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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Books & Gifts
(4.6 / 5)
957 Reviews
  1. / Jan 30 2015
    Smells amazing!
    This is my first Anthro candle and I am certain it won't be my last. I suffer from migraines. It is always hard for me to find a candle that smells great, yet doesn't have a really strong scent. I bought the angel food candle and it smells amazing, but isn't overpowering. The container is so cute too! I'm looking forward to storing my pens or crochet hooks in it once the candle has burned out. I will definitely be picking up another candle soon.
  2. / Jun 14 2014
    Tested all the options...
    Alright guys, I took it upon myself to go instore and stick my nose into all of these for you (tough job, I know.) Anyway, here's my take on the different options: Angel Food & Strawberry Shortcake: Both a little too sickly sweet, in my opinion. I don't know if the scent would be quite as strong when it's burning, but my nose couldn't really handle more than 2 sniffs. But if you really love a sugary scent, then knock yourself out. Vanilla and Cinnamon: A really lovely smell with not too overpowering of a cinnamon. I thought these blended perfectly, and would be great for the fall or winter. Vanilla and Fig: I thought this one would be my favorite, but almost couldn't even tell it was a scented candle. The scent was pretty weak, but what I could smell was pleasant. Cream and Pear: A dreamy blend. I ended up getting this one because it seemed more appropriate for summer, and felt like it had just the right amount of "sweet" without being like the strawberry or angel food cake one. And I can happily say that once lit upon arriving home, it did not disappoint. My room smells great.
  3. / Aug 03 2012
    Coconut Macaroon... Happifying
    So I bought this candle a few days ago in coconut macaroon, and had the lid closed. Yesterday I painted my room, and today I had the brilliant idea to open the candle lid up to see if that darned paint smell would go away. And did it ever! My room now smells entirely of amazing, sweet, calming coconut! It doesn't even need to burn to fill up a room, and the room I just painted is very large and my windows are open. Also, it goes perfectly with the theme of my room, which is sort of vintage-simplicity and airy-elegant with a light cozy feel. The jar looks like it is a little "cracked" and its glossy. I will definitely keep it once it has burned out to use it for something else since its so cute! It conveniently has a little rubber inlay in the lid, which makes taking on and off the lid very easy, and unlike actual vintage jars, none of that scratchy feeling when you open it. I feel like this is one of those things that will make me happy every time I revisit it (like any other Anthropologie product really). Very pleased, and in the future I will most likely always buy my candles from Anthro (I smelled the cinnamon one, and it reminded me of Christmas, so maybe I will come Winter!)
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  1. / Jun 10 2012
    Love these!
    I have these in the chartreuse, dark green, and orange--for years I've had solid white plates and I thought it might be nice to add a pop of color to my dinnerware. Enter the latte bowls. I pretty much love everything about these--the color is cheerful, which I swear makes it more fun to eat out of than if it were a plain, white bowl. The shape is good for gripping, so if you have kids or a slightly clumsy hubby, this is awesome. I've primarily used these to heat up the oatmeal I make a big batch of early in the week or soup (I hate plastic containers--our dishwasher infuses them with the taste of detergent, so I don't use them much anymore). My old bowls would get hot to the touch--these get a little warm, but so far, no burned digits. Overall, I'm really happy I got these and will probably look to add another color in the future.
  2. / Mar 11 2015
    Miss the mini latte bowls
    I love and collect these in all the colors. They are so cheerful and fun. I wish anthro would bring back the mini latte bowls.
  3. / Jun 19 2011
    Makes a great gift.
    I recently bought a stack of these in various colours (they sell them individually in Canada). Love, love, love these! The sales person told me some of the colours are seasonal, so I can go by and pick up a few from time to time. They make a great gift, and the mini ones are handy for baking. My only cons are that they seem prone to chipping compared to the ones from another store. Only time will tell. In the mean time they look great! They also don't stack well, so you can't have more than four stacked, not the look I wanted, but it'll do...
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  1. / Jun 21 2012
    Anthro at home
    Anthropologie is my favorite retail therapy store! I shop both In store and Online. I stopped shopping at other stores since I fell in love with Anthro. I was away from home yesterday and stopped at different Anthro. I felt at home. I realized they smelled the same as my local Anthro. (DUH) I see their candles all the time while I shop there. I even play finding the one with light with my little girl. Why didn't I think about it before? I LOVE the smell of the store as well as the art and the merchandise. So, today, I went into my local Anthro and asked SA for her recommendation. She told me that many customers say "Volcano" candles smell like the store the most. There is a smaller candle of the Volcano but I brought this bigger (and prettier) one home. If you are in love with the store and haven't had this, you should get this! I am enjoying the scent, and it's soooo relaxing! I want to get the smaller one for my closet! When I am stressed, I'd go into my closet and look at my Anthro pieces and relax.
