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  1. / Apr 24 2015
    Great Product, Great Color
    This product is great quality. I love the color of the red one, it's so bright and fun. I can't wait to use this for brunch parties and when I'm baking.
  2. / Aug 30 2012
    just wonderful
    I have the habit of buying a lot of kitchen products.. and this is my favorite egg crate I have came across. I like it more than the Farmer's egg crate that Anthro also sells. I bought this one in turquoise. I love how they are stackable (great for storing them) and I prefer how they are half a dozen. Both white and brown eggs look great in it. I'm really happy with these!
  3. / Feb 09 2013
    A Great Buy
    Seriously, can use for anything from propping eggs in (obviously the main reason it was created) to displaying jewelry or trinkets. Even could be used to hold paint and brushes for a little budding artist! (You can lay the brushes horizontal across the center). Love the bright color options as well!
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  1. / Aug 11 2014
    perfect size for my family of three
    I love this little butter dish. It's painted so well and is durable. My family is me, my husband & our 10-year old daughter so a half-stick of butter is a good size for us. I don't use this every day but I'm trying to make more of our dinnertimes special as our girl grows up. She likes the nights when I use "fancier" things for our meals and this butter dish is cute & practical.
  2. / Jul 29 2014
    Beautiful Dish
    The moment I saw this butter dish I knew I had to have it! It's so beautiful and perfectly fits a 1/2 cup block of butter. What a wonderful addition to my kitchen and I also went ahead an bought the spoon rest too!
  3. / Apr 18 2012
    Beautiful butter dish
    I asked for this dish for my birthday and I can honestly say that it was my favorite gift! It livens up the inside of my refrigerator, peek-a-booing through my clear butter compartment. The painting is beautifully done and even though it's not very large it does fit an imperial or blue bonnet butter stick perfectly. It also fits in the butter compartment which is great in my opinion.
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  1. / Apr 08 2014
    This is an eye-catching, stunning and FUN piece. The colors are vibrant and beautiful (just as pictured!), and it looks great on the counter. The size is perfect; a regular-sized stick of butter (a typical stick: 4oz, 3 1/4 x 1 1/2-in sq. ) fits nicely in the dish. I am thrilled to have purchased this. This would also make a GREAT gift! The quality is excellent. The little knob/handle on top is a big plus too (it makes it easy to remove the lid). Very practical dish… It adds a touch of pizazz to the kitchen, and to brunch tables! I have seen some butter dishes online where the base is totally flat (with no turned-up edges to contain the lid), and thus the lid can slide around…. (I am not sure that that sort of design is practical; it's nice when the lid stays nestled within the base, as well as the fact that it's also nice if the butter stays "contained" and can't slop and smear further than the boundary of the base and lid…) I LOVE this dish.
  2. / Mar 27 2015
    Love this butter dish!
    A unique and bohemian look. Exactly what I was hoping for. I love butter! So this makes butter even better! :)
  3. / Aug 26 2014
    Charming butter dish
    I am highly excited with my new butter dish. Super chic. It will add charm to any table.
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  1. / Oct 08 2014
    so cute
    This cookie jar is so cute and I love having it on our counter. The quality of the china is fine, but the paint job does not actually match up on the two pieces. At first, we thought we got a factory defect, but you can actually see it in the photos, where the grey and white "fur" does not match up. However I decided it's charming and I'm keeping it. I like everything else about it.
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