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  1. / Feb 09 2015
    I bought both the ivory and cream colors based on good reviews and wasn't disappointed. I love the black/white headband on the lighter shade but the fur was not as nice as that of the cream color. The cream color one also has the checked pattern on the headband but much more subtle. As others mentioned, these are not adjustable but they fit me and are super cute. I will keep the cream even though I think they are somewhat impractical since they won't keep my whole head warm, just my ears. But they frame the face nicely and the headband will not cause hat hair. Now I want the navy ones.
  2. / Dec 02 2014
    White fur is a different texture!
    I just tried these on in the store today--I had no idea earmuffs could be so WARM! The faux fur wraps all the way around your ears, which seems like it could be itchy if it were poor quality, But it's silky and wonderful, except for on the white ones (with the black and white wrapping). For some reason, the fur's texture is different on those. Rougher, or something. If it weren't for that, I would have those on me right now. As it stands, I'm torn on what color I want--they're going on my Christmas list, so maybe someone else can decide for me!
  3. / Jan 09 2015
    Warm & Fuzzy
    I agree with the other reviewers - these earmuffs are very cute & super warm!! I looked at other earmuffs, and I didn't see any that were as stylish and as warm as these at the same price range. They definitely are worth it, especially at the sale price. My only complaint is the white color is more tan in person. And if you have a small face (like myself), these will look a little big on the sides of your head. Honestly they still look cute though and they don't mess up your hair! :)
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  1. / Jan 09 2015
    Very Elegant Cowl
    I purchased this cowl to add to my collection of scarves, and this instantly became one of my favorites. It is a very elegant design, both in how the cowl twists in the front and in the patterns of the fabric. As another reviewer mentioned, this is not a cowl that you can loop more than once as it is too short - is intended to be slipped over your head and left alone. I'd say the picture is pretty representative of how much of your upper chest would not be covered by the cowl. The only downside I have about this, which is why it is knocked down 1 star, is that it is sorta of itchy (but note that I really sensitive skin). However, it isn't bad enough to make me return it!
  2. / Jan 16 2015
    "Itching" to Love
    Bought this in the black motif pattern. I love how easily this scarf fits around my neck and have gotten tons of compliments while wearing this. Looks great! However, the material is itchy and not as soft as I would have liked.
  3. / Jan 06 2015
    Elegant but itchy
    I love the look and style of this scarf. It is great because you do not have to wrap it around but it is small enough to just pull over your head. I adore the design and the contrast between the flowers and the other pattern. Its easy to dress up or down. Only downside is that the scarf is definitely itchy.
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  1. / Feb 07 2015
    Nice soft lining, comfy and cute
    Sometimes I need ear protection but don't feel like a hat and this is a cuter alternative to earmuffs. I bought the grey as the pom matches a faux fur jacket I have perfectly...it is nice and chunky and although I itch at the thought of wool, it is nicely lined with a fleece like liner that is very soft on the skin. Might go back for the blue. I was afraid the pom would look cheap but it is very well done and adds the cuteness factor. Highly recommend.
  2. / Dec 31 2014
    This was a late wish list item that my daughter wanted. It was available on-line and I got it. Besides being really cute, it is well contstructed and appears to be very warm. The other colors were awesome too. Sale price for now is a good deal.
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  1. / Feb 17 2015
    Gorgeous bag with a couple of problems
    First off, this bag is gorgeous. Awesome design and beautiful details, really well made. That said, I disagree with the previous reviewers in that I would not use this for the gym or going to yoga. It's not made for that. And it is too big to be a regular day-to-day bag. In my opinion, I can really only see this being used for a winter overnight or weekend stay somewhere in the mountains. The first problem with this bag is that it is too big. If it was just sized down proportionally, I would be carrying this everywhere for the winter! Secondly, because of its size and the materials used, the bag itself has some weight to it. Once you started added items to it, you will not want to be carrying this around for long. Still it's absolutely gorgeous and totally unique. I am going back and forth on returning it only because I hate to think I'd only use it once every blue moon. It just is not as practical or as useful as I was hoping it would be. But I'm still on the fence, so we'll see!