  2. / Jan 28 2015
    Favorite candle
    Love this candle. It has the best most fragrant scent. The design of the Holiday candle jar is beautiful. As the candle burns down is glows through the sides.
  3. / Jul 15 2011
    LOVE this candle
    I have owned quite a few candles and this by far is my favorite. I walked in my local BR store and asked what the scent is every time I walk in. I was directed to the volcano scented candle. I smelled one that was not lit and was not too sure. I grabbed the aloha scent next to the volcano and fell in love. A bit later, the sales lady showed me the mercury glass version of volcano. It was LOVE. I could not wait to get home. I was sure about the aloha but I figured the volcano would just look pretty. WRONG! Once lit, the volcano changed for me. It instantly took me back to the experience each time I walk in my store. In LA, it's HOT and my store is a bit dark, a strong breeze hits you as soon as you hit the door and a lovely scent makes you never want to leave. Crazy, I know. But true. I am glad she gently pointed me to the volcano scent too bc I'm going back for another!
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  1. / Nov 04 2014
    best candle ever
    The scent is intoxicating. As soon as I get home, I light it and makes me happy! Its pricey but so worth it!
  2. / Mar 20 2010
    Enveloping & Inviting.
    So I got 3 of these as gifts. They're incredible. The Goji is a unique scent - it was a bit overpowering for my brother but my best friend LOVES it...I have on the fence on it - I like it but I'm not certain I'd get it again. That said I LOVED the tarrocco orange in it - (I love oranges). It might have been that the candle is a strong scent that in my cozy room it became overbearing. Also my bff tells me to just open the tin and leave it by my bedside table and that I'll enjoy the scent as it wafts around me - without lighting it- apparently it's great that way too! I'm looking forward to trying the Santiago Huckleberry: sweet and spicy, with hints of vanilla pod and sugarcane (doesn't it sound amazing?!), Baltic Amber: forest scents of sandalwood and cedar (it sounds really warm) Champaca Bloom: the crispness of Indian evergreen combined with fresh fern and gardenia (sounds like something wakeful and wintery) Enjoy! I certainly did - they also sell another kind on here - check those out too!
  3. / Jul 22 2012
    I was browsing through the sale section of Philadelphia's Old City Anthro and was immediately pleased that there was one lone Goji Berry candle in the sale section. I could smell it with the lid tipped to the side, just sitting there on the table. I picked it up, and one whiff later, I was at the counter purchasing it and thanking my lucky stars that someone got clumsy with it. There wasn't much hard done to the candle itself... it was damage to the tin which wouldn't allow the lid to close. So, I came across, fatefully, my top favorite candle scent of all time. I am forever indebted to to this scent and will happily continue purchasing it and telling all of my friends to do the same! I walk into my bedroom where I like to burn it and I'm instantly in my happy place! :)
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  1. / Aug 06 2010
    Buying 16 of these knobs in the mint for a dresser was not cheap, but not only do they transform the dresser itself, they totally change the room! I bought them months before the dresser even arrived, and it was totally worth the wait. Some issues to consider: The store only had about 10 of them, so they ordered another 6 from a different store. They were a different batch, and were slightly bluer than the first batch. This didn't bother me at all, you can just mix them up and honestly I can barely tell anymore now that they are spread out randomly. One of the knobs that was sent to me had a crack on the inside. It clearly wasn't going to break, the glass is very thick, but I didn't like the look of it so swapped it out. Definitely inspect them to be safe. A few of the screws are shorter than the was a close call but they made it on. Depending on the thickness of the drawer, the screw may stick out a bit. I'd rather have the screw too long than too short, as I'd imagine it would be a horrible pain to replace the screws (if even possible). Even with these issues, I still give 5 stars because I am in love with these. They are substantial, sturdy, and I just love opening my drawers! These will last a very long time.
  2. / Jul 06 2010
    Just the right touch
    I recently had an artist paint an old hutch in soft shades of cream, peach and pink. I wanted knobs that would enhance her work without overpowering it. These knobs in pink are just right. Soft, yet visually interesting. I am delighted with them. The only negative, which has been shared by others, is that the screws are awfully long. I had to use bolt cutters to cut them down. Easily done, but adds another step to the installation process.
