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Woodland Vista Hook
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Equestrian Hook
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Naica Hook
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Palais Hook Rack
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Hooks
(4.4 / 5)
144 Reviews
  1. / Sep 09 2013
    Great Purchase
    Very sturdy, it's hung in my room and holds my keys, robe, and a few belts. The fact that it doesn't come with screws didn't bother me, but that's most likely because we have an entire drawer dedicated to extra screws in the garage. I hung it up by myself using a laser level - best investment ever. The first time I screwed it in too low (I'm not very handy), turns out hooks should be hung at eye level.
  2. / Jul 07 2013
    Just got this in the mail and I'm very happy with it, but as other customers have said, it is very disappointing that the hardware is not included. I got the iron color and while finding screws to fit it is no problem (I got 2 flat phillips head screws for woodwork, 6X, 1 and 1/2 length, totaling 15 cents), no one has screws that match the color. I am going to try and darken the screws with a darkening solution. Other than the screws, the key hook itself is great. It sits flat against the wall and has knobs on the end of each hook to keep things from accidentally falling off.
  3. / Nov 28 2009
    Key to the castle!
    I adore this hook rack. I got the iron one and it looks more expensive than I expected. It's not cheap or cheesy looking at all. The only thing I would change would be to have the pegs angled up a little so my keys don't fall off when I grab keys from another hook. Everyone who sees this just falls in love with it. If you love fairy-tale style you will be head-over-heels for it! I want another one for necklaces...
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  1. / Nov 14 2013
    it came with a screw!
    I bought this hook on a whim, since I needed a cheap product to round out my online order for a better shipping price. I thought a decorative hook would help be de-clutter my bedside table, since I have a bad tendency to just toss whatever jewellery I'm wearing onto it at the end of the day. I've now installed it above my bedside table and hang my bracelets and necklaces on it. It's a very large hook, feels substantial, and IT CAME WITH A SCREW! I fully expected it not to because of the other reviews, but it did! I am very, very satisfied.
  2. / Oct 01 2011
    Simple and Elegant
    This hook fits perfectly in the space that I intended for it to go. I put it on a cabinet beside my kitchen sink and hang a pot holder and oven mitt on it. It is made of sturdy black metal, yet it is light enough to stick it to the wall with a command strip if you want to! (which is what I have done temporarily). Very handy! (but doesn't come with screws)
  3. / Jun 22 2010
    Beautiful & Classic
    I'm in love with these. Ordered two as tie backs for my kitchen curtains - I just attached them to the wall sideways and tucked the fabric into the curve. SO cool looking, I'm ordering more right now. Not to mention, what an affordable price! The workmanship is excellent as well; very heavy and durable. I wouldn't change a thing about them!
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  1. / Mar 20 2010
    next stop, 1942
    I don't know why, but this hook makes me think of the 40's. That's probably not an accurate era, but something about the design of this hook takes me back to a time I never knew, but imagine often. The color of the aqua knobs are so lovely and the metal is nice and dark. It is smaller than I thought it would be, but I just didn't visualize the dimensions accurately (my fault). Regardless, it is a super cute and classy hook that dresses up the wall in a snap with an industrial vintage appeal.
  2. / Jul 10 2010
    Dish towel hook
    Bought this when the off-white nubby ceramic hook was available. Attached it to the lower back inside corner of the kitchen cabinet near the ktchen sink. The hook is perfect for a dish towel to be hung over the top part of the brass; or you could use the inside "u" part. In the past, the handle on the over range held the dish towel; however, at one point the towel almost caught fire, so the towel is in a fire proof, more useful spot on a decorative hook.
  3. / Apr 05 2010
    Mom wants more!
    My parents are building a new house, so I gave my Mom a pair of these in Linen for Christmas. They moved into the house this weekend, and she just called me to ask how she could get a few more for the mudroom! Glad to see they're still available. The knobs are a lovely creamy white, which contrasts nicely with the rustic bronze-y metal. They're rustic, but not shabby.
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  1. / Jan 25 2012
    Worth it!
