Gilded Rim Stemware
Gilded Rim Stemware
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Gallus Dessert Plate
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Saddle Ring Desk Collection
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Magic Carpet Yoga Mat
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Arca Jewelry Box
Arca Jewelry Box
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Fox Family Stuffed Animal
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Dayfade Yoga Towel
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Metallic Playing Cards
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Capri Blue Constellation Candle
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Baby Vegetable Rattle
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Noctua Bottle Opener
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Butterfly Field Apron
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Jubilant Washi Tape
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Pastel Pocket Pen
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Mon Carnet Journal
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Through-The-Woods Pen
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Daily Jotter
Daily Jotter
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(4.5 / 5)
111 Reviews
  1. / Apr 25 2014
    This is a great Book !
    I'm in Quebec (Canada) and the shipping took only one week! This is a great memory book and a good idea of gift !
  2. / Aug 25 2012
    I got this journal a few months ago after admiring it for some time and I've been writing in it every night since then. I used to keep an in-depth and faithful journal but life got too busy and I found myself missing it. That's part of why I love this journal so much. It encourages you to keep up by writing every day but it never takes more than a few minutes. The questions are great too, ranging from deep and thoughtful to light and funny. It's not for everybody, but for someone with a full schedule who is looking to get into journalling it's a pretty great item. It's also just beautiful to look at and the size and feel of it is quite satisfying. The binding does feel a little bit fragile, which makes me worry about constant use over five years. It is wearing in a bit and doesn't feel quite so delicate now that it's not brand new, but it's something to be aware of when considering the purchase.
  3. / Feb 24 2012
    absolutely adore this journal!
    i am so happy i found this journal! i found it randomly on pinterest, and immediately bought one for myself, and my best friend for her birthday in a few weeks. as soon as i received my package, i ripped it open, and completely enveloped myself in the journal. not wanting to spoil the surprise, i only read a few of the other questions, and immediately loved writing my first entry. so simple, and such a genius idea!! i love that i can be able to look back years from now and read how my life evolved, and i'm sure it will be much more fun than a normal journal where you'd have to read every single LONG entry to find even tidbits of insight. some of the questions are though-evoking, and some are light-hearted, and that's what i love! it's made me think about things i normally wouldn't on a day-to-day basis, and i love the length you get to write. just enough; not too much or too little. the book is beautiful, as well. i love the vintage-style cover, with the gold page edges, and i can even keep it on my bookshelf and it doesn't stand out. it's not too personal that i have to hide it from my husband, i just know i'm going to cherish this journal for years to come. i cannot wait to fill out each day's questions! i want to buy several more so that i can have them for way more than 5 years!! <3
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  1. / Feb 26 2014
    great little doorstop
    My daughter loves dogs so I got this for her room. It's sturdy, small, and well-carved. She's very happy to have it. Her room gets a lot of wind when the windows are open so this will be put to good use to prevent her door from slamming shut. I'm glad that it's not hand-painted because I think the paint would get scratched off. It's a great purchase!
  2. / Jul 31 2013
    A charming and functional addition to any room
    When I ordered this doorstop online I wasn't sure how large the dog was going to be. He's about 2-1/2" high and 2-1/2" wide. The bottom has a thin layer of foam material so it won't scuff the floor. It weighs about 1-1/2lbs or so. The finish on mine wasn't perfect, but since it's a doorstop I'm ok with it. I think it's a great value. It's really charming and I love little, thoughtful details like this in a room.
  3. / Dec 30 2009
    adorable addition to the doorway
    i actually have a mouse that isn't available anymore, but everyone loves it! It's very functional, and i found the quality to be very good. I didn't have any problems like the previous reviewer, so perhaps she just got unlucky...
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  1. / Jul 09 2013
    Great recipes!
    I've made 3 recipes so far and they have all turned out delicious! I appreciate the larger print and the pictures. My favorite recipes so far are the fried zucchini with penne pasta, capers and basil pesto and a roasted vegetable tart.
  2. / Jun 21 2012
    For those with the time and passion to cook!
    I picked up a copy of this cookbook in the winter as a Christmas gift for a vegetarian friend. My husband and I tried out a few of the recipes because they looked so dang tempting. The color photographs are beautiful and often fill a full page. We made a creamy mushroom ragout with toasted baguette, the caramelized fennel with goat cheese as a snack, and one of the many tasting looking salads. It was hard to part with the cookbook as I wrapped it for my friend, and so I will be picking up my own copy very soon with my 15% off birthday coupon. A note about the time investment for these recipes though: most are quite time least an hour to prepare. If you like spending the evening cooking with your significant other and enjoy cooking as a hobby, this is a great cookbook. Innovative recipes loaded with fresh ingredients. If you want a quick vegetarian meal, this is not for you. If you're like me and love to "read" cookbooks, this is one you'll pick up again and again. Also note: my husband and I are not vegetarians and still the recipes are amazing; plenty of hearty meals in here.
