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  1. / May 19 2015
    Something new
    When I first looked at these earrings I was not thrilled with the odd shape. Now I love them for being a bit different. They are gorgeous and stay true to the size and shape in the picture/description. I love that they are different now and I can switch things up in my wardrobe!
  2. / May 14 2015
    perfect little studs
    I love these studs. I got them in the rose gold metal, and they are perfect -- not too small, not too large, just the right amount of shimmer, and a great neutral color that still adds a pop to an outfit.
  3. / May 16 2015
    These studs are amazing. They are a little smaller than I expected but overall very pleased. They go great with everything. I have not taken them off since I got them in the mail!
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  1. / May 07 2015
    Don't ever drop these
    These earrings are so cute once you get them on. And therein lies the problem - getting them on. They are really TINY. They are a real struggle to get them on because they are so tiny. The first time I tried them on, I dropped the largest piece on the floor. I spent 20 minutes on my hands and knees with a flashlight looking for it. The second time, I cleared off my sink and used my great lighted magnifying mirror. Dropped the large piece again; another 20 minutes. Once they are on, they are really cute and understated, but ask yourself if the struggle to get the three pieces on without dropping a piece is worth the full price of these earrings. I think not. The aesthetic design is great; the functionality of getting them on is really bad.
  2. / Apr 15 2015
    Lovely and unique
    These earrings are lovely and unique. I am seeing a lot of these "ear jacket" style earrings lately, but nowhere else has turquoise. I love them, and they seem to be pretty good quality. They are super tiny and dainty, but that is what I was expecting/wanting. I already have a similar pair that is just CZ, so I will just have to see how the turquoise color works into my wardrobe.
  3. / Apr 12 2015
    I can't say on quality but I bought these today and they are so cute! Very interesting design and I love that there are three hole options in the back so they can fit your earlobe perfectly. Great alternative to a dangle when you want something a little "less".
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  1. / May 19 2015
    Fabulous Gift-High Quality, beautifully designed
    My boyfriend gifted these gorgeous everyday hoops. I love how they are a twist on the classic hoop yet as versatile. The stones are the perfect color adding a touch of sparkle, the whole look of the earring is quality. This has been an issue in the past with Anthropologie jewelry purchases, but the closure on these is very secure.
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  1. / Apr 29 2015
    All in the details
    By far, my new favorite pair of earrings! These studs have a modern vintage look that pairs perfectly with so many things! I love all the different colors and shapes of the crystals and semi-precious stones! The attention to detail and quality really shows in the design. They're casual enough to wear everyday, or great to dress up for a night out! And of course, I LOVE the brilliant sparkle of all Sorrelli pieces- I'm so excited to see it at Anthro!
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  1. / May 25 2015
    Delicate and pretty
    These earrings are delicate, subtle, and pretty! They go with everything I have and look good with hair up or down. They add just the right amount of accessory.
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  1. / May 21 2015
    Flirty & Fun
    Nice design; not sure about color
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  1. / May 06 2015
    Shades of Grey
    These look lovelier in person. The labradorite stones are grey with natural inclusions so they look real. The gold plated setting is slightly different than pictured and is well made and hallmarked in the back. They are comfortable to wear and show up even against my long dark hair. They coordinate with the Labradorite Zermatt Necklace but will stand on their own since they are neutral. Thanks to Anthro I am building a collection of jewelry with natural stones, including quartz and white topaz, and am learning about their properties.
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