Mirabel Drops
Mirabel Drops
$79.95 ($138.00)
Druzy Wrap Ring
Druzy Wrap Ring
$79.95 ($118.00)
Terra Mesa Bracelet
Terra Mesa Bracelet
$99.95 ($178.00)
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Grand Theatre Necklace
Grand Theatre Necklace
$179.95 ($278.00)
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Vision Cuff
Vision Cuff
$149.95 ($248.00)
Vision Necklace
Vision Necklace
$149.95 ($248.00)
Vision Pin
Vision Pin
$79.95 ($148.00)

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79 Reviews
  1. / Mar 11 2015
    I really don't know how anybody could not love this pouch. I am not certain I would use it as old hurts but I certainly have found several uses for it from my make up two bills and Corning's to carry within my purse. I have purchased close to 10 of them for just about every female friend I have. Everyone I gave them to loves them and using them proudly displaying their initial in tasteful bling. II even bought one for my best friend who happens to be a puppy to keep her toothpaste and toothbrush inside.....yes this pouch has many uses and works for everybody :-)
  2. / Jan 25 2015
    Cute for Gifts
    I bought these for my nieces for Christmas. As with many Miss Albright items, these are so cute and unique. The details are beaded, jeweled, and embroidered. I may buy some to put away for people for next year!
  3. / Mar 07 2015
    Great gift...for yourself or someone else!
    These unique wristlets come exactly as described. Each one was well put together, which is exactly what you want with such fine detailing. These make a perfect gift you can easily put your cell phone and credit cards in while fitting in most handbags or on their own.
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  1. / Feb 05 2015
    I have a small head and have a problem finding hats that fit. I bought this in the fall in grey. It has been my go to hat all season. I am constantly getting complements on the hat - absolutely love it!
  2. / Sep 04 2014
    Elegant & Timeless
    I saw this hat in the store last weekend, and I fell in love with it immediately. I love wearing hats, so off-sided sweep-down of the hat really was attractive to me. I felt like I was on the set of "Downton Abbey" wearing it. :) The ribbon color is more cranberry than red, IMO, making it a great fall accent color. As for the fit, I'd recommend trying it on in a store, if you can. I tried on three of them, and only one fit my head without riding up. I think it could stretch a little over time, possibly, but the one I found fits me fine. A great fall accessory!
  3. / Jan 03 2015
    Great hat with flare
    This is like a classic fedora, but is bent on one side, giving it a great design and cute fit. The cranberry ribbon, and woolen fabric make it a great fedora look for fall and winter. (Up until this hat, I only had a summer fedora). the only thing that I wish had a little more structure are the 'dents' on the top of the hat, where you grab it to put on or remove from your head. Still, it's super cute!
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  1. / Feb 21 2015
    Beautiful design
    I love the look and feel of this bag - the leather is good quality and the beading stunning. I also love the fact that you can wear it over your shoulder, as I find clutches a nightmare to handle when you have food in one hand and a glass in the other at a party. However when I got it home and examined it more carefully, I realized that 4 or 5 of the "stones" had just fallen out of their settings. There is a small bag of spare beads included with it, but not enough of this particular "stone" , so my first thought was, oh well, I'll have to go and return it. However I found an alternative, and just removed the empty settings by carefully clipping the threads that still held them in place. The beading is so dense that their absence is really not noticeable at all, and the bag looks just as gorgeous. The stitching holding the beads in place seams to be fine - the metal clasps holding the glass stones in place are just not tight enough. If more stones fall out, I intend just removing more of the metal settings!
  2. / Mar 16 2015
    great bag
    I love this bag. I have not had any problems with stones falling off and surprisingly it does not seem to pick at clothes which I was worried about. Looks super cute with jeans! Highly recommend.
