River Reflection Knob
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Retro Swirl Switch Plate
Retro Swirl Switch Plate
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Cast Coat Hook
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Simmered Glass Knob
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Glint Stripe Knob
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Ceramic Peg Knob
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Octadic Knob
Octadic Knob
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Faceted Sotara Knob
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Ayaka Knob
Ayaka Knob
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Inlaid Filigree Knob
Inlaid Filigree Knob
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Ironwork Hook
Ironwork Hook
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Blackboard Hook
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Glass Bubble Knob
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Glass Bubble Doorknob
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Hardware
(4.2 / 5)
655 Reviews
  1. / Sep 10 2012
    Mercury Glass Knobs
    Having always loved mercury glass, I immediately loved these. I purchased these in store and the sales associate grabbed more from the back so I was able to get as many as I needed. They were larger than I had expected, but in a good way. I installed them myself using my hands. My husband thought a wrench would help but they tightened just fine with fingers. I did not see any cracking or breaking. There is a thin circular piece that sits between the knob and the cabinet, and this was a little flimsy. I don't see that as necessarily a bad thing, especially if it doesn't sit flush against the cabinet to begin with, you can manipulate this piece so it does. I can see how the glass could break if you knocked it with something hard and heavy. But then, any item made out of glass would break in that situation.
  2. / Sep 16 2013
    Beautiful accessories!
    My bathroom has been newly remodeled, green tile and glass, light gray green walls and cream cabinetry. These knobs along with your lovely Coat of Arms mirror work beautifully to pull the bathroom together artistically. Thanks, Anthro!
  3. / Feb 14 2012
    Beautiful way to dress up cabinets.
    I bought these to replace knobs on my kitchen cabinets. They look beautiful and give a lot of character to otherwise plain cabinets. I noticed some reviewers had a hard time tightening them. I don't know if they've changed the design or not, but we noticed there were two screws-one of them tightened the knob so it doesn't turn around, and the other is used for attaching to the cabinet. The knobs are solid and don't turn at all. Very happy with the purchase.
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  1. / Aug 06 2010
    Buying 16 of these knobs in the mint for a dresser was not cheap, but not only do they transform the dresser itself, they totally change the room! I bought them months before the dresser even arrived, and it was totally worth the wait. Some issues to consider: The store only had about 10 of them, so they ordered another 6 from a different store. They were a different batch, and were slightly bluer than the first batch. This didn't bother me at all, you can just mix them up and honestly I can barely tell anymore now that they are spread out randomly. One of the knobs that was sent to me had a crack on the inside. It clearly wasn't going to break, the glass is very thick, but I didn't like the look of it so swapped it out. Definitely inspect them to be safe. A few of the screws are shorter than the others...it was a close call but they made it on. Depending on the thickness of the drawer, the screw may stick out a bit. I'd rather have the screw too long than too short, as I'd imagine it would be a horrible pain to replace the screws (if even possible). Even with these issues, I still give 5 stars because I am in love with these. They are substantial, sturdy, and I just love opening my drawers! These will last a very long time.
  2. / Jul 06 2010
    Just the right touch
    I recently had an artist paint an old hutch in soft shades of cream, peach and pink. I wanted knobs that would enhance her work without overpowering it. These knobs in pink are just right. Soft, yet visually interesting. I am delighted with them. The only negative, which has been shared by others, is that the screws are awfully long. I had to use bolt cutters to cut them down. Easily done, but adds another step to the installation process.
  3. / Mar 12 2010
    Gorgeous glass knobs
    I am very happy with my recent online purchase of the bubbled glass knob. They are very elegant and sophisticated looking. I ordered 12 for a large buffet and hutch that I have in my dining room and they are simple yet pretty. I liked that they had silver attachment pieces from the glass to the wood b/c my accents are all pewter. Very easy to install; shipped without a problem. Would definitely order again and recommend highly!
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  1. / Oct 13 2014
    Classic & Cute
    I have the glass melon knobs with the brass centres. They have replaced the standard knobs on my bathroom vanity. If you are looking for something that is going to add a little bit of character to your bathroom without being overwhelming I would recommend these. They style is simple enough that they aren't overpowering and work with any colour or wood grain. Little details make a difference.
  2. / Feb 23 2012
    The Old with the New
    I first saw the glass melon knobs in an Anthropologie catalog when I was in high school and instantly fell in love with the design and colors, but it was eight years before I finally had a reason to get them. I painted an old dresser gold and wanted hardware that was functional but visionary, something with the look of an antique, but that was also new and contemporary. Only the glass melon knobs that I had seen years ago in a picture in an Anthro catalog could pull everything together (pun intended) in my mind! They were well worth the wait! The quality of these knobs is exceptional, and the color of the glass is deep and vibrant. They're very sturdy, but most importantly for my purposes, they're pretty. Pictures do not do them justice.
  3. / Jan 21 2010
    beautiful but...
    I have purchased knobs from Anthropologie before and have always been happy with the quality. I purchased a couple of these for a set of folding doors to a laundry alcove. They are gorgeous, but there is a brass part behind the knob that makes the rod that goes through the middle too short for a door. Unless you are using it for a drawer pull (which is what it was probably meant for) and dont need the extra rod length for a door, you will be frustrated. It should have come with a longer rod so if it was too long, you could cut at least cut it down. But I loved how beautiful they are so I just bought a long brass screw which isnt as nice as the rod that it came with because of the indentation for the screwdriver, but its not that bad, I can live with it and the beauty of the knob rather overshadows this minor detail anyway.
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  1. / Sep 09 2013
    Great Purchase
    Very sturdy, it's hung in my room and holds my keys, robe, and a few belts. The fact that it doesn't come with screws didn't bother me, but that's most likely because we have an entire drawer dedicated to extra screws in the garage. I hung it up by myself using a laser level - best investment ever. The first time I screwed it in too low (I'm not very handy), turns out hooks should be hung at eye level.
