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  1. / Jun 04 2015
    I get SO many compliments on these!
    These are my favorite bowls, they are perfect for anything and everything - measuring, mixing, and pretty enough for dining! I use them for baking and for my nightly ice cream :) I simply adore these bowls! I want one in every color!
  2. / Jun 08 2012
    I love the look of these bowls and the colors are just beautiful. I gave four stars since I'm not too sure about the quality. I purchased a set of the pastel set and the yellow arrived chipped. They are quite light for the size (which is also why I'm questioning the durability of these bowls). I do think the atom art bowls and inside out bowls are better quality wise (the latte bowls are bigger though). This bowl is good size for a lot of things. Cereal, soup, a serving of rice for the big boys, huge chunks of ice cream, chili, and many more. Most people will find this is perfect size for them. I do think these will not last many years so I probably will need to replenish my stocks every year or two. So if you are buying for top quality, look for something else. For casual use and if you don't mind spending money to replace your broken ones, then get these.
  3. / May 11 2015
    THESE BOWLS ARE SO GREAT. My roommate introduced these to me and now I personally own about 10. I will be committed to these bowls probably for the rest of my life. I love the colors that you can mix and match and that they are fairly inexpensive so if one breaks it's not the end of the world and they are easily replaceable.
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  1. / Dec 12 2011
    LOVE!! <3
    So, I saw this set in an Anthropologie store in Edmonton, Alberta. I loved it at first sight! On the set, it was labelled 18/10 stainless steel. However, when I looked it up online, it says it's 18/8. So this was a bit confusing, especially after reading a review that says that the quality of the steel is not that great. So, after about a month of deliberation (and saving money) I couldn't let it go & I ordered 8 sets. I just got them today, and I LOVE THEM!! And, like in the store, they are individually labelled with 18/10, so I'm extremely happy about that. I'm going to take great care of these, as I love them so much. I might not put them in my dishwasher, but if I do, I use an environmentally-safe, harmful chemical-free detergent, so I'm not too worried. I do know that you can't let food stay on your utensils for a long time, especially anything acidic, like tomatoes, because that can really corrode even the best of quality. Anyway, I'm hoping to have this set forever & ever.
  2. / Jun 08 2012
    beautiful and big
    My new flatware! I had been using Ikea flatware for more than a decade now and most of them had disappeared and the ones left were full of scratches so I decided to get new flatware. I couldn't find anything I like with reasonable price until I saw these. I bought twelve 5-piece settings in one go since I'm worried they'll get discontinued. So far so good haven't got a chance to use them yet but I might give another review in few months time regarding quality and feel of use. It's certainly the most beautiful flatware I've seen in that price range and could easily go from casual to formal (as long as you keep the dinnerware simple). It's much bigger and longer than my old Ikea ones. In fact, I think it is quite big compared to others I've seen so far. Even the small spoon is more than half the size of my big Ikea spoon. Flowers etchings are only on the front part except for the knives. From the weight and feel, I think this is one level up from Ikea but not heavy enough to be compared with fine flatware/silverware. Not something you can pass on to the next generation so to speak.
  3. / Dec 28 2009
    We had these on our wedding wish list. I wasn't planning on asking for fancy flatware but my mom insisted that I do so. When I found these I fell in love! I have never seen such pretty flatware before. When they arrived, each item was packaged in its own separate slot to avoid scratching. I kept the packaging incase I ever needed to store them away, although I don't plan on it. We use these everyday and they have held up beautifully. They are super heavy duty and as another reviewer said, they do not bend when you dig into a pint of ice cream :) I have been using them everyday for four months and they are still as perfect and shiny as the day I got them. I have not had any problems with rusting or fading. They are durable enough for everyday use but also fancy enough to use when having guests over. Gorgeous!
