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Full Moon String Lights
Full Moon String Lights
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Elka Bowl
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375 Reviews
  1. / Mar 21 2014
    Adoreable AND Useful
    Probably what everyone else said. These are very-true-to-life in texture and design ceramic copies of the pressed cardboard fruit containers we all know. I already had a large one in the turquoise green and just bought the smaller size in the same color. It IS small; the larger one is much more useful and holds the equivalent of a typical supermarket basket of cherry tomatoes, for example. But I couldn't resist the little version - I'll actually never store berries in it (they belong in the fridge, covered) but I'll find a use for it. The larger one is a permanent fixture on my kitchen counter. I love looking at them, and I love that they have the same texture as the real thing. Most ceramic copies offered elsewhere are too smooth and so less realistic looking.
  2. / Jun 06 2015
    Great gift idea
    Oh my word, these are adorable! I am so glad my cousin registered for these, because I could not think of a cuter wedding gift! Now I want some!
  3. / Nov 21 2011
    Awesome x 10!!!!!
    Oh, just another really awesome product from Anthropologie!! I ordered 4 of these Farmer's Market Baskets and love them all!! Two of them were the small and the other two were the large. I got 3 of the the 4 in the blue color and 1 in the coral. The colors are gorgeous and you can use them for so many different things. In fact, I noticed a blue Farmer's Market Basket on my new favorite show Revenge!! It was in Charlotte's bedroom on her night stand. Looked like she had nail polishes in hers. L♥ve, l♥ve, l♥ve this product!! Thank you Anthropologie for all of your awesomeness!! ;)
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  1. / Mar 26 2012
    SO CUTE!
    I am in LOVE with this precious tea cup! I was on a hunt for the perfect tea cup and here it is. I use it to drink pretty much everything! To give you an idea of exactly how big this cup is, you can poor an entire can of soda into it. Of course it's so attractive-- there were no chips in the paint or anything when it arrived, it was in perfect condition and it's plenty durable. The size is spectacular, I've even eaten soup out of it. When i drink tea or coffee from it i only need to fill it half way which i love because it leaves me plenty of room so that I don't spill. I recommend this to anyone! :)
  2. / Jun 18 2015
    This is a lovely solid cup - I use it for both coffee and tea. They are also my favourite cups to pull out when guests come over.
  3. / Feb 09 2012
    Coffee Tastes Better...
    Somehow these mugs make my morning coffee an event. The size and shape are very similar to the Kebaya mug, and I just love the texture that the twisted handle and smooth bumps along the base add. They hold about 11 ounces of beverage. I have ordered theses mug as gifts because I am so impressed by the quality and beauty. My personal favorite is the green, but the yellow is a bright, cheery splash of color - perfect for a morning 'perk!'
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  1. / Dec 26 2009
    Just buy it!
    The most versatile thing in my purse. I have DRY hands from constantly washing them as a result of having a toddler, and this makes my hands & cuticles look presentable in an instant. This works as a great lip balm/gloss (satiny finish on lips), to soothe dry skin or protect a small scratch or scrape, and as a fragrance in a pinch if smoothed lightly on the neck/decolletage. The scent is a real faint rose with a hint of baby powder, not too perfume-y to put on lips. It lasts a long while for people that aren't me, but one of these still lasts me a couple months. The vintage looking tin is appealing to almost everyone. I love to buy these as 'just because' gifts for friends, and they end up getting hooked too. I like to recycle the tins to put tiny sewing & crafting supplies in.
  2. / Jan 13 2011
    Totally addicted to rosebud
    Have been using this for around eight years now and my only complaint is that I have now become somewhat addicted to it! Each coat has at least one tin of rosebud in it. It has a nice rose fragrance. The fragrance is very slight though so it's not weird (seeing as how it's on your lips) and is flavorless. The color looks pink but when you put it on, to me, it's transparent and I have very fair skin so would imagine it'd be transparent on anyone else. This company has been around since 1892. When I was going through my 97 year old grandma's house, I found an old tin of rosebud salve that she used when she was young! And yes, it was the same rosebud that we use now. She said that they used it as a lip gloss, for chapped hands, and diaper rash.
  3. / Jun 02 2015
    Lovely Rose Salve
    I love this product! I was a little skeptical but it works great. I was so impressed I passed it around at work and everyone loved it. From smell to texture I would definitely recommend this.
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  1. / Apr 25 2014
    This is a great Book !
    I'm in Quebec (Canada) and the shipping took only one week! This is a great memory book and a good idea of gift !
  2. / Aug 25 2012
    I got this journal a few months ago after admiring it for some time and I've been writing in it every night since then. I used to keep an in-depth and faithful journal but life got too busy and I found myself missing it. That's part of why I love this journal so much. It encourages you to keep up by writing every day but it never takes more than a few minutes. The questions are great too, ranging from deep and thoughtful to light and funny. It's not for everybody, but for someone with a full schedule who is looking to get into journalling it's a pretty great item. It's also just beautiful to look at and the size and feel of it is quite satisfying. The binding does feel a little bit fragile, which makes me worry about constant use over five years. It is wearing in a bit and doesn't feel quite so delicate now that it's not brand new, but it's something to be aware of when considering the purchase.