  3. / Nov 27 2011
    Drool-worthy recipes!
    Picked this up as a gift for my father, who loves to cook and experiment with recipes. Every single picture of food in this book makes my mouth water! Our family doesn't have vegetarians in it, but I would eat each recipe. The way the recipes are written is very relaxed, too, with alternate instructions and understandable language. Plus, the recipes seem easy enough that, if you didn't have a specific ingredient or wanted to experiment with another one, it would be simple to do so and with equally delicious results.
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  1. / Oct 24 2014
    Quirky, Precious, & Thoroughly Delightful
    I bought this as a gift for a dear friend of mine, and we both share a genuine enthusiasm for all things British-related, vintage, and sophisticated. We have an insatiable desire to host vintage-styled parties, particularly tea parties, so when I saw this book I knew it was essential that one of us own it. It was the perfect birthday gift - and going through the book page by page was just as exhilarating and enjoyable as making its recipes and participating in it's little how-to's. Like how to tie a head scarf? Yes, please. I'm just a college student with little money to my name, but this little splurge was well worth it. Money may not buy happiness, but this purchase certainly brought the potential for an entirely new spectrum of delightful mornings, afternoons, and evenings with friends and family.
  2. / Jan 23 2013
    Adorably Awesome!
    Love, love love this book! I picked up a while back after seeing it in a local Anthro store a few times. I was drawn to it and then it disappeared. Found it at another Anthro and bought it right then. Beatiful book full of great recipes and TONS of information on tea parties and as well as great prep info. It's a book to covet and pass on to future generations!
  3. / Oct 06 2013
    Great gift for you or a friend!
    I love tea, and I use this book often, and keep it on display as its cover art is so unique. Contains actual - and delicious - recipes. A great gift for your yourself, a friend, or for tea-themed bridal shower party favors.
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  1. / Mar 12 2013
    I am learning french at the moment and this is the perfect book for me to learn simply vocabulary with. It looks so cute and vintage! I love it! It is just what I expected.
  2. / Nov 05 2011
    Great book
    This book was shipped super fast and protected in plastic. I can't wait to give it to my best friend to read to her son! The front is super glossy so it's different than the old Dr. Seuss books from my childhood but it looks great! So glad to have this classic in French!
  3. / Dec 14 2011
    Great way to learn French!
    What a wonderful way to learn French, whether you're a child or even an adult! I took French years ago in high school and college, but have sadly forgotten much of it over the years. I plan on using this book to relearn it all over again! :-)
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  1. / May 13 2014
    Love Note
    I have seen these for a while but, it wasn't until I noticed the LOVE set of notes. The Love Note consist of light pink and hot pink cardstock with the gold lettering. I picked up 4 packs being that my daughter will head off to college in the fall. I figured they are nice for me to drop her notes on a weekly basis. Not too mention they are also my favorite color.
  2. / May 10 2014
    Perfect for teachers!
    I have been using these for 2 years as little reward notes to my students for different contests. I usually add that they have won a "sit by a friend day" on the note and then they keep it to use as a bookmark for the rest of the year. Please don't stop making these!!
  3. / May 12 2013
    Cute Notes
    My husband goes on about 35 to 40 business trips per year. Several years ago I started writing him love notes and sticking them in his suitcase. He always loves them...whether greeting card or plain printer paper. He says just the colors and the phrase "Happy Note" at the top makes him feel that I think of him when he isn't around. I still throw in the occasional card when I find a cute one, but for the majority of trips I use these.
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  1. / Feb 28 2014
    Love it
    This book is beautiful and sweet. The artists capture unique aspects of all these countries. It is also massive! I enjoyed covering the name of the country and quizzing my siblings on the countries based on each map and it's people/places/things. It must be said that this IS NOT an exhaustive review of every country in the world. The other review is upset that Korea was not included. True. Neither are about half the other countries in the world. If you're interested in this book for a specific country (Guatemala, Israel, Ireland, Korea, etc), you may be disappointed. If you just love geography, culture and art, you will be very pleased.
  2. / Mar 30 2014
    I purchased this book for my grandchildren, who love detailed drawings and maps. Well, it is still at MY house....I cannot quit looking at it! An interesting and charming way to learn about the world. (it will be moving on soon!)
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