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  1. / Nov 18 2014
    Perfection…and, yes, size down.
    This dress fit me like a glove. I'm not alone, either - check out the rave reviews posted by women of all ages, shapes and sizes! I am 5'4", 125 pounds, 34D, very short-waisted and athletic but curvy. I am normally a size 6, but finally settled on the size 4 regular after trying the 6P. It hits about 2-3 inches below my knees, which is both flattering and a pleasant alternative to my other dresses, which are either mini or full-length. The smaller size just feels better and I think the closer fit helps the lace detail pop a bit more. The nude colored slip/lining also alleviated any modesty issues I had with respect to the "peekaboo" detailing throughout the bodice. It might look like you're showing a lot of skin, but it certainly doesn't feel like it once you're wearing it. It's classy and it's sexy, which is usually more than you can ask of a dress at this price point. Bonus: my flesh-colored bra is virtually undetectable, which is key given my cup size and the fact that I have 2 young kids.
  2. / May 30 2015
    After reading the mixed reviews on sizing (running large vs true to size), I decided to order the blue in 10P and the black in 8P, and return whichever one didn't fit. I'm usually an 8-10 regular and always 10P, especially since I'm wide on the hip. Despite that, I was swimming in the 10P, while the 8P fit like a glove. This dress is nothing short of miraculous! It's incredibly flattering, hugs in all the right places, and I honestly don't think I've ever had a dress fit me so perfectly without the need for any alterations. In fact I love it so much, I'm thinking of trading the blue 10P for an 8P rather than just returning it! Other reviewers are correct in that the lace is quite different on the blue and black versions, but both are really beautiful. The dress is pricey, but you would usually have to pay a much higher price for this quality of fit. Other reviewers also mention the hooks and eyes popping open. I agree that's an issue, but an easy fix is to just get the front sewn shut, since the back zipper is all that's needed.
  3. / Jun 02 2015
    Beyond gorgeous dress!
    I absolutely love this dress. It is so beautiful, and I actually wore it for my wedding in the park. I can't tell you how many compliments I got because the design is just so gorgeous! The pencil shape of the skirt is so flattering. It's really comfortable to wear too. The only issues I had were the clasps at the bottom started coming undone when I walked, so make sure to pinch them closed really tightly. I also couldn't hang the dress from the shoulders because the lace is delicate, but if you fold the dress over the hanger at the skirt, it'll be fine. Love love love this dress!
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  1. / Apr 27 2015
    Bold color, bold design, TURNS HEADS!
    I'm seeing an older man and as soon as I walked out in this he said, "STUNNING!'. When I say older man, I mean the type of sophisticated gentleman who is urbane and observes cocktail hour, a man who notices every detail, and if it passes his litmus test so effortlessly, my goodness, I may wear it everyday! I love the fabric, as always soft, just about wrinkle resisted, flows. The design on the fabric is played out perfectly to flatter any woman, and the for the busty woman, there's no need for a cami, they've got your cleavage covered, literally. The back is cut low, too, which is really nice (said older gentleman pointed that out, he said, 'it may just be me, and that I'm a swimmer, but the low back is a real turn on I think for men in general.') I can find nothing wrong with this dress, and well, everything right! In an effort to beg spring I wore this dress today, and I have OPI's Cajun Shrimp on my nails--HOLY COORDINATION (by accident)!
  2. / Mar 31 2015
    In LOVE with this dress!
    This dress is amazing! Yes, the price is high but it is WORTH it and you will feel like a million bucks wearing it. For reference, I'm 5'1", 118 lbs, average build, small (34A) chest. The XS Petite fits perfectly, with my flat sandals it just barely skims the floor. Coverage in the front doesn't gape, and so even when you bend over there is no sign of cleavage or bra (at least on me), the back as well doesn't come down so low that your bra is showing (though I think you could totally get away with not wearing a bra at all in this). The sleeves on me are true to the model; just barely a cap-sleeve over the shoulder. The fabric is amazing, not too light, not too heavy, and is just weighty enough to drape perfectly and move fluidly when you walk. The dress is lined from the empire waist to the knees with a navy blue slip (in the same fabric as the rest of the dress), in case that matters to anyone. The colors are bright and vibrant, and would look great on any skin tone. This will get a lot of wear from me, definitely worth the money!
  3. / May 31 2015
    Stunning dress!
    This dress is absolutely amazing! The colors are bright and beautiful, the fit is flattering, the material is soft and flowy. I get tons of compliments every time I wear it! I'm 5'6" and I ordered the small (I'm usually a size 8 top, 10 bottom), which fit really nicely, but is just a bit long on me, so I think it runs slighty large (or just flexible fit). Overall, wonderful piece you can dress up or down.
