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Apprenticeship Ruler
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930 Reviews
  1. / Mar 22 2015
    absolutely recommend!
    We have several of these bowls and absolutely love them. We use them on a daily basis and they are perfect for just about anything, are a great quality, but fair warning: they do get a little hot in the microwave. I love seeing all of the color when I open up our cabinets. I hope anthro keeps carrying them in various colors for years, because we love adding pairs to our cabinet every several months.
  2. / Jun 08 2012
    I love the look of these bowls and the colors are just beautiful. I gave four stars since I'm not too sure about the quality. I purchased a set of the pastel set and the yellow arrived chipped. They are quite light for the size (which is also why I'm questioning the durability of these bowls). I do think the atom art bowls and inside out bowls are better quality wise (the latte bowls are bigger though). This bowl is good size for a lot of things. Cereal, soup, a serving of rice for the big boys, huge chunks of ice cream, chili, and many more. Most people will find this is perfect size for them. I do think these will not last many years so I probably will need to replenish my stocks every year or two. So if you are buying for top quality, look for something else. For casual use and if you don't mind spending money to replace your broken ones, then get these.
  3. / Jul 19 2011
    Bright & Cheeful fun!
    I snatched these up when they went on sale - who can beat 6 colorful bowls for 15 dollars? I was so happy I did because now they went back to full price. The colors are vibrant and cheerful. They are large enough for a bowl of cereal, a salad, and soup - basically everything. Others are concerned about chipping, and I thought about it too, but really that would probably only happen if I dropped the bowl or banged it hard against the countertop. These bowls probably aren’t for small children. Overall I highly recommend these bowls for a fun pop of color in the kitchen!
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  1. / Mar 21 2014
    Adoreable AND Useful
    Probably what everyone else said. These are very-true-to-life in texture and design ceramic copies of the pressed cardboard fruit containers we all know. I already had a large one in the turquoise green and just bought the smaller size in the same color. It IS small; the larger one is much more useful and holds the equivalent of a typical supermarket basket of cherry tomatoes, for example. But I couldn't resist the little version - I'll actually never store berries in it (they belong in the fridge, covered) but I'll find a use for it. The larger one is a permanent fixture on my kitchen counter. I love looking at them, and I love that they have the same texture as the real thing. Most ceramic copies offered elsewhere are too smooth and so less realistic looking.
  2. / Feb 08 2015
    I got this today in "Dill" and it's super cute! I've already put my blackberries in it :) It will be great to serve with.
  3. / Nov 21 2011
    Awesome x 10!!!!!
    Oh, just another really awesome product from Anthropologie!! I ordered 4 of these Farmer's Market Baskets and love them all!! Two of them were the small and the other two were the large. I got 3 of the the 4 in the blue color and 1 in the coral. The colors are gorgeous and you can use them for so many different things. In fact, I noticed a blue Farmer's Market Basket on my new favorite show Revenge!! It was in Charlotte's bedroom on her night stand. Looked like she had nail polishes in hers. L♥ve, l♥ve, l♥ve this product!! Thank you Anthropologie for all of your awesomeness!! ;)
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  1. / Jun 21 2012
    Anthro at home
    Anthropologie is my favorite retail therapy store! I shop both In store and Online. I stopped shopping at other stores since I fell in love with Anthro. I was away from home yesterday and stopped at different Anthro. I felt at home. I realized they smelled the same as my local Anthro. (DUH) I see their candles all the time while I shop there. I even play finding the one with light with my little girl. Why didn't I think about it before? I LOVE the smell of the store as well as the art and the merchandise. So, today, I went into my local Anthro and asked SA for her recommendation. She told me that many customers say "Volcano" candles smell like the store the most. There is a smaller candle of the Volcano but I brought this bigger (and prettier) one home. If you are in love with the store and haven't had this, you should get this! I am enjoying the scent, and it's soooo relaxing! I want to get the smaller one for my closet! When I am stressed, I'd go into my closet and look at my Anthro pieces and relax.
  2. / Jan 28 2015
    Favorite candle
    Love this candle. It has the best most fragrant scent. The design of the Holiday candle jar is beautiful. As the candle burns down is glows through the sides.
  3. / Jul 15 2011
    LOVE this candle
    I have owned quite a few candles and this by far is my favorite. I walked in my local BR store and asked what the scent is every time I walk in. I was directed to the volcano scented candle. I smelled one that was not lit and was not too sure. I grabbed the aloha scent next to the volcano and fell in love. A bit later, the sales lady showed me the mercury glass version of volcano. It was LOVE. I could not wait to get home. I was sure about the aloha but I figured the volcano would just look pretty. WRONG! Once lit, the volcano changed for me. It instantly took me back to the experience each time I walk in my store. In LA, it's HOT and my store is a bit dark, a strong breeze hits you as soon as you hit the door and a lovely scent makes you never want to leave. Crazy, I know. But true. I am glad she gently pointed me to the volcano scent too bc I'm going back for another!
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  1. / Nov 04 2014
    best candle ever
    The scent is intoxicating. As soon as I get home, I light it and makes me happy! Its pricey but so worth it!
  2. / Mar 20 2010
    Enveloping & Inviting.
