Colina Mug
Colina Mug
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Bellina Blooms Mug
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Picnic Stripe Mug
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Forest Walk Mug
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Gloriosa Mug
Gloriosa Mug
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City Vignette Mug
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Habari Mug
Habari Mug
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Estella Cup & Saucer
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Crowned Leaf Mug
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Nature Table Teacup
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Lotus Cup & Saucer
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Attingham Mug
Attingham Mug
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Elka Mug
Elka Mug
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With A Twist Teacup
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Old Havana Mug
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(4.5 / 5)
283 Reviews
  1. / Mar 31 2015
    so much perfection
    This is the mug to rule all mugs. It has a magical perfection to its shape, lending the feeling that it is hugging your hands back as you hold your hot cup of coffee. Mornings, even Mondays, can be looked upon with anticipation because the pleasing pattern of each brings a feeling of spring and renewal. Living in a house wherein reside small children and a husband, my mug has fallen peril to disaster. I immediately replaced it, knowing that my life would be a little darker for not having its presence every day. One of my very dear friends keeps this mug for those of us that visit her often in our own initials.
  2. / Dec 22 2011
    Get these while you can!!
    Just purchased these for all the gals in the office, and they were a huge hit! I was a little bummed to discover I was available, but only online, b/c when I was in the store the SA actually thought that I was never made...and I have two "I" gals I would have liked to purchase these for. O'well, found cute alternative's b/c it is of course Anthro and adorable items are never in short supply here :)!! Everyone is actually running down the street to our local Anthro when they get off work tonight to grab a few for ppl on their Christmas list as well :) O and if you want one, get it now b/c these were literally flying off the shelves at my store. I noticed while I was in a LONG check-out line that I think over 80% of the ppl had at least one if not several in their arms!
  3. / Jan 28 2012
    Beautiful but far too delicate
    I love these mugs so much, but I hesitate to recommend them. They are lovely and hold a good sized drink. I had no problem with the size of the handles like some other reviewers. My problem is how delicate they are. I bought mugs for my mom, sister and myself. My mom broke hers accidentally, but when she got a replacement, the handle broke after going through the dishwasher a few times. We were assured that the mugs were dishwasher safe. I just broke my second mug. Both times the handles broke because something barely hit it in my sink or dish rack. The other item was not heavy and barely touched the mug. I'm really disappointed. I've bought these mugs for my sister-in-laws and was about to buy one for my mother-in-law but now I'm hesitating. I'm thinking of getting one more for me but if it breaks ago, forget it. These mugs are too beautiful to keep breaking.
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  1. / Mar 21 2015
    pirate booty
    Whimsical in design but functional to use. This is a great fun cup to use while reading a book on a rainy day. Perfect for miso soup or clam chowder our lobster bisque. I love this cup and saucer!
  2. / Mar 16 2011
    Tea for Me
    I have recently started a blue and white teacup and saucer collection. Recently as in this is my second set and I couldn't be more in love. It looks great.. This is stoneware which makes it a bit heavy though, I find that when the cup is full I need to hold it with both hands or it just might tip over! Other commenters said that this is no dainty teacup; agreed, no worries about breakage here. I might even let my bf use it! The weight won't be an issue (if it can be considered an issue, just takes some getting used to) for his big strong hands. The rim is not very spill proof either, curves outward so if you fill it too much it will spilleth over..
  3. / Apr 20 2010
    Great multi use addition to match set
    I got these even though my family are not tea or coffee drinkers. That being said, I found the bowl with this set oddly a tad blah. So, with these being a pretty substantial size for teacup, I will use for soups and or sauces, etc. with dinnerware. The design is stunning, quality great. The whole line is sturdy and unique, and the handle of this is really clever and unusual. I have it displayed with my old dragon china and it holds its own along side of it. For price point, great set. Cute even if you just got it for drinks. I suggest trying a couple of different plates for fun, design contiues over to back which adds interest. So cute!
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  1. / Feb 26 2015
    A fantastic gift
    I received the red one as a gift from my sister and I love it! The color is gorgeous and detailing is adorable. I love the fact that it is a large mug. However, the shape of it prevents you from filling it up all the way because it will spill. I love this mug and I'm sure I will buying some as gifts for some of my friends. Another great anthro mug for my collection!
  2. / Nov 07 2014
    I'm In Love - I bought them in every color
    I love these mugs. The design and color are beautiful. They hold a good amount of liquid. They wash really well. Drinking my morning tea from them always puts a smile on my face. I bought one in every color! I also have the bowls in the blue color and they are just as fantastic.
  3. / Apr 02 2014
    perfect yellow teacup!
    I love the yellow version of this mug--it's so well-painted and the little flower inside by the handle is adorable. It looks like a mini sunflower. It'll be perfect for mornings this spring & summer. My store didn't have the mint one in stock, but I bet that would be beautiful too!
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  1. / Jul 25 2014
    wonderful Quixotic cups
    These cups, are delightful to look at and well balance to hold.
  2. / Mar 23 2013
    Unique and charming!
    It was the little feet that got my attention. They looked pretty and unique in the catalog and when they arrived, I was not disappointed. They have all the charm of a dainty teacup but the stoneware makes them feel substantial in your hand. They hold just about the same amount of liquid as a standard mug. I got my mom a set of two of the blue color as a gift. I couldn't resist and got myself two of the green color.
  3. / Jan 22 2014
    Whimsical and practical
    I bought two of these cups for myself and have been using them daily for about a month. They remind me of an old-fashioned, footed bathtub. The cups hold as much as a regular tea mug and are so much cuter. Everyone who has seen them have commented on how much they like them and so far they seem to be holding up well to normal handling. I wish more colors were still available.
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  1. / Mar 19 2014
    I highly recommend the Gloriosa mug!
    I loved, Anthropologie’s Gloriosa Mug. A friend of mine got me this mug as a birthday present and I haven’t put it down since. This mug is not only beautiful to look at but its unique design makes it easy to use. It’s stunning blue color and creative print transforms the ordinary mug into a wonderful piece of artwork. The attractive appearance of the mug separates it from other mugs on the market. The size of the mug could have been made wider to store more liquid, but overall this mug makes a wonderful piece to display in the home or to entertain with. The Gloriosa Mug can be found in all Anthropologie retail stores. This mug can also be ordered online on Anthropologie’s website, under the ‘Dining and Entertaining’ tab. I recommend this product to anybody who enjoys entertaining guests or anybody looking to give a unique gift. I also recommend this product to all coffee and tea drinkers alike. This mug makes a great gift whether it be at home or in the workplace. I highly recommend this product.
  2. / Aug 06 2014
    Love this for my herbal teas!
    This is such a beautiful mug! It is easy to hold with the comfortable handle and looks gorgeous. I got a pair of the black ones and they look very pretty. That said, I wouldn't use these for guests since it is a fairly large mug.
  3. / Jun 06 2014
    Best Mugs Ever
    I received a pair of mint colored mugs for Christmas and they are wonderful - definitely my favorite mugs to use. They are just beautiful. The color is vibrant, the pattern is playful, and the overall effect is uniquely stylish. It's the perfect size for tea, coffee, mulled cider, and hot chocolate. They make a great gift, but you're likely going to want to take a few home for yourself. Enjoy!
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  1. / Dec 06 2012
    Lovely mug!
    I love teacups and I love mugs, this is a teacup in the size of a mug! The mug doesn't feel like thin cheap ceramic, it's quite sturdy. The colors and design are beautiful and although I wouldn't usually spend so much on a cup, it's worth it.
  2. / Dec 29 2012
    Tea tastes better from a gorgeous, hand-painted Anthropolgie cup. It's a decent size, and just beautiful to look at. I would NOT put it away in a cupboard where no one could see it!
  3. / Mar 12 2013
    pretty but fragile edge
    These cups are beautiful, but somewhat fragile on the edge.
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  1. / Apr 03 2015
    Beautiful mug
    I bought this mug to use at work for coffee. The handle is comfortable to grip. The decorative border along the bottom edge is so pretty and adds to the overall beauty. Would definitely recommend.
  2. / Aug 29 2014
    Perfect Mug for tea!
    This is a perfect size mug for a cup of tea. The quality is great and feels very solid. The handle is very comfortable and the mug looks very pretty to hold. Love it!
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Read What Customers are Saying About Our Mugs & Teacups
A charming way to start your day. These mugs are absolutely adorable and a great bargain for this type of design and quality. I have 8 of these owl mugs in all the colors and keep ordering more! The hand painted quality is exceptional for a mug of this price point and the size is perfect for that first cup of coffee. You could pay much more for a mug like this and not get half the pleasure from it!

