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  1. / Mar 31 2013
    Amazing for people with glasses!
    I am a headband type of girl. I love them, but the only problem with most is that I have to choose between the headband or wearing my glasses. Unfortunately, the eyesight normally wins. With these I can have both!!!! It's just a plus that each pack comes with a sparkly one. The only thing I would possibly change is having a different size or making them a little tighter. You can do this on your own, but lets face it, it doesn't look as great when you retie them.
  2. / Feb 17 2013
    I have the hairties of this type as well which I like, but they don't wear well, meaning they roll up and lose their cute designs. These however, since they take less abuse, will last longer. They do slip backwards on my head if my hair is up, but they are darling. I got the pack with red and the gold glitter and I love the vibrancy! Definitely can be used for casual and dressy outfits.
  3. / May 19 2012
    versatile and charming
    love love love it! the colours are perfectly demure. I bought a set in the colours 'pearl'. so so lovely, they go with everything and just add that extra bit charm to my everyday ensemble (that isn't already plain enough as it it! - white blouse+heritage blue jeans) psst, I also bought the colours 'pearl' as a hair tie too.
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  1. / Dec 29 2014
    My daughter always gets compliments when she wears Anthropologie headbands. They are always perfect gifts to give her on any occasion - thanks!
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