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  1. / May 28 2015
    Pretty In Pink
    I purchased this bowl in pink, a few years ago a a freshman in college, because I fell in love with the pattern. I bought this item with the intention of using it as a breakfast bowl, but when it arrived it was significantly smaller than I expected. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised with the purchase, because I felt it looked far more beautiful as a trinket dish. I basically used it for my jewelry and cosmetics. I found it recently, after going through my dorm room things and I am in love with it as ever. Even though it's been a while, this piece has held up so well. I've grown up a fair bit but this is an item that you can never outgrow. It now has a place on my vanity and I intend on buying several more! I think what makes Anthropologie so special is that they create pieces that are multifaceted and aren't limited to a single purpose.Even if it's not what you expect it to be, you won't be disappointed!
  2. / Jul 06 2013
    This is what we use when eating rice in Japan
    Some people say that this is too small - to me, there is no too small or too big as this is the standard size for rice bowls in Japan. This is North America and people may not cook rice so often at home, so it is good for some other things but I agree with some reviewers it is too small for cereal. Maybe good size for ice cream or something. In my home, the bowls are used for rice and dog food. Mine is pink one (I normally hate pink but this one is an exception!), of course for rice, hubby uses green one, my chihuahua blue one. I appreciate Anthro carries these for years. I first bought these in 2009 I believe, broke some of them and purchased some more this year. I hope Anthro will have more traditional patterns. The bowls are durable and packaging is great, always arrives in a perfect condition when purchased online.
  3. / Nov 19 2011
    Just when I thought I was over my "buy almost every bowl and/or plate that strikes my fancy at Anthro" phase, I noticed these little bowls. I have passed by them DOZENS of times, but just the other week, I really noticed how beautiful they are. I bought a few of these, and the larger Atom Art serving bowl. They look lovely together! I have to say, I didn't realize how useful this small size bowl would be. I've used them so much already - to put chopped ingredients in while cooking, for small portions of cereal or dessert, for leftover storage, etc... I'm sure Anthro will keep coming out with variations in the coming years, and I am excited to add to my collection.
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  1. / Nov 02 2011
    From The Deep Plates
    These plates are wonderful! I bought a set of 4 dinner and 4 salad plates to display on the wall - quite the quirky display, but awesome! The soup bowls are always sold out and now not available, but I have had the intention of buying 8 more of each to actually use. I never got around to doing that because they are quite expensive. Well, there was a mishap and one came crashing to the tile floor. You would think the plate would have shattered into a million pieces, but no, only chipped. These are great, sturdy plates! Needless to say, when the incident happened these were out of stock and didn't show they were back-ordered, so my being bummed is an understatement! I was quite upset...but lookie here...they restocked them! Thank you, thank you!! Now maybe I will get a set of 8 of everything for Christmas! Anthro, please make sure there are plenty for the holidays! And, bowls, too, please! :)
  2. / May 26 2015
    Amazing Graphic - Gorgeous details
    Fell in love with the design instantly as I love this ultramarine blue, particularly on ceramics. The dinner plate is a good size with nice wave edge details and back graphic details. Sturdy, been in dishwasher many many times (on normal & energy settings that take extra long), hasnt chipped yet at all (been about 7 months now, used several times a week). Makes a gorgeous yet dramatic table setting by themselves or with simpler plates (ie plain blue/white/black/red).
  3. / Sep 13 2012
    20,000 Leagues of Love!
    I saw these plates in Anthropologie quite a while ago and immediately fell in love with them. Not only do I love anything octopus, but these were so tastefully done and beautiful. The price scared me off the plates for a long time (though it's not bad for high quality dishes), but I am now buying my first house and I bought these for myself as a house-warming present. I do not regret it at all. I bought four of these 10.5" dinner plates, eight of the 8" octopus salad plates and four of the cup/saucer combos. The dishes arrived packaged extremely well and they look amazing. They seem to be sturdy and well made. I plan to use these as my formal place settings (not for everyday use, but may keep them out on display). I may buy more in the future!
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  1. / Nov 10 2013
    Adore These Plates
    I spotted these plates in Soho, NYC Anthroplogie and loved them, but I did not purchase them and wass sorry afterwards. I called the store the following day and asked them to hold two for me...the chameleion and the bug plates. I admired the two oddest looking ones because of the contrast between the old fashioned shape of the plates and the weird graphics.. One is on display in a built in wall cubby shelf and one is sitting atop an antique dresser. I do not use them for food and I would never think of washing then any other way than by hand. Too adorable to risk breakage or scratching.