  3. / Feb 24 2012
    absolutely adore this journal!
    i am so happy i found this journal! i found it randomly on pinterest, and immediately bought one for myself, and my best friend for her birthday in a few weeks. as soon as i received my package, i ripped it open, and completely enveloped myself in the journal. not wanting to spoil the surprise, i only read a few of the other questions, and immediately loved writing my first entry. so simple, and such a genius idea!! i love that i can be able to look back years from now and read how my life evolved, and i'm sure it will be much more fun than a normal journal where you'd have to read every single LONG entry to find even tidbits of insight. some of the questions are though-evoking, and some are light-hearted, and that's what i love! it's made me think about things i normally wouldn't on a day-to-day basis, and i love the length you get to write. just enough; not too much or too little. the book is beautiful, as well. i love the vintage-style cover, with the gold page edges, and i can even keep it on my bookshelf and it doesn't stand out. it's not too personal that i have to hide it from my husband, i just know i'm going to cherish this journal for years to come. i cannot wait to fill out each day's questions! i want to buy several more so that i can have them for way more than 5 years!! <3
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  1. / Dec 30 2014
    Dainty, whimsical, and adorable!
    I absolutely love these plates, and I was so excited to see that they were back in stock. I ended up buying eight of them (even though I really don't have a need for eight canape plates). Plates are sturdy quality and hold up fine in the dishwasher. They're a little pricey, and luckily I was able to nab them during the Black Friday sale. If you're on the fence due to the price, I say go for it. They're definitely unique plates and a conversation piece, though maybe I went overboard with getting eight. The hard part was trying to spell out a word without using any repeating letters, but I guess some people end up choosing whichever plates are the most appealing. I always have a difficult time with any items that have letters--I always need it to make up a word! I made sure to scoop up the famous "U" plate. If the Unicorn plate is back in stock, purchase it as soon as possible! It's always the first to go.
  2. / Apr 14 2014
    the U is slowly driving me insane.
    I am so obsessed with these plates. The illustrations are really beautiful; the details are amazing. I've found a few with some chips or irregularities in the finish (bumps, weird bubbles, images not quite centered) but they have been easy to return and find pristine replacements for them. I think my favorites are the L, O and P plates but it's so hard to pick just a few! I have been kicking myself for the last 4 months for not buying the U back when I first noticed these online and started buying them. I decided to collect all 26 and through buying them online and hunting them down at a number of stores I've collected all but the elusive U. The website says that they are available in a number of stores but I've called every one and no one has them! Please, please, please find us some more U plates. My wall display is going to look so weird without one.
  3. / Jun 09 2015
    I only purchased the letter L when Anthro offered free shipping with no minimum. Those struck me the most, and they are so lovely. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus, but I'll still wash these by hand as they seem delicate.
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  1. / Jun 07 2015
    I got my mom the clear pitcher for Mother's Day and we love it. It looks beautiful displayed in her hutch. I have been using it to put fresh flowers in and it looks gorgeous. I love the vintage feel. I plan to get a colored pitcher for myself. Definitely worth the money.
  2. / Oct 25 2011
    Sturdy, beautiful pitcher!
    I have the hobnail pitcher in the blue colorway. It is a vibrant, beautiful shade of turqoise that definitely looks like it could be an antique. I use it for ice water whenever I entertain. I am actually thinking of getting the purple one also to have two of them for my large holiday gatherings. One at each table would look lovely. I gave it 4 stars for design only because I wish the neck was just a little bit bigger so I could fit my hand thru it when I am washing it. Otherwise, just a lovely, lovely piece of glassware.
  3. / Mar 31 2011
    Retro beauty
    The brilliant turquoise hue attracted me to this piece - I've always been a fan of colored glass (bottles, vases, etc.) I intend to use this only as decor, although there's no reason why it wouldn't be functional - I'm too afraid I'll break it! I'd rather put it on a sunny surface in my kitchen and enjoy the art :) Very retro/antique-looking. A tad pricey, but that obviously didn't deter me. It's a full-sized pitcher and is bigger than it appears in the photos (imo).
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  1. / Nov 07 2013
    Let me preface by saying... "I hate candles..."
    ...And even though I hate them and really don't understand people's obsessions with them, I walked in my local store today and smelled this enchanting aroma. I harassed 4 separate store employees to first help me identify the source of the scent, then where the candle itself could be found (it wasn't by the display candle), then made them help me figure out which exact scent I was smelling (since the candle was in a dark corner). It's been burning on my kitchen counter ever since. I might walk back and buy the peony perfume to match. Yum!! Again, remember, I HATE candles... this one changed my mind.
  2. / May 06 2015
    This candle is amazing. I have the one in English Rose and I burn it when I need to relax or when I take a bath. Definitely helps. It's strong but not overbearing.
  3. / Apr 02 2014
    I love this candle! I have the English Rose and the Noble Carnation. Not only is the design beautiful and a great compliment to any room, the scents are unlike anything else I have found. I have a bad habit of buying the Volcano candle over and over and these candles have been a great change for my home. My only complaint is that the top came broken when I ordered it online, so I'll stick to picking it up in the store from now on.
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