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  1. / May 31 2015
    In love with this soap
    this soap not only does it look good, it smells great and its the best thing for your hands. I only wish it wasn't as expensive, but I can understand why something so good can cost so much. Also the look is great!!
  2. / Dec 29 2013
    Mildly scented, lovely soap, gorgeous glass bottle
    This soap has a mild, pleasing scent--not too perfumed or aggressive. I love it. Whle another reviewer complains that the bottle is made of glass, I think the gorgeous glass bottle is a big part of what sets this lovely product apart from most other hand soaps on the market today. I love the glass bottle. It's heavy and high quality and never slips on my counter. It looks beautiful, not cheap like a plastic bottle. And unlike plastic the glass does not offgas toxic chemicals into my household. Please keep this great product just as it is, Barr Co.!
  3. / Oct 13 2012
    Great use in the shower also!
    Hi, Believe it or not I acutually use this in the shower as a Shower Gel. First I use it as a hand soap Then once it is at about the 3/4 mark I fill it up with water. This makes it a little less thick and it last alot longer, Until Barr comes out with a Shower Gel in their line I will be making my own, The only thing i would change, not only with this product it to use plastice instead of glass. Even as just a hand soap it could slip on the counter. In the shower I keep it in our metal shoer caddy. So far so good.
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