  2. / Sep 02 2012
    Fun and lovely
    I put this plate and three others (Honey Bee, Black Swan, Pufferfish) from the "Natural World" set on an online registry for my upcoming nuptials. However, I neurotically started to worry that this one and the honey bee would disappear before anyone purchased them--they have been out longer than the swan & pufferfish and the wedding is still a couple months off. So I ended up just ordering those two myself and I'm so glad I did! I love the mix of vintage charm and "non-traditional" creature . The colors are vibrant and they have great attention to detail. I haven't used them yet, I'm kind of afraid to mess them up, but they actually seem pretty solid so I'm sure they will be fine. They would be great for purely decorative use, but I'm looking forward to serving dessert to guests on them!
  3. / Sep 13 2012
    Alternative for kids
    I bought these to try to get my 5 and 3 year olds to eat their dinners; they love lizards and the like so I bought the chameleon design for both. I was prepared for disappointment with the quality based on other reviews but these are near perfect. There is a slight misalignment at the border with the white flowers but you'd have to look closely. They are quite heavy plates which is great as they looked a little delicate on-line. I will be ordering more as they are inexpensive and would make great gifts. My girls love them.
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  1. / Feb 05 2013
    Collect them all!
    I have all seven of these. I absolutely love them. All of the illustrations and idioms are super cute and make me happy. It's silly, but on a bad day the little sayings always cheer me up a bit. As was mentioned, these are very much like the jelly glasses my parents had when I was a kid. This is a major part of their appeal for me. They are small, they hold just under 8oz, but they're great for controlling how much juice/milk/soda you're going to drink. I have a tendency to overfill bigger glasses even though I may not want that much. These do have a sort of wavey spiraled texture to them that's really neat. You can't see it at all online, but it's there in person. It doesn't have a negative effect on the paintings. I wish these were a bit thicker. They're pretty thin and I'm worried about them breaking. My husband tends to squeeze glasses when he washes them and I'm scared he'll crush these. Although, they do seem resilient. My 4-year-old dropped one on the wooden floor and it's no worse for wear. Don't buy these! I need them to stick around so I can buy a backup set!
  2. / Dec 25 2014
    Just Love
    The most charming little glasses and I am absolutely just in love with them :)
  3. / Sep 27 2012
    Very cute
    This glass is very quaint and eye catching. It's not boastful yet it's not by any means ordinary and I like that the maker's signature is on the bottom of the glass instead of near the detailing. Just as the product title says, it is a juice glass, so it's intended for modest quantities of those sugary beverages one really shouldn't indulge in too much of.The weight is satisfactory and the coloring is accurate to the image on the website. Also, because the kitchen in my apartment has typical, boring laminate cabinets it's nice to open one and think, "oh, what a nice surprise to see something so pretty inside!" I definitely recommend this product.
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  1. / Jun 09 2014
    Beautiful and affordable!
    I knew I'd find the perfect engagement gift for my sister at Anthro. These beautiful glasses fit the bill. Unique, delicate and surprisingly affordable. As far as the fragility mentioned in other reviews, ALL glassware of this sort is incredibly fragile and breakable. I found these in-store and none of them were nicked. The sales associated boxed them up for me with care so I'm confident that so long as the recipient is very cautious when washing them, they will last.
  2. / Nov 13 2009
    Very Satisfied
    I purchased the Horta Champagne Glass to serve as toasting flutes for my upcoming nuptials. When I received the item I was to afraid to unravel the wrapping. It was nicely done to protect the glass. I opened my product and was amazed at the quality and beauty of the glasses. I would definitely recommend this product to someone else.
  3. / Dec 06 2009
    One of the four glasses which I ordered was broken. The young lady who helped me when I called regarding this was very helpful and polite. She told me not to return the broken glass and she made arrangements for a new glass to be shipped. I am waiting for the replacement glass to arrive. This was a very positive experience.
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