  2. / Jul 07 2013
    Just got this in the mail and I'm very happy with it, but as other customers have said, it is very disappointing that the hardware is not included. I got the iron color and while finding screws to fit it is no problem (I got 2 flat phillips head screws for woodwork, 6X, 1 and 1/2 length, totaling 15 cents), no one has screws that match the color. I am going to try and darken the screws with a darkening solution. Other than the screws, the key hook itself is great. It sits flat against the wall and has knobs on the end of each hook to keep things from accidentally falling off.
  3. / Nov 28 2009
    Key to the castle!
    I adore this hook rack. I got the iron one and it looks more expensive than I expected. It's not cheap or cheesy looking at all. The only thing I would change would be to have the pegs angled up a little so my keys don't fall off when I grab keys from another hook. Everyone who sees this just falls in love with it. If you love fairy-tale style you will be head-over-heels for it! I want another one for necklaces...
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  1. / Apr 05 2015
    Heavy, substantial, exquisite - what can I say? These knobs are amazing and I highly recommend them. We purchased dozens for our butlers pantry and they are true to size and design. Contrary from other reviews we did not experience any issues installing them and did not experience any loss of quality in the 43 that we purchased. I am a FAN of Anthropologie knobs from now on!
  2. / Aug 01 2013
    Very pretty
    I love these knobs...they look beautiful on my kitchen cabinets. I even went with a mixed metallic look and paired them with chrome drawer pulls. It looks great! They are big, though. They are not so big that I think they look bad, but I was surprised how large they look on my cabinets--still beautiful, though. A couple that were shipped had cracks or missing chunks from the pearl part, so I will have to exchange a few, which is frustrating. No complaints, though, other than that!
  3. / Dec 03 2014
    Gorgeous "Jewelry" for my Kitchen!
    These cabinet knobs are stunning - even more beautiful in person than online. I'm updating my old ugly kitchen cabinets with paint and instead of going with the usual satin nickel knobs you see everywhere I am going to do pairs of different pretty knobs and pulls. These are one of the designs I picked and they look gorgeous. If they ever go on sale I plan to buy more.
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  1. / Dec 03 2010
    I'm absolutely in love with these knobs! I'm using them in my new all white, bright kitchen. They are even more beautiful in person. My only complaint is that I wish there was more quality control, because upon ordering over 30 of them, I realized I had to closely inspect each one. I found a couple that were adheared to the base noticeably crooked, one with a chip, and a couple more almost falling off their screws. I'm exchanging the above mentioned and I'm hoping my next shipment is much better. I suggest double checking all your knobs upon shipment to prevent any dissapointment upon installation. Other than that they are perfection!
  2. / Nov 30 2009
    Love these!
    I received my prism knobs last week & love them! We put the clear ones on an antique white dresser I bought for the nursery & they are beautiful -- bigger & much better quality than anything at the home improvement stores. The only problem was that the screw the knob is attached to was not long enough to go all the way through the front of the drawer so my husband had to drill out part of drawer to install them...Fortunately he is handy enough with a power drill to do that & they look great, but I wouldn't have been comfortable doing that on my own...
  3. / Dec 04 2012
    Makes Anything More Feminine Instantly!
    I bought these to transform an Ethan Allen Chest that is primarily wood with mirrored front drawers. The knobs that came on the piece were very nice, but a bit too masculine for me. I swapped all 6 out with the Prism Knob which I used previously on my closet doors. I was in like with the chest before, well I am in LOVE with it now. Instant, subtle femininity!
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  1. / Oct 23 2014
    Just so much better than expected -
    I had my eyes on these for many many months and always had them in the back if my mind for my ideal "look" - I just couldn't bring myself to pay for shipping because, from the photo, they looked kinda flimsy and I couldn't decide quality. In any case, I always looked for them in every A store (plus 'knock offs') I traveled to online as well. When I finally found them on-site at a random not-near-me anthro location ........ I was mad at myself for waiting! These are GREAT quality and worth the shipping fee. Fabulously heavy and solid - much much better quality then you'd even need. They look just as wonderful in person as in the sites photos + great, great quality. Couldn't be happier with the purchase and more upset that I waited 6+ Months. WORTH THE BUY! PS: photo quality gives no credit!
  2. / Aug 25 2009
    This is the prettiest switchplate I have ever seen! I used one for the lightswitch in our bathroom, and it's amazing how much a little detail like this can change the look! It's so much better than the standard ecru-colored switchplates that come in most houses. Our bathroom is decorated with ornate vintage-y black and white items, with deep sand-colored walls, and this was perfect for the decor. I love the way the color contrasts with the wall paint. The quality is great, although, like the other poster mentioned, I do think there was a little problem with getting one of the screws to match up. (My husband installed it, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but I do know that it's hanging perfectly on the wall now, where I expect it to hang indefinitely.) I would definitely recommend this item!
  3. / Jul 27 2009
    beautiful "vintage" piece
    These are beautiful - they look AWESOME with light or dark painted walls. I painted our hallway Valspar "agave blue" the past weekend and added the 3 switch plate cover and it looks absolutely amazing. almost like a piece of art! I also used one in a guest bathroom that has the marta stewart "vintage map" paint and looks great too. they are expensive...esp. if you have a lot of covers, but I would say to use them strategically. don't use them when a piece of furniture is covering...and i would just use them in higher traffic areas so they make a difference! the only reason why quality is 4 stars, is that I sometimes had difficultly lining up the screws exactly - eventually i was able to get it, but it look some trial and error and a little bit of adjusting. Other than that, they are perfect!
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