    So I got 3 of these as gifts. They're incredible. The Goji is a unique scent - it was a bit overpowering for my brother but my best friend LOVES it...I have on the fence on it - I like it but I'm not certain I'd get it again. That said I LOVED the tarrocco orange in it - (I love oranges). It might have been that the candle is a strong scent that in my cozy room it became overbearing. Also my bff tells me to just open the tin and leave it by my bedside table and that I'll enjoy the scent as it wafts around me - without lighting it- apparently it's great that way too! I'm looking forward to trying the Santiago Huckleberry: sweet and spicy, with hints of vanilla pod and sugarcane (doesn't it sound amazing?!), Baltic Amber: forest scents of sandalwood and cedar (it sounds really warm) Champaca Bloom: the crispness of Indian evergreen combined with fresh fern and gardenia (sounds like something wakeful and wintery) Enjoy! I certainly did - they also sell another kind on here - check those out too!
  3. / Jul 22 2012
    I was browsing through the sale section of Philadelphia's Old City Anthro and was immediately pleased that there was one lone Goji Berry candle in the sale section. I could smell it with the lid tipped to the side, just sitting there on the table. I picked it up, and one whiff later, I was at the counter purchasing it and thanking my lucky stars that someone got clumsy with it. There wasn't much hard done to the candle itself... it was damage to the tin which wouldn't allow the lid to close. So, I came across, fatefully, my top favorite candle scent of all time. I am forever indebted to to this scent and will happily continue purchasing it and telling all of my friends to do the same! I walk into my bedroom where I like to burn it and I'm instantly in my happy place! :)
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  1. / Mar 26 2012
    SO CUTE!
    I am in LOVE with this precious tea cup! I was on a hunt for the perfect tea cup and here it is. I use it to drink pretty much everything! To give you an idea of exactly how big this cup is, you can poor an entire can of soda into it. Of course it's so attractive-- there were no chips in the paint or anything when it arrived, it was in perfect condition and it's plenty durable. The size is spectacular, I've even eaten soup out of it. When i drink tea or coffee from it i only need to fill it half way which i love because it leaves me plenty of room so that I don't spill. I recommend this to anyone! :)
  2. / Apr 12 2015
    favorite cup
    i love it. its so pretty and i can drink or eat like cereal or soup or whatever else out of it.
  3. / Feb 09 2012
    Coffee Tastes Better...
    Somehow these mugs make my morning coffee an event. The size and shape are very similar to the Kebaya mug, and I just love the texture that the twisted handle and smooth bumps along the base add. They hold about 11 ounces of beverage. I have ordered theses mug as gifts because I am so impressed by the quality and beauty. My personal favorite is the green, but the yellow is a bright, cheery splash of color - perfect for a morning 'perk!'
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  1. / Apr 27 2015
    Cutest Apron Ever
    This is honestly the cutest apron ever. I got it for my bridal shower and I absolutely adore it. The fine details, which I don't think are really able to seen by the pictures make it so unique and special. It seems delicate, so I don't know that I would wear it while cooking messy items, but I have it hanging in my kitchen, and it even looks cute as a decor item!
  2. / Jan 28 2012
    This apron is seriously AMAZING! I adore the design, and it still looks like an apron. I bought it two days ago, and I'm so in love with it already. I hesitated to buy it at first because of the price, but I'm so glad I bought it, and it was the last one in the store! I read reviews that criticized the material of the apron, and I think it's just fine, it is an apron after all! It's a tad big at the top, but that is probably because I'm a small sized person, and that is easily looked over! All in all, I think you should definitely buy it if you're debating on it. I absolutely adore it :)
  3. / Sep 10 2010
    Favorite Apron!
    I searched and searched the internet for the perfect matching aprons for me and my daughter, and this is the one I decided to get. I am very happy with the purchase, the details are unique and beautiful! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars for design is that the chest of the apron seems very wide. I am average sized, and normally have problems with things being too small in the bust, but this apron is so wide at the top that it gaps open when I move. Aside from that minor detail I am very happy with the apron and am still think it is the best apron out there!
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  1. / Apr 10 2013
    beautiful, unique and no problems
    These are simple and look hand made.Each one a little different. I ordered in white which is obviously creams and whites=perfect neutral without being plain. I did order these for my bathroom cabinets and they are too large for my space so I have to return. If your furniture can take the 2.25 diameter they are perfect.
  2. / Jul 04 2011
    One of the pulls is crooked--screw extends from the ceramic crookedly so goes on the cupboard door a bit crookedly. I can't be bothered returning it, though. It'll be OK. Like others, I find the long screws off-putting. I'm going to take them to my local Home Depot to see if they can tell me what tool I need to cut them to the size I need so that the screws don't catch on everything, including the kids' heads, etc.! They look stunning on the cupboard at the end of my hallway. Very true to the photo--a little bigger than I expected (even though I checked the measurements to the cupboard before purchasing), but the size is really attractive. I'd love to have all the various colors, actually. Like I said, absolutely stunning. They make me happy every time I walk down the hall.
  3. / Jun 20 2011
    so unique
    I just re-did my bedroom, and I had to have these for my closet doors. They are perfect! They're not as green as in the picture, but actually match my color scheme a bit better. They're the perfect size, and not super heavy/obnoxious to install. The best price however is the price--after searching at my local Home Depot/Lowe's/and decorating stores, these were definitely the best find, and they were the same price as the hideous and very plain door knobs at the above listed places. Can't wait to buy more!
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