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  1. / May 10 2015
    High-waisted hot momma!
    I love the 70's vibe happening this spring/summer and I've been eyeing high waisted styles for a while. I was very excited to see that Pilcro put out a pair of high waisted jeans. I love all of the Pilcro jeans I have ever tried - the sizing is consistent, nice quality, great price point, fits my body type well. I am tall-ish (5'8", 135 lbs) but more of a pear shape so I was a little nervous about how these would look. Well, Pilcro has done it again! LOVE them!!! They are totally retro (in a good way) minus the mom jeans effect - just what I was looking for! And the length is perfect (for my height) with a medium heel/clog sandal. Soft and comfy with just the right amount of stretch. Makes my legs look long and lean. And I agree with other reviewers that these look a little dressier than regular jeans, even with a plain old t-shirt tucked in. Pilcro nailed it with these!
  2. / Apr 15 2015
    Run LONG
    I agree with previous reviews. These pants are fabulous. The style is fresh and new, the fit is comfortable and soft, and, as jeans tend to do, they go with everything. They also add style to what might be a casual outfit due to their design. The high waist makes them just a little bit dressier as well. I got the darker wash version and find the wash very "I've had these dark jeans for years," rather than looking like they came that way. Natural, comfortable, stylish. My only "complaint" is the length. Though I am only 5'5", I normally can wear regular length jeans, only occasionally getting pairs I wear with heels or wedges hemmed for length. With these, I HAD to go with petite and there is still quite a bit of fabric bunching at the bottom. To wear with 3-4 inch heels/wedges, I still need to do about a 1 inch hem to keep them from dragging. This is not at all a deal breaker, but they run LONG. Overall, a great stretchy, fun and chic style and fabulous fit! Love these.
  3. / May 13 2015
    Comfortable Jeans
    I just purchased these adorable jeans on-line and love how super comfortable they are! I'm 5'4" so I bought the petite in my regular size 27 and they fit me perfectly. The length is longer than most petites but I plan on wearing mine with higher wedges. If you plan to wear flats, you may still need these to be hemmed. The pockets in front look so cute and give a different, more refreshing look than all my other jeans. I've already worn these so many times and feel I'll be getting my money's worth because they are so well made. Great purchase!
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  1. / Apr 13 2015
    WOW! JUST WOW!!!
    Do not hesitate to try these jeans if you van afford them at all. I felt so guilty after I ordered and was sure I would return them to my local anthropologist upon receipt. But they fit so perfectly, I would now happily pay even more for them. They make my legs look long and lean, and my backside pert!!!! I have not experienced any "baggy butt" with these either, they just keep their shape through wear after wear! They are long so you might have to hem them, but I am 5'9 with long legs and they fall perfectly with a mid heel. The rise is perfect on my 50 year old body as well. Love the easy returns that anthropologist offers...no reason not to try them if you can afford the splurge!
  2. / May 14 2015
    Best jeans ever
    These jeans are totally worth it! They look amazing, the quality is great and the material is so soft-they are the comfiest jeans I've ever worn.
  3. / Apr 29 2015
    Fantstic Jeans
    Can I just express how happy I am that flare jeans are back?! And no fakey whiskering or strange over faded butt/thigh zone on these babies! The wash is beautiful. The quality of the fabric and stitching is evident when you try them on and the waist is perfect height. I got the 31 size, I am 5'6 140lbs and maybe I don't look as good as the model but I feel pretty good in these :) The only complaint I have is that I wish they were offered in short, reg and tall lengths. I will have to get them tailored, which I hope doesn't ruin the silhouette.
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  1. / Apr 30 2015
    Nice jeans, but not as advertised
    These jeans are nice, and high quality. The fabric feels soft to the touch, but it's stiff. They are flattering, skinny all the way to the widest part of the calf, with a boot cut bottom. The slim leg design gives your legs slender length. The reason I took off a star is because they are not accurately described. The description says it's the Belize wash, which if you google that, you'll find the Belize wash is a much lighter color than these. I was very confused about what I was actually getting until the package arrived at my doorstep. These jeans are actually the PATINA wash. They look lilt thr product photo. The other inaccuracy is about the fabric. The description says they are cotton/elastane, however, the jeans are actually 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane. They feel less stretchy, and stiff, like they need to be broken in. Other than all of this, they are a flattering pair of jeans. Hopefully after reading this, they will correct the item description. I have a 24.5 inch waist and 32.5 inch hips and the 24p fits pretty mich as expected, if a bit snug due to the stiffness of the fabric.
  2. / Mar 26 2014
    Best petite cut jeans EVER!
    Finding a good pair of jeans is like finding a bathing suit, painstaking process. All of my jeans have to be altered so that they would look right on me, but these jeans fit like they are custom made. They are true to size for me and they don't stretch too much like other jeans after wearing them (which is a major bonus!). Great quality, great fit, best jeans ever!
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  1. / Feb 22 2015
    Just the right color, but very small and tight
    I've always wondered if some who say some jeans run too small and tight, just didn't have an accurate idea of their own size. I suppose that could still be wondered, but these jeans have bounced me into the population that finds themselves writing just such a review. In AG jeans, which I have gotten from Anthro before and love, I am a 32 and the jeans are large and loose. However, these jeans in 32, were obviously too small even when I pulled them out of the package they were mailed in. I tried them on anyway, but found myself considering whether or not I really wanted to forego breathing, eating, and normal stand-up-sit-down-and-move activities in order to walk around in these jeans. Though they do have a little stretch (not a lot), ultimately, I decided in favor of sticking with my old AG's, even though these are the perfect color and a nice quality. Warning to the cautious - I would size up around 4 sizes to make these work. On me, in addition to being too small and tight, they were about 2 inches shorter than I would have liked also.
  2. / Apr 28 2015
    Great color and style
    These pants are the perfect color as another review said. They are tight but the hug nicely. I wear a 32 in anthro pants and these are very flattering. My only complaint is that they are very long and hard to wear with sandals
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