Darci Rug
Darci Rug
$599.95-$1399.95 ($898.00-$1998.00)
more colors
Silvered Prisms Rug
Silvered Prisms Rug
$599.95-$1099.95 ($798.00-$1498.00)
more colors
Roped Relief Rug
Roped Relief Rug
$699.95-$1499.95 ($898.00-$1898.00)
Northwood Rug
Northwood Rug
$999.95-$1499.95 ($1298.00-$1898.00)

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(4.3 / 5)
60 Reviews
  1. / Aug 08 2014
    Exactly what I was looking for!
    The quality of material is great- thick and heavy. The design is beautiful and intricate. Perfect level of opaque to allow for privacy and also letting light in. Totally fit my apt. :)
  2. / Mar 04 2013
    Only 42"!
    I need to do something new with my kitchen curtains and thought the red would go great with the other red accents in the kitchen. The color of red is fine, like it shows up on my monitor...but the embroidery thread is really shiny. For some reason, this seems much more noticeable in my house in the evening in artifical light. I'm not too crazy about the shine, it is bugging me a little. Just an FYI, the background is not white or even a light cream, it almost looks like a natural linen color or muslin. It's not really a problem for me, although the color does make the curtains have a more casual feel in my opinion. The second thing is as some reviews have mentioned these are only 42" wide. That was really disappointing. Overall, I like the look but they were expensive so I don't know if I should ignore the things that bug me (skimpy width & shiny embroidery thread) for the overall look. The quality is great -- all cotton, lined, beautiful embroidery pattern -- so no issues there.
  3. / Jun 20 2014
    Beautiful gold embroidery
    I love these curtains. Over the years I've ordered the Marrakech curtains in 3 different colors for different rooms, and all have been great (red, black, and gold). The gold has a muted, antique look that is fairly neutral, as shown in the photo. I hung these in a room with Tibetan thangkas (scroll paintings) and they match beautifully. When measuring length, note that there will be a few inches "pull up" when using tiebacks.
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  1. / Dec 01 2014
    Pretty, Pretty, Pretty
    I wanted a heavier drape in our bedroom for the luxurious, sexy, yet not grandma feel and these fit the bill. I bought them in ivory. They have a decent weight to them without being so thick you have to have a super heavy duty rod to support them (even though I do). The ONLY thing I would like different is for the lining to be more of a black out lining, because I prefer absolutely no sun reaching it's way to my eyelids on the weekends. The design is great though!
  2. / Nov 03 2014
    I ordered the green/deep teal ones and they are absolutely stunning. The colour is just as striking in person as it is on the picture and the braiding is very well done and so unique! The only downside, which other reviews have mentioned, is that the velvet has couple of flaws here and there. They aren't obvious though and probably come from the packaging so overall I'm still very happy.
  3. / Nov 19 2014
    beautiful color
    I was reluctant to order the gold color. It seemed to bright and bold. I finally decided to go for it when the price was cut and was pleasantly surprised when I unpacked them. The color is a bit toned down then what showed on the computer. the quality is great.
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  1. / Feb 17 2015
    High quality
    I got these for my daughter's room and love them! It's so hard to find the perfect lavender curtains and I'm so glad I found these. They are thick enough to block out light and detailed so that it adds a little uniqueness to them.
  2. / Jan 14 2015
    I'm always checking out the sale section, and these are a great deal for the money. Love the way they look in my bedroom. They are double hung with roman shades - might be a bit thin on their own.
  3. / Jan 06 2015
    This pair is just right
    Love these drapes. They're cozy and simple and make the room feel finished.
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  1. / Mar 23 2015
    Love love love
    I have ordered 3 of these pillows- D,S,C and I love them. They are so pretty and a great addition to anywhere. I have one on my couch and the others on my bed. They are woolly and should be handled carefully. I only wish other letters that I want weren't sold out.
  2. / Mar 04 2015
    great accent pillow
    looks great, normal small square cushion size, the back has bright colours, embroidery is really nice mich better than picture shows. Great quality
  3. / Feb 17 2015
    Love this pillow!
    I could not love this pillow more! It is softer than I had thought it was going to be, and the detailing on the monogram is really nice. It is such a nice addition to my living room.
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  1. / Jun 03 2014
    Beautiful curtains! I hope Anthropologie brings these back in more colors. They let in plenty of light and coverage for privacy when paired with a second set of sheers.
  2. / May 18 2013
    These curtains are neutral and anything but boring. I have been searching for nearly a year for the perfect curtains for my bedroom, and these are it! It makes me smile every time I walk into the room. I have a white bedspread and a creamy colored fabric headboard, and these pull the room together like no other curtains could. I could not recommend highly enough. They are perfect.
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  1. / Jan 28 2015
    Truly beautiful
    The rug is very soft and truly beautiful, the detail of actual rug is just as ( or more) beautiful. It's very soft and thick, the knitted details are puffed up. Very true to it's name "roped relief rug" Love the subtle color pattern colors are very true to the website too. I do not usually leave reviews but this rug I had to.
  2. / Jan 23 2015
    OMG, SO beautiful!
    Very thick and lush, heavy. Great rug. I have a plant room where no kids or pets are allowed, so I got if for there. I lay on it and it feels almost like a mattress. It's a beautiful, detail-rich rug that vacuums quite well. No complaints from me, I'd recommend it to you. I got the 5 by 7 size.
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  1. / Feb 27 2015
    Lovely rug, exactly as -pictured. It's soft underfoot and what a great price!
  2. / Feb 25 2015
    It's less warm than in pics
    I like it, have to take it up to rooftop because it smells pretty damp. Came really well wrapped.
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