The lovechild of a teacup and a coffee mug. This is what would result if your favorite coffee mug hooked up with your grandmother's most prized teacup. The result of this seemingly unholy union is the best cup EVER! With the sturdiness and capacity of a coffee mug, and the graceful lines and playfulness of a teacup, I can't stop ordering these cups! My house guests fight over them and I think they'd fit with almost any decor. I personally think the blue and green are by far the prettiest, but the other colors are nice as well.

I love this beautiful mug! I bought it for myself for an early Christmas present. It's simple, but that's where it shines. The monogram is lovely and it looks attractive in my apartment. What more could you want? If you're on the fence just buy one! Or three!

Too cute for words. These mugs are even cuter in person than they are online! Each one has so much personality. It's a bummer that they're hand wash only, but for a quality, hand-painted mug like this, it's definitely worth it! They're so unique and classic Anthropologie. It's my new favorite mug!

I drink a lot of tea during work and enjoy a "special" cup. I was thrilled when I opened the package and discovered that this cup was a little larger than I expected and the details were exceptional. Really a special cup that makes tea time even more enjoyable.

When I ordered this cup, I thought it might be a tiny, dainty, fragile teacup, maybe only to be brought out on special occasions. I could go on and on about how beautiful it is, the colors, inside and out, the design, its lovely. But I was really happy to find that this cup is thick, sturdy china , and its larger than I anticipated. It holds a large cup of coffee, not just a tiny amount that I expected. Another plus is that when I microwave my coffee in it, the china doesn't get super hot like my other coffee mugs and cups, I can still hold the cup without being burned, but can still feel warmth. It’s beautiful and feminine and perfect if you ask me. I HIGHLY recommend it if it’s your style.

Meaningful, go-too, time-off mug. I love the depth of the mug! First thing I did was have some tea so I could see the flowers on the bottom. I love coffee, chocolate milk and drinkable yogurt in this too! Makes me feel like I'm taking time-off and rejuvenating when I drink from this mug!

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