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  1. / May 30 2015
    Comfy and cute
    I got this in the navy/orange combo and am debating picking it up in the oatmeal/grey combo as well. It's super comfortable and really versatile - I can wear it to work but it's a great weekend dress as well. I found the cut and fit to be quite flattering. I love the draping of the fabric at the top, and it provides a lot of coverage (in case you're busty - which I'm not!). The linen skirt is breathable and while other reviewers warned of wrinkles I haven't had a problem beyond the normal wrinkled texture of linen fabric.
  2. / May 24 2015
    Great fit, Colour ok
    Ordered blue and "orange" one. Love the fit, but I could hardly call it orange. More like a peachy amber. Not crazy about that colour, but keeping it anyways as my local store doesn't carry this dress. Aside from that, the fit is true to size and I like that it hides the tummy and it feels really comfortable. It is lined, so no worries about your underwear showing. It's also long in length, so good for tall girls like myself.
  3. / May 05 2015
    Lovely, but cumbersome to wash
    This dress is flattering, comfy, and it looked great on me. My body type is similar to the model's in the photograph, and I don't mind that the skirt is prone to wrinkling -- I don't think it's supposed to be perfectly flat. Wash this with CAUTION. The label says to dry clean it, but honestly Anthro says to dry clean everything and 90% of the time it's not really necessary. I'm not made of money and these fabrics usually stand up to machine washing, so I machine washed it cold and line-dried it. The fabric looked perfect after this, BUT the top 'crosswrapped' part was completely untwisted, to the point that I could not figure out how to wrap it back up. I took it back to Anthro and they ended up exchanging it since no one on staff could figure out how to rewrap it correctly. So, if you want to machine wash, use safety pins to hold the top part together. Otherwise enjoy this great dress!
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  1. / Apr 06 2015
    Can't wait to wear!
    Loved this from the moment I saw it. I am slender, but curvy. I took a medium and a small in the dressing room with me as I can easily be either size. I tend to try on the larger size first, but when I held it up, it looked way too wide so I skipped it and went for the small. It fit me just like the model. So unlike many of the other reviews, I think this runs slightly large. From the front, the waist tucks in and creates a nice silhouette, but from the back, it's a little more "bag" like. Maybe it's not the most flattering in the world from the back, but I don't mind it and I wear what I like and don't think about what others might say. It felt very comfortable. It is on the shorter side, but I can still pull it off for my office job. Super cute for summer, office to dinner, etc. Also will be perfect to throw on for errands or anything else on the weekend. I can already tell this will be a popular dress for me this summer! I highly recommend it!
  2. / May 26 2015
    nice details
    I wanted a more casual little black dress and I'm a sucker for pockets, so this was a winner during a sale time! I went with a petite small, and it's definitely a little boxy but a great belt helps break it & add shape. I love the lace details, collar & buttons! It is a little short - just above the knee on me, but still work appropriate. Slightly worried about it wrinkling with washing, but I think it's worth it.
  3. / Jun 01 2015
    Flattering and adorable!
    I tried this dress on at the store and fell in love. As soon as I put it on, I almost declared out loud... This is going home with me! I loved it so much I purchased it in the black as well. It is so cute and comfy!! It is well made with a little lining inside too.
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  1. / Mar 01 2015
    Love this dress!
    I was searching for a dress to wear to a wedding. I saw this dress on the rack and didn't think it would look good on me because of the thick material and pattern so I didn't bother trying it on. While I was trying on other dresses in the dressing room, I explained to the salesperson that none of the dresses I tried on were working out. She pulled some dresses and this dress was one of them. I was skeptical at first, but once I had it on I loved it. The cut is flattering and the thick material is a little more forgiving if you're trying to hide a few extra pounds. Additionally, the design of the dress helps cinch everything in. The hidden pockets are an added bonus. The design at the waist adds a whimsical touch. I do agree with other reviewers regarding the zipper. The zipper doesn't go far enough down if you're trying to step into the dress and have any hips. Other than the zipper issue, the dress is perfect. I'm so glad the salesperson pulled it for me because I would have never chosen it for myself. Dress was true to size. I'm 5'1 and 125 lbs with a small bust.
  2. / Mar 09 2015
    Love this Dress - Well Made!