  2. / Jan 25 2015
    Great weekend bag
    I fell in love with this bag in the store, but could not justify the purchase. The minute it went on sale, I grabbed it. It is a considerable size. This is NOT a purse. I use it for quick weekend get aways or for a night on the boat. It would be great for a yoga/gym bag. It is well made and has a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry. It looks like a bag you would purchase while on vacation in some faraway land.
  3. / Dec 31 2014
    More Than Just a Weekend Bag!
    This bag is wonderful! If you are considering purchasing it, DO IT! The design and aesthetic is both unique and fun and you will want to carry it everywhere with you. I use it for absolutely everything and I love that it has a shoulder strap, with such a large bag its nice to have. The zippers on this bag are great too, they are good quality and they don't jamb up when you zip it closed. It is a very large bag and doesn't have much stability but if you're looking for a super cute diaper bag or totally chic yoga bag, this is it!
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  1. / Jan 11 2015
    Fun casual style
    I'm sort of a "hat attact", wearing them year 'round whenever I'm outside, however I've got sort of a large head and would never normally order one without trying it on. This must have been a return at my local Anthro and I tried it on on a whim and it actually fit straight on as intended so it must run really large. Although it looks like leather, it's actually a distressed (coated?) cotton and looks especially great with denim and chambray. The brim is wired so you can do a bit of shaping if you like and although I bought it for myself, my hubby liked it too (although it was too big for him) so I'd say the style is quite unisex. The weight is good for all but the coldest of seasons. I didn't buy it at the time but it was one of those things that I regretted not snapping up. It was gone when I went back to the store but was confident in ordering it as it came "one size" and I'd tried it on previously.
  2. / Jan 18 2015
    Love, but large!
    I knew ordering this that it would be large based on other reviews, but it is large! The tag says its a mens hat, so that explains it. But it looks great, just can't wear it on a windy day!
  3. / Jan 14 2015
    Great hat!
    I love this hat. I am the type of person who can wear any style hat and it works but this hat is awesome. It does look like distressed leather which is great because it hides the wrinkles if it gets crushed(like when my dog knocked it off and stepped on it). I would like it to fit a little more snug but honestly it works even though it is large. For me it is not so large that it is sliding all over my head. It is more warm than I expected and my head was warm wearing it in 17 degree today. I have gotten many many compliments on it and I have only worn it a couple of times so far. If you do not mind it being slightly loose I highly recommend going for this hat.
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  1. / Jan 16 2015
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this belt!
    This is my new Summer belt wardrobe staple. It can be worn with just about anything that does not require it to go through [narrow] belt loops. Looks AMAZING over billowy tunics and peasant blouses, and dress shirts, too, as well as shirt dresses. --- I haven't had any issues with the hammered buckle jutting/sticking out...the back of the buckle has a hook, so you can attach it to any of the belts many swirls/rosettes (that take the place of holes). --- I am a size 4 in skirts and bottoms, and went with the M, which allows me to wear the belt very high on my waist (with the extra belt swirls tucked underneath) OR very low on my hips. --- I cannot recommend this enough. It looks (and smells) amazing; this is top-quality leather.
  2. / Jan 31 2015
    Great belt
    This is a great statement belt! Will jazz up any old outfit. I will say though the buckle doesn't lay flat. Regardless, I got when it was on sale and I can handle that oddness of the buckle..may just wear more on the side?!
  3. / Dec 13 2014
    Lovely Belt but...
    It's a great built, I'll give it that. Especially if you nab it on sale like I did. But the oddest thing about it (which i discovered precisely after snipping the tag off) is that that pretty gold buckle doesn't lay flat. This is so hard to describe, but it juts out oddly when you're wearing it and drives me a bit nuts. This could be me? It's a lovely belt otherwise.
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  1. / Jan 19 2015
    Beautiful Scarf
    I ordered this scarf in muted brown/teal colors and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package. The photos do not do this scarf justice - there are small patterns embroidered in a thin bright pink thread throughout, which make it even more interesting! It is also soft, fairly lightweight, and drapes nicely :)
  2. / Jan 22 2015
    Muted browns nice colors
    Like the colors, tassels and softness. It is a little bulky but plan to wear loose or tucked in at the neck of jacket. Like the pop or pink color mixed in with the muted browns.
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