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  1. / Oct 15 2014
    Beautiful, but not for me
    This dress is undeniably beautiful and well-made, but I have already returned it to Anthro. I made the mistake of ordering regular sizing and not petite, but I could have sworn that petites were not available at the time I ordered. If you are interested in this dress and are shorter than 5'4", I highly recommend the petite sizing. I'm 5'3" since the regular hit about 3" below the knee. The awkward length made this dress look matronly. Also, between every one of the buttons is a French hook. Yes, it helps the placket lay flat, but it was a time-consuming nuisance to get this dress on even though you really only have to unbutton and unhook to to the waistband and step in. But yes, that really is part of the impeccable construction. I just don't have the patience personally. The dress is heavy! When I pulled it out of the package, I was surprised by the sheer weight of the garment. It wasn't so bad when it was on, but because of the weight and design details, I couldn't imagine cleaning it myself or the cost of having it dry-cleaned. And it runs big. I should have sized down, petites or no. But yes, it's a five star dress for the person who it fits properly.
  2. / Oct 19 2014
    Beautifully Made - Runs Large
    The fabrics are beautiful, the construction is sound, and the design is flattering! It feels mature and sophisticated. I bought this dress and the Prairie Dusk dress both in a size 12 - which on the size chart runs 39.5 - 31.5 - 41.5. I measure 39 - 32.5 - 48 and it slid right on. Very much outlines my behind, pulls a tiny bit in the front (easily fixed with shapewear) but doesn't feel tight. Even though my waist is an inch larger than the size chart, the dress could be tailored up to two inches at the waist. It would in fact be more flattering if I did that. I haven't decided yet if I should pay for tailoring, try a size smaller (which is ridiculous, I am not a size 10, especially not in clingy bottoms), or return it. If you are worried it won't fit your curvaceous hips - give it try - you might be surprised!
  3. / Oct 11 2014
    classy & Sexy
    This dress is drop dead smokin when you try it on! I went into the store to try on the Carissima dress in black, which is a VERY similar style to the Mona and since they didn't have that dress in-store, I tried the Mona instead. I'm really glad I did. First off, I tried the only size they had, a 2, and even that could have worked b/c of the stretchy fabric. I knew that all I would have to do is purchase the size 4 and it would still be very fitted but comfortable. The fabric is thick and well designed to literally smooth your body like a Spanx! No need to wear a bra or anything underneath if you want a nice, clean line. Please don't think this dress is too conservative or blah based on the photos. This dress is the kind of sexy that sexy should be....subtle and classy. Not to mention that I love not having to bring a coat or jacket along to my event b/c the 3/4 length sleeve of this dress is plenty cozy...also, you can unbutton to mid chest if you'd like a little more somethin' going on other than a fully buttoned up look. I am 5'10, 145 and slender and the size 4 is perfect. I think this dress runs alittle big b/c normally I wouldn't buy a 4 in cocktail attire. I'm a solid 5 or 6 usually.
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  1. / Nov 08 2014
    Almost perfect transitional piece
    I saw this at Anthro and was drawn immediately to the beautiful and brilliant blue of this dress. The flowers elegantly signal the fading bloom of summer and the refreshing arrival of fall. In every way, from the weight of the fabric, the potential for layering, and yes to both heels or boots, this dress is spot on. The only criticism I have is the construction of the dress. I tried this on three times (two in size 0 and one in size 2) and each one had problem with the bust line not being sewn correctly. I finally settled on one of them but realized that one of the pockets was protruding more than the others. At this price, this should not be the case and I examined other sizes and could see that this was happening across the board. Needless to say, because I think it's an unusually beautiful dress, I decided to go with it and enjoy it. Hopefully, however, the label will take note and take measures to tighten quality. BTW, my figure is a stick and I like how this creates the illusion of curves.
  2. / Oct 25 2014
    Compliments Galore
    I bought this dress in the Alexandria store when I was visiting a friend there. The fabric is gorgeous and the sleeve is great. I am 5'10" and a 12/14. The cur actually looks OK even with the pleating at the abdomen area. A lot of people seem to comment that they do not care for that. The bust is pretty tight. I am a 34DD and it does smoosh a little bit. My only complaint is that the hem is stitched up with super fine thread and very loosely. The second time I wore this, the thread broke, the hem unraveled , and the whole back hem was hanging straight. I had to scotch tape it in place until I got home from work.
  3. / Aug 30 2014
    Anthro perfection!
    I honestly can't remember the last time I bought something full price at Anthro - this one is so worth it! I initially tried on the 10 (I'm usually 10-12) and it fit well but smooshed my boobs completely flat. I had to hunt out a 12 at a different store and it was so much better over the chest but still a great fit everywhere else. This is such a flattering dress for those of us with curves. I have a thick waist and the banded middle helps to cinch me in a little. The neckline and sleeves make it very work appropriate although, at 5'9", I could have done with a few more inches on the skirt length, but this wasn't a deal breaker. I adore the pattern and colors. I also think this will work really well throughout Autumn too. The material is excellent quality. I found the (slight) poof of the skirt hid my tummy. I was also very fortunate to be able to apply the (limited time offer) 15% teacher discount, which helped a wee bit with the price!
