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  1. / Apr 27 2012
    I had this wallpaper installed in a tiny powder room: it is just beautiful - detailed, whimsical, beautifully colored. My two rolls showed none of the printing sloppiness that others have reported. I can't comment on how hard it was to hang, because I hired someone - but he got it up perfectly in 2.5 hours.
  2. / Jul 12 2010
    Dining room mojo
    I took the leap and got some great help from my sister to hang this wallpaper since I had no expertise. Needless to say I would not have known how to do this without her! It looks pretty amazing in my Victorian home and adds a needed funky vibe and striking impact when you walk in the front door. The attached photo is 2 rolls in (10 foot ceilings), and we've since completed it with a third roll. The screen print is a little off as the previous reviewer mentioned but it's hard to tell if it was intentional or not!
  3. / Mar 31 2011
    papered my stairs with this - love it!
    I was unsure about this paper but ended up going for it - and it is wonderful! The colors are much richer in person and the detail is fabulous. It is easy to apply - I put it on my stair risers and it went on without a hitch. There is also a lot of it - I ordered 2 rolls (that is what I have needed in the past for my stairs), but I was able to do everything with just one roll and have plenty left over.
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  1. / Dec 01 2014
    Pretty, Pretty, Pretty
    I wanted a heavier drape in our bedroom for the luxurious, sexy, yet not grandma feel and these fit the bill. I bought them in ivory. They have a decent weight to them without being so thick you have to have a super heavy duty rod to support them (even though I do). The ONLY thing I would like different is for the lining to be more of a black out lining, because I prefer absolutely no sun reaching it's way to my eyelids on the weekends. The design is great though!
  2. / Nov 03 2014
    I ordered the green/deep teal ones and they are absolutely stunning. The colour is just as striking in person as it is on the picture and the braiding is very well done and so unique! The only downside, which other reviews have mentioned, is that the velvet has couple of flaws here and there. They aren't obvious though and probably come from the packaging so overall I'm still very happy.
  3. / Nov 19 2014
    beautiful color
    I was reluctant to order the gold color. It seemed to bright and bold. I finally decided to go for it when the price was cut and was pleasantly surprised when I unpacked them. The color is a bit toned down then what showed on the computer. the quality is great.
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  1. / Oct 06 2014
    The perfect drapes
    We bought these curtains in the mustard color for our baby's bedroom. We loved them so much that I bought the blue ones for our family room. They are fantastic! They keep the sun (and So Cal heat!) out, but don't make it so dark that you feel like you're in a cave. We love that they have an inner lining. While thick and sturdy, these are not blackout curtains. The curtains are very well made, and completely transform the look of any room. We adore them!
  2. / May 15 2012
    Fun and pretty
    I LOVE these curtains! The purple is a gorgeous velvet material, and while (as the previous reviewer noted) the pattern on this is large and can be a little much in a smaller room, I love the look of multiple patterns and lots of colors. I did the opposite of what she did. Instead of toning down everything else, I amped the rest of my decorations up. Honestly, I thought it would be overwhelming, but it's not at all. My only complaint is that the tan fabric of the background looks a little tiny bit like burlap. But as long as you aren't sticking your face in it, it's not that noticeable. Definitely recommend at the sale price!!!
  3. / Sep 23 2012
    Love these curtains
    These curtains are even more beautiful in person. Packs a nice punch if you want yo make a design statement. The plum is very pretty against the linen material. I ordered 4 to start and I just ordered 2 more. The additional 2 are now on back order. The price is awesome especially that they were previously $149.00
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  1. / Nov 08 2013
    Beautiful Pillow
    I got this pillow in white velvet. The materials are lovely. The colors aren't quite as rich as shown on the website, they're a little brighter and candy colored as opposed to the deep jewel tones shown. They still match my decor, though, and the pillow is just beautiful. I love it.
  2. / Apr 03 2014
    Beautiful but pricey!
    I seen the white square in the store and love the texture of the velvet. I just can't bring myself to pay so much for a throw pillow. Matches my Sombrero sheet set I got from Anthro last year. Maybe I do want it...
  3. / Mar 11 2014
    really cute but...
    i actually love these pillows (I ordered them in white) however, invest in a lint roller. They pick up every little bit of fuzz. great pillows but if you're looking for hassle free throw pillows with little up keep, I'd say pass.
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  1. / Jun 03 2014
    Beautiful curtains! I hope Anthropologie brings these back in more colors. They let in plenty of light and coverage for privacy when paired with a second set of sheers.
  2. / May 18 2013
    These curtains are neutral and anything but boring. I have been searching for nearly a year for the perfect curtains for my bedroom, and these are it! It makes me smile every time I walk into the room. I have a white bedspread and a creamy colored fabric headboard, and these pull the room together like no other curtains could. I could not recommend highly enough. They are perfect.
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  1. / Apr 08 2013
    First time buyer from Anthro, couldn't be happier with the service and quality! Beautiful addition to some plain white bedside drawers. Have just purchased more for my dressing table. Delicate & petite yet sturdy. Love.
  2. / Dec 11 2011
    I got these knobs for a glass-front cabinet from Ikea I wanted to jazz up a bit. I really like these pulls, though I had to saw off the backs quite a bit, as they are very very long! Also, they are kind of dark. The orange and pink don't pop quite as much as the purple and blue.
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  1. / Jan 22 2015
    Animals are charming and subtle.
    These curtains really pulled my room together. They have lots of texture, unexpected design and an interesting color palette that blends well with many rooms. I like the little touches of black; it gives it a tiny bit of masculinity. The background color is greige. If you don't need to be matchy-matchy, it'll work with grays. I love the design and texture and am giving it 4 stars because of burlap-rigidity instead of a linen-drape. I braided together jute and ribbons to make a couple of tie-backs and prefer the appearance. It also has a reallly strong smell. I put in the dryer on air cycle to dissipate but still notice every time I walk by the room.
  2. / Aug 27 2014
    Cute, original and well made!
    I was a little apprehensive to purchase these curtains as they were so expensive, but I'm glad I did. The colors are true to the first two images (not the outdoor one - not sure why it appears so gray). They are certainly burlap in color with gold/yellow and red/pink accents. They are very well made and very cute! The only downside is that you need a large window to effectively display them as tying them back hides most of the sewn-on animals.
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