using them on white furniture - and they give it a lovely vintage-y look. The down side, like others have said, is the very long screw - it would be nice if Anthro knobs came like other knobs from the hardware store - with the screws screwing into the knob (most hardware store knobs come with 2 length screws and they work with most cabinets and drawers). The other issue is that one of the knobs popped off the screw and I had to glue it back on - not a big enough issue for me not to recommend to others, but just letting you know this can happen with these. Overall, I really like the look they bring to the furniture and would buy again - in fact, I've got a couple of other different styles for different rooms in the house - just wish the screw part was different.
  3. / Dec 07 2009
    I love these knobs! I bought these to go on a white dresser and quilt rack in my baby girl's room - and they are perfect! They are classy but still cute enough for a baby/little girl's room. I'm sure we'll use them for years. They are plenty big, not tiny at all. I measured the knobs that came on the dresser, and these knobs are quite a bit bigger. They instantly make me love the plain white dresser so much more! Well worth the price. Soft pink color.
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  1. / Mar 20 2010
    next stop, 1942
    I don't know why, but this hook makes me think of the 40's. That's probably not an accurate era, but something about the design of this hook takes me back to a time I never knew, but imagine often. The color of the aqua knobs are so lovely and the metal is nice and dark. It is smaller than I thought it would be, but I just didn't visualize the dimensions accurately (my fault). Regardless, it is a super cute and classy hook that dresses up the wall in a snap with an industrial vintage appeal.
  2. / Jul 10 2010
    Dish towel hook
    Bought this when the off-white nubby ceramic hook was available. Attached it to the lower back inside corner of the kitchen cabinet near the ktchen sink. The hook is perfect for a dish towel to be hung over the top part of the brass; or you could use the inside "u" part. In the past, the handle on the over range held the dish towel; however, at one point the towel almost caught fire, so the towel is in a fire proof, more useful spot on a decorative hook.
  3. / Apr 05 2010
    Mom wants more!
    My parents are building a new house, so I gave my Mom a pair of these in Linen for Christmas. They moved into the house this weekend, and she just called me to ask how she could get a few more for the mudroom! Glad to see they're still available. The knobs are a lovely creamy white, which contrasts nicely with the rustic bronze-y metal. They're rustic, but not shabby.
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