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  1. / Sep 18 2014
    Cute Transitional Piece
    This is a great transitional piece for the changing weather. It's a light shirt dress that can easily be accessorized for the varying weather of the next following months. The colors are vibrant and I love the design. I found tried on the XXSP which fit true to size except through the chest where it puckered due to being too small (see photo). I would have tried the PXS, but unfortunately, Rockefeller Center had sold out. Also, this dress is very short in the petite size so I am waiting on the regular XS I ordered to arrive to see if it fixes both problems. Some cons: I really love the idea of this dress, but due to my straight waist and larger ribcage, I don't know if it is the most flattering piece for my body type. Also, the price point is a bit high for such a simple dress. Also, the belt is reminiscent of a sparkly cheap silver shoelace. Not a good look so another belt would be needed if you choose to accessorize with one. Though I do love the design, I don't know if I would pay full price for this one, but it is going fast in the stores and online, so I may be in the minority.
  2. / Oct 21 2014
    Wonderful, comfy dress
    Because of the reviews regarding size I was a little timid about ordering online since it wasn't available in any of my nearby stores. On a leap of faith I ordered a "small". I received a petite small #normally my size, but again, reviews said it runs small#. It fits like a glove #I'm 5', 32DDD bust, short torso, small waist, long legs for my height#. It hits just above my knees and although I'm 55 years old I don't feel it's too short, and it plays down my bust, which I LOVE. Every time I wear it I get so many compliments. The material wasn't at all what I imagined #gauze#, but I love the actual material #jersey knit#. So comfortable!
  3. / Sep 08 2014
    Great Dress for Late Summer into Fall
    After seeing this in the catalog, I immediately had to run out to my local store to try this on. It's such a soft dress and it was comfortable. I am usually a XS-P but since reviews were saying this ran short I tried on a small in the regular size. I don't like skin thighs short outfits and this was perfect. It hits 2" above my knee and at 42 I think that's appropriate. There's not a lot of extra fabric around the waste which keeps it from looking frumpy. This dress was worth every penny!
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  1. / Jun 09 2014
    Perfect summer dress.
    I purchased this last week and have wanted to wear it everyday since! The fabric is medium weight, but airy, and it never seems to wrinkle! It fits on the loose side which makes it comfy and easy to throw on. I am 5'4" 125lbs, 32DD/DDD and the small is a little loose on me (but I decided that I prefer that fit.) I also love that the length works for my 5'4" size because some anthro dresses are too long for me. It fits a few inches above my knees (may be on the short side for taller ladies). I don't purchase a lot of full priced items but this one was 100% worth it! It is perfect for any occasion.
  2. / Jun 25 2014
    Very flattering
    I have very large hips and a tummy so most dresses do not fit well on me. I tried this on today and it was so flattering. I usually do not like to show my legs because they are not my best asset but the dress is so flattering that it is worth it. Material is a bit on the thick side but not too bad. I would have loved another 1/2 inch of length but still it is not that bad. The way it cinches in the middle is also very helpful for people with bellies when they sit or stand. I weigh 165 and wear a size 10. The large was a good fit for me.
  3. / Oct 08 2014
    Perfect fit
    I have a weirdly narrow waist and a....ahem...big butt. This dress hugs everything just right and is incredibly flattering. I am also rather short-waisted with very long legs. Somehow, this dress looks perfect. Yay!
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  1. / Sep 23 2014
    Comfortable and versatile
    Extremely comfortable and flattering dress. Hits just above the knee on my 5'7" frame. Runs a little large due to the amount of stretch in the material so you will probably have to size down if you prefer it to fit a little snugger across the waist (which I think creates a more flattering silhouette) otherwise it will be quite roomy. Really depends on the type of look that you are after. Works well as a nice casual piece, but can also be very easily dressed up with a belt and some dark tights. Paired it with a gorgeous beaded Anthro belt and was really pleased with the overall look!
  2. / Oct 10 2014
    on the fence...
