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  1. / Nov 20 2014
    These plates are so colourful, whimsical and fun... I now own a small collection of 13 different designs by Nathalie Lete, and have given several as gifts. They are sturdy and good quality, though I always hand wash mine to be safe (even though it says they are dishwasher safe). A great gift for both kids and adults... and especially for anyone learning French!
  2. / Feb 25 2014
    funny ladybugs
    I collect these plates but somehow missed seeing the ladybug one before. I saw it in my store today and had to get it. I love that the painting & story shows a cranky-looking ladybug! It's too cute! The details are wonderful as always. I'm so happy that they add new styles. The only negative I have with these plates is how difficult they are to load in the dishwasher. The shape makes it harder to put in. I try to wash mine by hand but they can definitely hold up well in the dishwasher too. These are just fun to use!
  3. / Apr 23 2014
    Colorful and fun!
    I love these plates! I love collecting the different designs each time new ones are added. I have four I've had for about 2 years and I use them as my every day plates and they hold up extremely well. No chipping even though I have banged a couple together a time or two. They always get put through the dishwasher or microwave and sometimes even sit in the oven to keep the plate warm. I wish there were bowls just like them!
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  1. / Jul 20 2014
    Be careful with microwaving!
    I ordered a set of these in February. They are beautiful, colorful and quirky - exactly what I wanted. In the last week, however, I've had 2 dinner plates crack in the microwave. I may have gotten from a bad batch, but will not be using these in the microwave in the future.
  2. / Dec 07 2013
    Love these dishes!
    I ordered 12 of these beautiful dishes...sadly 6 of them arrived broken in half. I didn't even have to open some of the individually packed boxes to know that the dishes were broken since I heard the pieces moving around. Luckily, Anthropologie has excellent customer service and as soon as I called, they advised they'd be sending me replacements. I spoke with Lucinda at the customer service telephone number and Kylee in my local Shrewsbury, NJ store and they were both very helpful. These dishes are a perfect size and I love that the edges are raised slightly higher than the average dinner plate...making the dish a tad bowl-like. Love them so and as long as they can withstand the dishwasher, I would definitely recommend! The one thing I would recommend that Anthropologie should do is mark the boxes Fragile...there was nothing on the boxes to indicate the contents were fragile.
  3. / Nov 15 2013
    In Love
    I'm in love with these bowls. I have them in black, blue and orange. They have a rustic, hand-thrown quality to them. The glaze is good and solid, and they haven't chipped at all, even though they get banged around. They are the perfect size for so many items. My only regret is that Anthro now has the coordinating dinner and salad plates which they did not have earlier. I mixed and matched and made do, but I think I just may have to buy more than I need. I want it all!
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  1. / Nov 19 2013
    Gorgeous set!
    We registered for this set using Amazon's Universal Wedding Registry. The pieces that came in the mail were in perfect condition! We have the dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and mugs. The mugs are especially gorgeous and have a print on the bottom of the inside. We haven't used them too much, but I plan on them being our everyday dishes. I'll update on the quality.
  2. / Dec 05 2012
    love these plates
    we registered for these plates for our wedding (through amazon's universal registry). they arrived in perfect condition and i love them and get compliments on them all the time. we got the matching salad plates too-- they're great to mix and match with plain white plates, too.
  3. / Nov 01 2012
    Swirl dinner plate
    Gorgeous pattern....better in person than in online picture.
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