  3. / Mar 12 2010
    Gorgeous glass knobs
    I am very happy with my recent online purchase of the bubbled glass knob. They are very elegant and sophisticated looking. I ordered 12 for a large buffet and hutch that I have in my dining room and they are simple yet pretty. I liked that they had silver attachment pieces from the glass to the wood b/c my accents are all pewter. Very easy to install; shipped without a problem. Would definitely order again and recommend highly!
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  1. / Dec 01 2011
    These Voluspa candles are so much nicer in the colorful cut glass jar rather than the tin this brand makes. Very pretty & they smell gr-8!!!! I purchased all of them & I'll be getting more. Also, makes a nice gift!!! The red jar is Goji Berry. The scent is blood orange w/goji berry.Very different nice scent! Santiago Huckleberry is in a cool purple jar w/vanilla/sugarcane scent. Yes, thats a good one!! Baltic Amber i really didn"t care for the sandlewood/cedar smell although the orange jar was gr-8. French Cade is a delightful lavender/moss scent in a light blue aqua jar.Just wonderful Belle Sucre is in a very light pink jar .It would sit nice in a ladies room as the scent is sugar sweet,tiare flower.Out of Sight Cool!! These candles have 1 wick & they are a nice size. Looks so pretty at night when these are lit.(the light thru the cut colorful glass) I know you too will have a :)) on your face & will enjoy these candles as much as I do!!!
  2. / Dec 02 2012
    New favorite candle!
    I was never that into candles (I liked them, but I was never able to find scents I really loved), but once I came across these online, I took a chance and ordered the Santiago Huckleberry based on people's reviews. Let's just say I'm a Voluspa convert now. I loved the fact that it's coconut wax and not a traditional beeswax candle, and I was intrigued by the 100 hour burn time. I received it yesterday and burned it all night. Even when it's not lit, and you leave the top off, the whole room smells delicious. It's sweet and fruity, but not in a nauseating way. The jar is beautiful, and I will definitely find another use for it once the candle is gone. When I was in Anthro today, I took the advice of a sales associate and bought the Baltic Amber one too, which I may love even more than the Santiago Huckleberry. Very vanilla-y, reminds me a little of caramel. I will definitely be trying all of the scents eventually.
  3. / Apr 15 2015
    smells wonderful!
    I've been dying to purchase an Anthro candle for quite some time, and I'm so happy that I went with this one! I was walking through the store and while Anthro always smells great, a particular scent caught my nose! I found that they had the goji tarocco orange scented candle lit, and I knew I had to have it! I bought the large size and it simply smells amazing. Sweet like a mango but not too overpowering. Ah, I love it! Will definitely repurchase and continue trying Anthro candles.
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  1. / Oct 27 2010
    Beautiful in Blue!
    This is a very pretty juice glass. I got it to see if it would match a pair of double-old-fashioned sized glasses I have that are genuine antiques from the Victorian era. Of course, the antiques simply cannot be duplicated, but these tumblers are made by Mosser, who do in fact use old molds to manufature their glasswares. I purchased one just to examine it for size and quality, and I really do love it, its just a little jewel. I was going to use it as a tealight holder, and it does work for that purpose and is totally heat-safe, but have now decided to purchase three more and use them for their intended purpose. Can't go wrong with these glasses, they seem very durable, and Anthro's price is a good one.
  2. / Jul 18 2014
    big fan
    i bought these in the yellow for my mom, and several months later, in the blue for myself. both colours are very pretty, and the pearlescent rims are quite a lovely detail. the glass is thick and feels well made. the textured pattern is quite palpable. none have broke, in either household. i do wish they came in other sizes, as this is quite a small little juice glass, and they are quite charming.
  3. / Apr 26 2014
    I love this perfect little tumbler!
    I use this quite frequently. It is beautiful on the breakfast table with juice and milk. I was in a pinch last year and during a party with a race horse theme, I was serving mint juleps. I ran out of julep cups and pulled this beauties out. As it turned out these became the special ones people went nuts over them. I now serve cocktails, wine, and just about everything in them. I have 16 of the white, but am considering getting some of the blue. They are truly lovely and as others have mentioned durable. They have been dripped on many occasions and literally take lucky bounces as I hold my breath. Please continue to carry them, we sure do love them.
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