Nestos Rug
Nestos Rug
$4.95-$449.95 ($20.00-$1198.00)
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Petal Patch Rug
Petal Patch Rug
$9.95-$1699.95 ($20.00-$2898.00)
Handwoven Dhurrie
Handwoven Dhurrie
$149.95-$599.95 ($248.00-$998.00)

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  1. / Oct 06 2014
    The perfect drapes
    We bought these curtains in the mustard color for our baby's bedroom. We loved them so much that I bought the blue ones for our family room. They are fantastic! They keep the sun (and So Cal heat!) out, but don't make it so dark that you feel like you're in a cave. We love that they have an inner lining. While thick and sturdy, these are not blackout curtains. The curtains are very well made, and completely transform the look of any room. We adore them!
  2. / May 15 2012
    Fun and pretty
    I LOVE these curtains! The purple is a gorgeous velvet material, and while (as the previous reviewer noted) the pattern on this is large and can be a little much in a smaller room, I love the look of multiple patterns and lots of colors. I did the opposite of what she did. Instead of toning down everything else, I amped the rest of my decorations up. Honestly, I thought it would be overwhelming, but it's not at all. My only complaint is that the tan fabric of the background looks a little tiny bit like burlap. But as long as you aren't sticking your face in it, it's not that noticeable. Definitely recommend at the sale price!!!
  3. / Sep 23 2012
    Love these curtains
    These curtains are even more beautiful in person. Packs a nice punch if you want yo make a design statement. The plum is very pretty against the linen material. I ordered 4 to start and I just ordered 2 more. The additional 2 are now on back order. The price is awesome especially that they were previously $149.00
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  1. / Jun 12 2014
    just beautiful!
    I bought this rug in white…though it is really more of an ivory color while the design in the interior part of the rug has just a hint of gray. It's a perfect contrast against dark wood floors. The best part is; its as soft and comfortable underfoot as it is beautiful to look at it. Very versatile, too! Hardest part was deciding where to put it. Eventually found its way our guest room where it has received lots of compliments!
  2. / Mar 20 2014
    I bought the grey 8 x 10 which has a pattern more similar to the 2nd picture above - i think the first picture is the 9 x 12. The grey fiber has a lovely sheen to it and it looks so great in our house. The gold trim is also a bit metallic so it is a really nice elegant way to do a really versatile rug. The kicker for me was that I could easily find a place for this in another part of my home if the primary location (living room) didn't take well to it but no worries on our end. It looks perfect for our space. Has shed a little bit as normal rugs do but consistent vacuuming does the trick.
  3. / Jan 14 2014
    Softest Rug
    This rug is so plush. I definitely recommend getting a sample first to make sure it will work in your space. It is a purple-y grey. After seeing it I think for my space I will need the cream version. The material is so soft. You will want this under foot.
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  1. / Oct 09 2013
    These really are beautiful! Heavy fabric with sheer lining. The detail is unique and they totally changed by bedroom. LOVE them!
  2. / Jul 06 2012
    Amazing drapes
    I purchased these drapes for commercial use, they are even more lovely in real life than pictured online. There is a DTM sheer lining that is not pictured, but does not attach to the bottom or sides - allowing the velvet to be pulled back to expose the sheer panel for light to pass. The sand color is much much more tawny/mustard-y than shown (photo shown appears to have a tinge of olive green, not the case.) enjoy!
  3. / Jun 22 2012
    Best Parlor Curtains Ever
    Bought the 'Gold' color. I have a mac so the color looked exactly the same in person as online. Many of the comments were that it was gold, they are really more olive or olive gold. They are so pretty and well made. Ideally had wanted the blue but the green/gold compliments everything. A must buy!! Hope the blue go on sale so i can buy those too.
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  1. / Jul 19 2014
    The color of my shipment is very close to the photo - the curtains are heavy but works perfectly in our home. The lack of size info was a concern to me and a call to customer service was not helpful, they did not know. The panels are roughly 44 inches wide. The tops are a hidden tab top. The cost is for one panel, not a pair as shown. This info is needed in the ad, but I guessed correctly and it worked out beautifully for us. Gorgeous pattern. Quality material. Love them.
  2. / Jul 23 2014
    Lovely and unique
    First, let me warn you that these curtains are much darker than they appear in the photograph. They are more of an ecru/tea stain/ dark beige. Once again, Anthro strikes with the images that completely misrepresent the product. I don't know why they persist in doing this, but I wish they would stop. At any rate, these are lovely curtains and unlike anything you can find anywhere else. They are heavy, hang well, and don't wrinkle. I get lots of compliments on them. I have them in my dining room that is full of 19th century furniture and they work really well there. They might be hard to work with more modern decor, but you might give it a try and see. Definitely worth a shot.
  3. / Jul 13 2014
    Beautiful but NOT the color pictured!
    These curtains are beautifully made. The fabric is actually quite heavy and has a liner sewn onto the back. The colors of the birds and flowers and all are beautiful. I absolutely love them, except that the background is definitely a sand or tan color, rather than the cream color depicted in the photo. We put these on the window they are intended for, and the light coming through is walking into your great aunt Betty's house in the 70's. Dark.
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  1. / Jun 03 2014
    Beautiful curtains! I hope Anthropologie brings these back in more colors. They let in plenty of light and coverage for privacy when paired with a second set of sheers.
  2. / May 18 2013
    These curtains are neutral and anything but boring. I have been searching for nearly a year for the perfect curtains for my bedroom, and these are it! It makes me smile every time I walk into the room. I have a white bedspread and a creamy colored fabric headboard, and these pull the room together like no other curtains could. I could not recommend highly enough. They are perfect.
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  1. / May 28 2014
    large fresco pot
    Received this as a Mother's Day gift and loved it! Planted a braided tree hibiscus w/salmon flowers in it and set it on my deck. Everyone who visits comments on how pretty the pot looks. My piano room has white sofas sitting on a quarry tile floor and this pot looks outstanding inside as well. Love, love, love it!
  2. / Apr 06 2014
    So Pretty
    I bought the low small round pot and have it on my back porch and it looks gorgeous. I put 4 3" pot plants in it and it just makes me so happy every time I see it! Well worth my $38.
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  1. / Sep 25 2014
    I have been eyeing these for months and originally found them on line in an article about the artist. Sooooo cute, well made, and super fun! I'm ordering some more letters.....
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