    I picked up this dress in size 8 and it fits so nice, well made compared to other Anthro dresses I have observed over the past year or so. The fabric is nice medium weight cotton blend twill and holds its shape, a plus it is lined and true to size based on other Anthro dresses of the past that were a size 8 - for my frame. I do find the front is a little low and the crack of my chest shows, so for me, for work, I will need to wear a think navy blue cami. Another plus is the pockets and they are positioned in the right place for me. The attached belt panel is a nice varied shades of pink, purple and orange stripes which would be a nice compliment to a colored shoe in those shades. I normally don't buy full prices Anthro clothes for the next season before the season starts, but with the dress promo and the fact this dress is well made and compared to other priced dresses elsewhere this was a win win purchase. I am 34DD chest, 140 pounds and 5'4 inches in height and the 8 fit perfectly. the length on me was about the length on the model but not so shortI would feel uncomfortable for work wear.
  3. / Jun 02 2015
    Beautiful fit!
    I have a hard time finding dresses that flatter all over. I am a 36D on top, very short waisted, and a 4/6 on bottom, so finding dresses that flatter my whole figure is a challenge. This one does it perfectly! I ordered a size 8, and it fits perfectly. The material is heavy enough that it holds its shape and doesn't cling. I can see myself getting many years of wear out of this classic piece!
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  1. / Apr 13 2015
    WOW dress
    This dress is a show-stopper and has exquisite movement. I'll be wearing it to a cocktail party where I'll be on my feet for most of the evening. The styling is unique and timeless. I can easily wear this dress as resort wear, out for a nice dinner, or cocktail party/semi formal. I'm 5'4, 114 lbs, small B cup. My body type is straight, no curves. I have longer legs than torso. The dress looks a little longer on me than on the model, but it's still a fun length. I tried on the small, but it was way too large. The XS fit much better, but it's still just a little big in the chest area. I'll either take it in just a smidge or wear a more padded bra. The dress slipped on very easily - no need to wiggle or force it on. There are no zippers on garment. The colors look more vibrant in pictures. I feel in real life the colors are a bit more muted. It's such a great dress, I just had to have it while it was available and I was more than happy to pay retail for it!
  2. / May 22 2015
    A dress with a cape!
    Completely in love with my new summery dress. The XS fit perfectly my 5.01 frame. It hits right at my knees, perfect for a 40 something lady with a flare for the uncommon. The colors are lovely and it swigs, moves and glides with the ocean breeze.
  3. / May 27 2015
    Pretty and Comfortable
    I love this dress. It is exactly as described. Fits perfect and is very flattering.
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  1. / May 03 2015
    This is the kind of dress I can really only find at Anthropologie, and much to my delight, it fit like a dream. For reference, my measurements are 42-32-42 and generally a size 14. I tried on a size Large and it fit loose all over. I decided to try on a Medium (which i normally would not dream about fitting into), but it fit perfectly, and more flattering than the L. So, I say this dress runs 1 size big. The fabric does not provide stretch but as a full-figured woman with ample bust, the design up top is spot on! it fits without any gaping between buttons, the waist has elastic and there is a hook right at the center button to prevent it from opening (SO helpful and it's these details that make this dress a must even at full-price). it fits me just below the knee, which makes it work-appropriate, and with some heals it will look quite classy! I have worn it with a thin black belt and black sandals and received a few compliments. :o) measurements from side to side: bust 24" (right before sleeve ends) waist 15.5" (with some give because it has elastic) waist to hem: 24"
  2. / Apr 29 2015
    I think this dress is beautiful and the quality seems great. I am 5'8". 142lbs, and 34A. I usually wear a Size Small or Size 4 in Anthro dresses, and I bought a Size XS in this dress. It is a little roomy on top, but the length is perfect (it falls right to the top of the knee), and the fabric is perfect. Usually dresses are too short for me, but the length is great. I love how it has a elastic waist to show off the smallest part of the body. I also love the 1940's feeling to this dress. I have a pair of tan peep-toe heels that go perfectly with it. A pair of wedge espadrilles would also go nicely with this dress for the daytime. The color of this dress is pretty-a reddish/orange print with ivory background. The color is depicted exactly as you see it on the model. I have yet to wear this dress because the weather has not been warm enough, but I am hoping to wear if for Mother's Day!
  3. / May 12 2015
    Lovely Dress
    This dress runs very large! I am a 14 and go back and forth between a L and an XL in anthro sizes in general and I got the XL. It is huge. I could have easily fit into the L. I can cinch the waist though with a wide belt and it looks like a fun flowy summer dress. That being said - I'm not particularly overly endowed (38C). The cut of the neck is scooped and although it is loose it still falls modestly. I love that the dress is lined and and the pockets are both functional and add to the look of the design. The material was not what I would have expected. It is flowy, but thicker and harsher (more textured) than I would like. The colors I find to be about spot on to the pics on-line. The one down side is that it is not particularly shape flattering. I feel a bit as if it looks like I am wearing a sack - but overall it is cute. I love that it is comfortable, modest, and will get many opportunities to wear it.
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