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  1. / Dec 02 2014
    amazing quality again!
    I collect the dinner plates from this artist and we use them as our everyday dishes. Everything has always washed well in our dishwasher. These baking pieces are fantastic too! I bought the rolling pin which has a monkey, bird, squirrel and rabbit design. It is a heavy piece and on the larger size. It's such a bargain for this quality. I truly recommend getting this or gifting it. I love the charm of the flower print, the words & the animals. I also got the muffin pan and that is so cute too. It's sturdy and won't chip easily. I loved the floral print and the deer. It's on the smaller size so the muffins or anything that's cooked in the cups will be small (I like that to help me with portion control since I'm doing WW). This is such a happy-looking, whimsical collection!
  2. / Apr 10 2015
    Another Nathalie Lete MUST-HAVE
    I can't seem to get enough of Nathalie Lete's art. She has taken over my kitchen and made a francophile out of me. I love the little whimsical animals in her collections and the french sayings that go along with them. I love that you can see detailed artwork outside of her bakeware despite having food actually inside. It drives me insane when I buy beautiful bakeware to have the entire design completely covered by something I cooked, which with this is not the case!
  3. / Jan 30 2015
    just great!
    the colors are more vibrant than the photos. it's very good quality, i fell in love at the moment i saw it! it is a must-have , a very unique piece for my coutry designed kitchen. everyone loved the design. thank you Anthropologie, you made my day! :)
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  1. / Feb 16 2015
    Blue Maelle Cake Server is Perfection!
    I ordered the Blue Maelle Cake Server for my upcoming wedding. It shipped quickly and it came exactly as I expected- lovely color. Looking forward to using it to cut our wedding cake in May
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  1. / Aug 26 2014
    Exquisite rolling pin
    Very intricate design. I do love it although I preferred the Filomena style but could not find it in the store at Rockefeller Plaza location. I will bake every weekend so I can use it. Not too heavy. Great addition to my kitchen collection.
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  1. / Jan 13 2015
    Makes baking fun
    This is a great baking set. Get all the pieces if you can. It's very well designed. I thought the ridges inside the muffin baking pan would make ridges in the muffins. It actually doesn't. I think what it does is prevent the muffins from sticking. I didn't use liners when making my muffins. I just buttered the pan and they popped out without sticking. It's really cute set. Makes baking fun.
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