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  1. / Feb 07 2015
    Nice soft lining, comfy and cute
    Sometimes I need ear protection but don't feel like a hat and this is a cuter alternative to earmuffs. I bought the grey as the pom matches a faux fur jacket I have perfectly...it is nice and chunky and although I itch at the thought of wool, it is nicely lined with a fleece like liner that is very soft on the skin. Might go back for the blue. I was afraid the pom would look cheap but it is very well done and adds the cuteness factor. Highly recommend.
  2. / Dec 31 2014
    This was a late wish list item that my daughter wanted. It was available on-line and I got it. Besides being really cute, it is well contstructed and appears to be very warm. The other colors were awesome too. Sale price for now is a good deal.
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  1. / Feb 08 2015
    Nice bag!
    I wanted a fancy bag that I could use to go out to dinner with friends, to a wedding or with jeans when I felt in a funky mood and this bag fits the bill! It's a nice size and has a chain so it can be worn as a clutch or shoulder bag. I love the stones and sequins and have been very pleased with the purchase.
  2. / Feb 09 2015
    Versatile, dressy bag
    I had been eyeing this bag for months and bought it after the holidays when it went on sale. It's a very sparkly, beaded bag and can dress up a casual outfit or be worn with dresses. The one thing to be wary of, though, is the beads and bag itself are a bit heavy to begin with, and the chain strap that comes with it is more delicate and can't hold a lot of weight. So keep the contents in the purse to a minimum or the chain will break (mine did, but I was able to exchange the bag!). I am now hoping to find a sturdier chain to use with it for extra support to wear it over the shoulder.
  3. / Mar 09 2015
    Jeweled mosaic beautiful
    The sparkling of jewels is beautiful and makes this bag an eye-catcher. Though the bag itself is soft, and the structure is not hard enough to sustain the shape while you put it on, unless you have more stuff inside the bag. It is a bit heavy, and chain doesn't seem strong enough to hold it long.
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  1. / Jan 16 2015
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this belt!
    This is my new Summer belt wardrobe staple. It can be worn with just about anything that does not require it to go through [narrow] belt loops. Looks AMAZING over billowy tunics and peasant blouses, and dress shirts, too, as well as shirt dresses. --- I haven't had any issues with the hammered buckle jutting/sticking out...the back of the buckle has a hook, so you can attach it to any of the belts many swirls/rosettes (that take the place of holes). --- I am a size 4 in skirts and bottoms, and went with the M, which allows me to wear the belt very high on my waist (with the extra belt swirls tucked underneath) OR very low on my hips. --- I cannot recommend this enough. It looks (and smells) amazing; this is top-quality leather.
  2. / Jan 31 2015
    Great belt
    This is a great statement belt! Will jazz up any old outfit. I will say though the buckle doesn't lay flat. Regardless, I got when it was on sale and I can handle that oddness of the buckle..may just wear more on the side?!
  3. / Dec 13 2014
    Lovely Belt but...
    It's a great built, I'll give it that. Especially if you nab it on sale like I did. But the oddest thing about it (which i discovered precisely after snipping the tag off) is that that pretty gold buckle doesn't lay flat. This is so hard to describe, but it juts out oddly when you're wearing it and drives me a bit nuts. This could be me? It's a lovely belt otherwise.
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  1. / Dec 20 2014
    Beautiful Gift
    My husband surprised me with this scarf after I had admired it online. I had not purchased it for myself because I felt the price point was too high but he could tell how much I loved it so he bought it for my birthday. The scarf is truly beautiful and unique - unlike all of the other infinity loops I see on the market. The addition of the velvet layer adds dimension and character. The Mohair is a little itchy but I can deal with it :). I recommend the scarf if you are considering the purchase.
  2. / Jan 27 2015
    I wanted this cowl since the first time I saw it! It was a bit expensive, so I waited until it went on sale. I am so glad I got it! It is really beautiful and elegant. As the other reviewer noted, the mohair is about scratchy, but the velvet is so pretty, especially the combo of the plain velvet and foil patterned velvet. Another gorgeous piece from Anthroplogie!
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