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  1. / Jan 25 2012
    this is the prettiest lampshade I have ever seen when lit. It looks like velvet roses. The red shade is kind of a coral red when not lit (the online photo is very accurate). It arrived wrapped in plastic which completely smashes the floral swirls, but after some fluffing (just lifting the "fabric" circles from the centers out with my fingers) it looks full . Yes, it is pricey (like most shades here) considering the interior is just like a cheapy shade, but the exterior fabric application does NOT seem cheapo...and the effect of this design when lit...again....is GORGEOUS! I see now there are several colors availble and I am sure that they are all beautiful, I wish I had a need for a bunch of lamps to have every color I saw the white one in the store and it was very pretty too....but, the red looking like roses to me makes the biggest impact I have no idea what the previous reviewer is talking about needing another piece to make it fit a lamp?huh?...I put mine on the string of pearls lamp and I love the combination
  2. / Aug 06 2013
    Really Pretty
    I bought this with the white string of pearls base. It's so pretty. It goes great with my white and beige bedding and the flowers on the shade add a nice texture to the room. Even my boyfriend said it looks beautiful. Want to get another one for the other side of the bed. I have never spent this much on a lamp but now that I have it I'm glad I did.
  3. / Dec 28 2011
    Swirl Shade
    This is a great shade. The design and color looks exactly the same as the picture shown. The only con to the lamp is that you have to buy a piece for it so that it will connect/wrap around the bulb.
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  1. / Feb 03 2015
    A beautiful chair
    We just had this delivered and couldn't be happier. It is beautiful and classic. Very well made and fits perfectly in the space we had intended it for. We ordered it in the blue and it is a bit darker in person than in the photos. Looks more navy blue in our home but that works just as well, if not better. This is my first furniture purchase from anthro and I am loving the quality! A great chair that looks elegant but is also very comfortable to sit in.
  2. / Jan 22 2015
    We just received this chair in the tan color and it is exquisite!! Love the detailing and fabric-made very well like everything from Anthropologie is. A beautiful and Classic piece to add to any room. The chair is deep and comfy too!
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  1. / Jan 29 2015
    Beautifully designed chair
    I just received this chair today- I saw it in the store and liked it right away, then when it went on sale, I decided to go for it! It has a relatively small frame, but it's super comfortable because it's fairly deep. The fabric is a thick linen type material, and the quality looks great. I got it in the red color- everything about it is just great, including the hassle free delivery service!
  2. / Feb 05 2015
    Beautiful occasional chair
    Lovely and elegant looking chair. Adds a great splash of color. It's quite deep and the back is sloped so you probably need a cushion to sit in it comfortably, but it's more of an occasional chair than a lounging chair.
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  1. / May 29 2014
    Very Cool Lamp
    This lamp is a sculpture. It is very unique and filled a blank space in my living room. I wish it had a traditional switch rather than a floor switch so I could hide the cord more. There is a button on the cord you step on to turn it on and off. I bought a different shade, also from Anthro. Very happy with my choices.
  2. / Feb 28 2013
    Love this lamp!
    I am so happy with this lamp. It seems silly to say, but while it looks in person just as it does in the photos, I like it even more in person. I was concerned it might read too "rodeo," but it looks really cool in my living room and I think it reads "vaguely nautical" as I had hoped. It is also quite sturdy.
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  1. / Jan 06 2015
    Gorgeous lamp
    I bought 2 of these lamps in green for my bedroom. First, I need to comment on how well they were packaged. An energy efficient 3 way bulb was even included in the box. The color reminds me of tropical waters and is just beautiful! The glass is thick and heavy, but because the base is transparent, it doesn't look too bulky. The white shade is a perfect contrast to the green. I highly recommend!
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  1. / Feb 08 2015
    Perfect color and size
    Waited until they went on sale and snatched them up. Got 2 of this size dressers and 1 larger dresser. They have extra large drawers, perfect for storage. Love the color, true to the on line color.
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  1. / Feb 18 2015
    Gorgeous piece!
    It really does look like a vintage library catalog piece. It's more of a chocolate brown with beautiful antique bronze hardware. Great size for a nightstand! Wish I had room for two. It brings in so much interesting character into the room.
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