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A charming way to start your day. These mugs are absolutely adorable and a great bargain for this type of design and quality. I have 8 of these owl mugs in all the colors and keep ordering more! The hand painted quality is exceptional for a mug of this price point and the size is perfect for that first cup of coffee. You could pay much more for a mug like this and not get half the pleasure from it!

The lovechild of a teacup and a coffee mug. This is what would result if your favorite coffee mug hooked up with your grandmother's most prized teacup. The result of this seemingly unholy union is the best cup EVER! With the sturdiness and capacity of a coffee mug, and the graceful lines and playfulness of a teacup, I can't stop ordering these cups! My house guests fight over them and I think they'd fit with almost any decor. I personally think the blue and green are by far the prettiest, but the other colors are nice as well.

I love this beautiful mug! I bought it for myself for an early Christmas present. It's simple, but that's where it shines. The monogram is lovely and it looks attractive in my apartment. What more could you want? If you're on the fence just buy one! Or three!

Too cute for words. These mugs are even cuter in person than they are online! Each one has so much personality. It's a bummer that they're hand wash only, but for a quality, hand-painted mug like this, it's definitely worth it! They're so unique and classic Anthropologie. It's my new favorite mug!

I drink a lot of tea during work and enjoy a "special" cup. I was thrilled when I opened the package and discovered that this cup was a little larger than I expected and the details were exceptional. Really a special cup that makes tea time even more enjoyable.

When I ordered this cup, I thought it might be a tiny, dainty, fragile teacup, maybe only to be brought out on special occasions. I could go on and on about how beautiful it is, the colors, inside and out, the design, its lovely. But I was really happy to find that this cup is thick, sturdy china , and its larger than I anticipated. It holds a large cup of coffee, not just a tiny amount that I expected. Another plus is that when I microwave my coffee in it, the china doesn't get super hot like my other coffee mugs and cups, I can still hold the cup without being burned, but can still feel warmth. It’s beautiful and feminine and perfect if you ask me. I HIGHLY recommend it if it’s your style.

Meaningful, go-too, time-off mug. I love the depth of the mug! First thing I did was have some tea so I could see the flowers on the bottom. I love coffee, chocolate milk and drinkable yogurt in this too! Makes me feel like I'm taking time-off and rejuvenating when I drink from this mug!

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