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  1. / May 08 2015
    My favorite measuring cups! They are so pretty I just love them!
  2. / Jul 30 2011
    Beautiful, unique ...
    These cups were a birthday present and were put to use the following weekend at a dinner party. I used the smallest one for olive pits, the 1/3 cup contained the olives. The half cup was used to serve the dipping sauce for grilled artichokes, the full cup was full of marcona almonds. I love these measuring cups! They have yet to see the inside of my kitchen drawer, they are displayed on a shelf above my bar. Having said all that I'm not sure I will ever use them as measuing cups. Go ahead, buy them ... have some fun!
  3. / Jan 22 2012
    I had a blast spending my Anthropology gift card the day after Christmas. Everyone expected me to buy clothes, but instead I shopped the House & Home section. These fun little beauties immediately caught my eye as a much needed alternative to my white plastic measuring cups. They are even prettier in real life and have become a centerpiece in my functional kitchen art piece. They are coveted by all who enter my kitchen and several friends have hinted they may want a set for their birthdays.
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  1. / May 07 2015
    Love the Whale-Tail Measuring Cups!
    I ordered these for my mother and loved them so much that I am considering ordering myself a pair. They are so cute and very sturdy. I would definitely would recommend this product.
  2. / May 09 2015
    Adorable and functional!
    This is the perfect way to put a nice little decor in your kitchen thats also functional! they make baking/cooking/wtv! fun and pretty :) So glad i decided to finally get them.
  3. / May 04 2015
    Super cute measuring cups!
    I love these measuring cups! Not only are they perfect for any cooking/baking needs, but I also used them when I made french macaroons as decor in the background.
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  1. / Mar 09 2015
    Robin's Nest Measuring Cups - Love
    They're sturdy and even more lovely in person than in the picture. I have a perfect place for them on a bookshelf.
  2. / Mar 06 2015
    Very cute, albeit not so exact, measurement cups. The included pie bird makes this the perfect gift for the baker in your vicinity! The eggs also work nicely as candy containers around Easter :) The bird however unfortunately arrived with a chipped beak, but it's still a pretty set.
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  1. / Apr 07 2015
    Awesome Product
    This product is amazing. They are very fragile. If you are not very caring I would not recommend this product for you. They do run true to size as well. We hung them up in our kitchen and they look wonderful!
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