    I have tried this dress on twice but haven't pulled the trigger. In part because of the price (it is so casual, it just seems a bit pricer than necessary?) and in part because of the fit. I think it would definitely work better on someone with a smaller bust proportionate to the rest of their body (I am a 34D but only 5'2"). With that said, it won't look *bad* on someone with my frame. It is a lovely dress, the material is so comfy (stretchy and just feels good on), it has pockets which is a total plus... If I had more of a reason to wear this I would probably have gotten it by now (I don't work in an office, but if I did, I think it would be perfect). Hopefully I'll be back for it once it is on sale, but at this price, and for my needs, I can't justify it for now :)
  3. / Sep 21 2014
    Multi-Season Staple
    I didn't think too much about this dress when I saw it online, but when I saw it in my local store, I knew I had to have it. The fabric is wonderfully textured and it fits like a dream. I normally wear a small or medium in dresses like this and I went with a medium in this case because the small was just a little bit snug. This is one of those items that looks really put together but feels like you're wearing pajamas, plus it has pockets!!. Right now I'm wearing it with booties and sandals, but as the weather gets cooler I'll be pairing it with tights or leggings and boots.
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  1. / Oct 11 2014
    I love this-go Maeve!
    Another Maeve dress, this is cut almost exactly the same at the navy polka dot dress the designer produced this season. I would say it runs a tad smaller than the other dress and thus is a little more TTS. Another reason I would venture to call this true to size, is I don't feel that the lace would look as classic if the dress were too tight. The dress has wonderful stretch, so I think it would still be very comfortable, but I think it might pull the lace some and take away from the product. The lining is a great wine type color and the dress has pockets also lined with this fabric which I really love. Also, the lining helps the dress work as a transitional piece that doesn't look to "white" or "summery" for the winter. It also avoids looking too bridal. I'm 5'2" and 110 lbs and I went with the XS which hits right at my knees. I think the XSP would have worked, but I really loved the length of the regular size. Flattering, comfy, and well-made. As with anything lace, it is delicate so jewelry after putting it on. I find it worth the full price and I don't think it will make it to the sale rack.
  2. / Nov 04 2014
    lovely fit!
    I wasn't sure about this dress when I saw it in person but I loved it in the picture so I thought I might as well try it on. It fits so well! No gaping at the bust area, no bumps or gathering in the back. I am 5'3" and the length was just about at my knee. It might have been better a little shorter but not enough that I am going to bother hemming it. The waist area fit really well and was very flattering as I sort of have a straight waist. This accentuated and flattered my waist. I was debating ordering the petite since you can't get petite sizing in the store but since this one was great, I am going to stick with it. I tried on about 6 other dresses and this was the best fit. I love how it sort of looks vintage/retro. I very good find! Just for reference, my measurements are approx 39" bust, 29.5" waist, 37" hips and I bought a small.
  3. / Nov 17 2014
    Love this dress!
    This dress was exactly what I wanted - will wear it for our employee Christmas party with some fun burgundy heals, but can dress down for other occasions with my cowboy boots (I live in Colorado) and a jean jacket. It is very comfortable and I love the pockets. The only issue I had was at the cross over seams - they were open to the inside? Was this how it was supposed to be? I ordered a size L as I am 6'0" , normally a size 10/12 and it fit perfectly very flattering for my curvy figure!
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  1. / Oct 25 2014
    Classic and timeless
    What more can I say other than I love this dress. The styling is simple and timeless. The colors are more muted than on-line. The fabric is substantial and feels good next to the skin. The vee neck and slight capped sleeves are very flattering and help make my waist appear small and the A-line is flattering to not so perfect tummies and hips.I have a hard time fitting into dresses and this one was no exception. The reg. size 4 fit in the waist but was too small across the back. When I sized up to a 6 the dress was too long waisted for my short torso and long legged body. I think it would cost too much in alterations to make this dress a viable option for me but if it lasts till it goes on sale it's the dress for me. Perhaps going to a petite is an option but I loved the length of the reg. on me. If you have a special occasion this is the dress for you.
  2. / Oct 21 2014
    Top 5 Fave Anthro Purchase of All Time
    This dress is absolutly beautiful and extremely high quality, better than many $300+ dresses I've tried at Anthro and other stores. The fabric has just a smidge of sheen in real life, and it is on the heavy side, but I think it adds to the luxe feel. It's a very versatile dress, I would wear this dress to work with black tights, blazer, and booties or to an event or date night. Couple fit related notes: I am 5'9", the length is perfect for me, right below the knee. Overall I think the dress is TTS, but I found it a bit snug in the chest and I am not busty (definitely a pear). Just something to note if you are busty. I think the main reason is that the fabric has no stretch, so it doesn't give much when breathing in/out. Overall absolutely love it, wish there were more dresses of this style and quality.
  3. / Nov 17 2014
    Old-style classy
    I bought this beautiful dress this past wkend during the sale, and I agree with the other reviewers-- it is stunning and well-made. I appreciate the caplet shoulders, as opposed to spaghetti straps, especially for winter holiday season. The other thing I will add is that the "pouff" of the skirt is due entirely to the weight of the material-- there is no tulle underneath, only a standard slip. Size 6 is usually what I wear in most Anthro dresses, and it fit to a T, for ref, 5'8, 135 lbs, 34-B. This is a dress that can work for all ages and will not go out of style.
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