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  1. / Nov 08 2013
    Beautiful Pillow
    I got this pillow in white velvet. The materials are lovely. The colors aren't quite as rich as shown on the website, they're a little brighter and candy colored as opposed to the deep jewel tones shown. They still match my decor, though, and the pillow is just beautiful. I love it.
  2. / Apr 03 2014
    Beautiful but pricey!
    I seen the white square in the store and love the texture of the velvet. I just can't bring myself to pay so much for a throw pillow. Matches my Sombrero sheet set I got from Anthro last year. Maybe I do want it...
  3. / Mar 11 2014
    really cute but...
    i actually love these pillows (I ordered them in white) however, invest in a lint roller. They pick up every little bit of fuzz. great pillows but if you're looking for hassle free throw pillows with little up keep, I'd say pass.
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  1. / Jun 12 2014
    just beautiful!
    I bought this rug in white…though it is really more of an ivory color while the design in the interior part of the rug has just a hint of gray. It's a perfect contrast against dark wood floors. The best part is; its as soft and comfortable underfoot as it is beautiful to look at it. Very versatile, too! Hardest part was deciding where to put it. Eventually found its way our guest room where it has received lots of compliments!
  2. / Mar 20 2014
    I bought the grey 8 x 10 which has a pattern more similar to the 2nd picture above - i think the first picture is the 9 x 12. The grey fiber has a lovely sheen to it and it looks so great in our house. The gold trim is also a bit metallic so it is a really nice elegant way to do a really versatile rug. The kicker for me was that I could easily find a place for this in another part of my home if the primary location (living room) didn't take well to it but no worries on our end. It looks perfect for our space. Has shed a little bit as normal rugs do but consistent vacuuming does the trick.
  3. / Jan 14 2014
    Softest Rug
    This rug is so plush. I definitely recommend getting a sample first to make sure it will work in your space. It is a purple-y grey. After seeing it I think for my space I will need the cream version. The material is so soft. You will want this under foot.
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  1. / Jan 14 2015
    I'm always checking out the sale section, and these are a great deal for the money. Love the way they look in my bedroom. They are double hung with roman shades - might be a bit thin on their own.
  2. / Jan 06 2015
    This pair is just right
    Love these drapes. They're cozy and simple and make the room feel finished.
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  1. / Feb 21 2013
    Love these
    These are gorgeous. They are a bit sheer so know that, total privacy but light comes through a bit, and the color online is true, so they're a dark coral/rose color, rather than a bright coral. I think they're beautiful though and we love them in our bedroom.
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  1. / Jan 10 2015
    Yay happy pillows!
    I got this in store in the square navy/rose, and I adore it. Was originally going to get the ivory/gray. This pillow is lovely, great two-sided texture, great size, and very cushy (but resilient). The only downside is the silk raw edges have threads slowly pulling, since there's no stay stitch (yay raw edge). You have to keep aware and trim them sometimes. Consequently, I still love the ivory/gray, which is still on sale. So I'm getting that one too.
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  1. / Aug 18 2014
    All sizes available!!
    Yipee! You are carrying all sizes. THANK YOU!!
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  1. / Dec 08 2014
    Beautiful Pillow
    I was immediately drawn to the caribou pillow in store on black friday. Fabric is lush, beautiful print, extremely soft and comfortable. However, the price is a bit more than I usually spend, and I was about to put it back, but then saw the description of Creative Growth Art Center. After reading about them a bit, I decided to buy not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because I want to support this collaboration, and encourage Anthropologie to continue to offer similar collections in the future. I will be buying the gorgeous coasters as well, and will look forward to Anthropologie offering more items designed by artists with disabilities!
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