    I've had my eye on this for a few months but was hesitant because: A. It seemed a expensive B. I read the reviews about it arriving with broken hooks so they probably weren't going to last a long time. I went to the local store to take a look at them up close and they are very nice. The wood varies with every rack. Overall, very nice weathered look. The construction is very simple and I was tempted to build it myself but after pricing the hooks individually through a local hardware store, it just wouldn't be worth the trouble. I finally took the plunge and bought it in the store and I LOVE it in my home. Exactly what I needed. If a hook breaks, its an easy fix. Also, some people complained about it not having any hardware. There are two slots/holes in the back for you to hang it on two screws. You don't need much... 2 screws, a screwdriver and possibly 2 anchors if you're hanging it on drywall. Really simple.
  2. / Mar 29 2013
    GREAT Hook Rack! Holds up well!
    I was a little worried about this hook rack because of a previous review but I couldn't find anything else that I liked. I knew I needed something extremely sturdy because my stuff is heavy. I figured if I didn't like it, I could return it... But I LOVE this hook rack!! It fits perfect on our wall and is VERY sturdy. We have coats, purses (large and heavy), laptop bags (with computer), scarves, keys, etc. ALL on this rack! It has held up VERY well! I am very very happy!!!
  3. / Feb 19 2013
    just what I had hoped!
    I had my eye on this piece for a full year before deciding to splurge and purchase it. It is generously sized and very sturdy and the perfect design blend between simplicity and interest. I love that the hooks are not all the same type and yet it's a modest, subtle piece that is just as functional as it is beautiful. If you are very particular or prefer a modern look, keep in mind that this is a rough and rustic piece, so the wood is accordingly not all symmetrical, which I personally love. We use it for coats/tote bags/dog leash in our entryway and it has been the perfect solution! Definitely recommend.
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  1. / Mar 20 2010
    nice deer
    I ordered this with two other hooks (trolley stop and curl) for a wall trio. This one is so particularly nice I might place it alone in all its glory. The deer has an appealing illustrative look to him, with a bigger nose like a reindeer. An awesome addition to an environment that appreciates the grace and power of the deer. The quality rating lost a star because the knob screws off and I am just a stickler for solid construction. Other than that, a great piece of work, however a tad on the pricey side at full retail value, in my opinion.
  2. / Apr 19 2013
    Real nice
    Great hook, looks just like pictured. Looks really good with other animal hooks.
  3. / Apr 19 2013
    Just as described and looks on site
    Will be using 2 of these hooks to hang a mirror.
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  1. / Oct 09 2012
    Lovely addition to my bedroom door.
    This is true to the picture, a chalky white. It doesn't come with screws, but that was ok for me as i have a thin door i needed special short screws for anyway. One of the hooks had it's screw holes not properly horitontal, so that when the hook was vertical, the holes were not evenly horitontal. Not a deal breaker, i used it anyway and haven't noticed it again, but that's the only reason i dropped a star. Otherwise, lots of compliments so far, so much so that this was my second order!
  2. / Dec 17 2011
    beautiful vintage style
    I redid my bathroom recently and bought these to use as towel hooks. I also put up glass shelving using the curlique iron brackets also from Anthropologie and they look great together. The round medallion part is a bit smaller than I expected but they still look beautiful. These two small changes plus a new shower curtain totally changed the look of my bathroom.
  3. / Jan 29 2012
    Vintage style, but no screws
    This is a cute, vintage-looking hook. It is on the small side, but still gets the job done. I put it in a bathroom, but it's versatile enough to go in many places. However, at this price point, I expect the screws to be included. They are not... you've got to schlep it down to the hardware store. Come on, Anthropologie! Include the hardware with your hooks! A premium product should have everything needed. :/
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  1. / Jun 21 2014
    I picked up the bronze in a store and I'm glad bc the color online looks very cheap and I would not have bought it based on their picture. I use it for a hand towel holder in a half bath
  2. / Nov 07 2013
    Cool hardware!
    I bought these hooks to use as closet door and drawer handles/pulls and they are amazing! Not only do they look great, but they're made extremely well. The only issue I had was that they don't come with the related screws and or nuts and bolts. I was able to go to my local hardware store and found matte bronze screws, etc. otherwise I couldn't be happier with the results.
  3. / Oct 18 2013
    Really nice hooks
    I ordered the brass ones. They are a little tarnished looking -- not as bright as shown in the photo. I love them...they're heavy & well made. I bought 4 to hang by my entrance door for coats & bags. The only disappointment is that they didn't come with screws. That being said, I still haven't actually hung them! Need to hit up my local the hardware store.
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