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  1. / Dec 07 2013
    Many Years Later....
    I bought my Marrakech curtains probably at least 6 years ago, maybe even 10 years ago and I still love them. I have moved them from my living room to my kitchen. I have washed them with bleach several times and the turquoise has faded to the palest silver. They are hard to iron, but still hang beautifully and the quality of sunlight when it passes through the curtain is lovely. They have held up nicely to many machine washings and I think I like the faded embroidery better than the original color. I have ordered other curtains for my kitchen and sent them back because they did not look as good as these My kitchen is very small and painted a pale grey green with lots of colorful Mexican and Caribbean folk art on the walls so the panels blend in enough to make everything work without making my kitchen look smaller. I guess when they fully wear out I will have to buy another set of Marrakech curtains. I highly recommend them for design and quality.
  2. / Feb 19 2015
    Excuse me while I swoon
    I bought these and feeling a little skeptical, but once I hung them up, I can't stop admiring my room. These are worth the splurge and give a great compliment to my room. The detailed stitching is beautiful and I get many, many compliments on them.
  3. / Oct 15 2013
    Farmhouse meets trip around the world.
    After obsessing over these curtains for a month, I finally placed my order. I got the gold for my family room, but decided they were a little to brassy for my taste and ordered the red. They are lovely. Unique, visually stunning, and since I travel a lot now that I am older, fits well with all of my collections of art, photography and artifacts from my trips. I also ordered Turquoise for my dining room and used the gold in a bath room behind the claw foot tube and spanish mirror I hauled back from Toledo. I even found nice rope tie backs through Renovator's Hardware where there is a nice selection of curtain rods. Very satisfied.
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  1. / Jun 10 2014
    These curtains are stunning! Yes, they cost a pretty penny, but I couldn't imagine my bedroom with any other curtains. These HAD to be it. And, indeed, they brought everything together. I ordered these curtains in the light red color. I was concerned with other reviews about the actual color of the curtains in comparison with the way they look online. The color is true, but a bit more muted. So, it's not as bright as the picture online. It has more blue than yellow undertones, but I'd say that the online picture is pretty accurate. Maybe a bit mauve - but a happy mauve, not a sad mauve. The curtains have a separate lining that is sewn to the top and side, adding an extra layer. I placed a white linen curtain behind these on a double-rod curtain. Do not hesitate to order these. They are really beautiful.
  2. / Jan 11 2015
    Purchased these gorgeous drapes to go over my sliding doors to the back yard off of my family room. Besides the doors are numerous windows covered by off white linen roman shades. The natural color was the perfect compliment. The ruffles boast a earthy natural look - pure boho glam style. I hung the drapes high on the wall and they are an instant eye catcher when someone walks into the room. If you are concerned with the price, realize you get what you pay for. This is a luxe yet earthy style - therefore the threads and feathered ends are a compliment to the style. Highly recommend to someone looking for this style.
  3. / Nov 03 2011
    great curtains
    i ordered those in natural color. waited for ages until those became available. made me quite mad, but it was worth it. they're light, and subtly beautiful, with their pleats, and are exactly(or almost exactly) the color of my wall (Cangaroo by Benjamin Moore if u want to look it up, though i'm sure it looks slightly different on the screen), creating thus the soft, unintrusive look i wanted to create for my bedroom's window. they are rather transparent(do have lining, but thin one), so they do let the light in, but they transform it from a blinding and bright to a very soft, golden, fairy-tale-y one. in short, i'm in love with those curtains. i look at them and smile. they arrived a bit wrinkled, but no big deal..i never iron, it goes away by itself.
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  1. / Jan 27 2015
    I ordered these curtains for our new house not knowing for sure how they would look in person and I'm blown away by how gorgeous they are! They are the first thing that everyone notices and comments on when they walk in the door. They are beautiful and great quality. I would recumbent these to everyone!
  2. / Jan 30 2015
    Gorgeous curtains
    Bought these for my dining room makeover & I'm in love! They are so pretty in person & colors represented are very true to life.
  3. / Mar 08 2014
    Beautiful curtains.
    I Love 'em! Just beautiful. I ordered 5 panels in blue. I was very happy they have liner on the back and they still let light in. The design is lovely and the colors of flowers and leaves are working beautifully together. They make a statement in my living room and dining room and I got many complements and questions about them from friends. I can't find even one negative to say.
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  1. / Oct 14 2014
    These tiebacks are absolutely darling. They are heavy and made well. They are bigger than I thought and really stand out. I recommend installing them with molly bolts because of their heft.
  2. / Sep 26 2013
    love it
    got this yesterday - i haven;t put it up yet so i'm early here but i love the look. it will go in my family room to hold up the soraya curtains from anthro and i can tell it will be striking. i wish anthro had more unique striking things like this within reasonable price range.
  3. / Sep 17 2013
    Really cute
    I love these but was only sent one, not the set of two. Still haven't heard back from CS to see if they are planning on sending th other of the set...
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  1. / Jan 08 2015
    Love these curtains
    We have a small White bedroom with a large wood head board these curtains did just as I expected they made the room come together. One thing the picture does not show is the edging. There are sequence and beads which was an added bonus.
  2. / Jan 01 2015
    Gorgeous , unique!
    These curtains have transformed our bedroom into a place of intrigue and mystique. They don't provide much light-filtering, but we have shades behind them, so not a problem. In fact, the light filtering through the cut outs looks beautiful and lends a subtle shimmer to the sequined edges. I think they're a little bit saucy, late Victorian/slightly raffish Arts & Crafts. As you can tell, I'm rather taken with them!
  3. / Apr 10 2014
    Statement curtain!
    This curtain definitely darkens the room but I'm using in a first floor powder room that is done in deep tones. I love the way the sun streams through the cutwork. Perfect textile for my jewel box bathroom. Love it.
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  1. / Feb 10 2015
    These curtains are gorgeous, the fabrics and the lace work which is strong to feel and quality fabric. Soft cream and white colours are lovely. Only sad thing is that the 12 (yes twelve) I bought almost all have very fine stain blemishes within the weave. The blemishes are usually grey little lines, like a fine lead pencil or biro - as if a small mark on a fabric roller or part of the machinery had not been perfectly clean when it was produced. Not quite bad enough to return unless I lived near an Anthro shop (especially with the nuisance Australian tariffs and red tape I had with such a large order).
  2. / May 20 2014
    I have been searching for the perfect curtains for my living room for 3 years ... I wanted something soft and bohemian that was good quality and let in light. These are PERFECT. I actually cut out the back cotton panel to allow more light get through, but they were wonderful as then came and I'm sure you'll like them as the are if you aren't an OCD freak like me! The crochet is sturdy (not to mention beautiful) and the cotton panels in between each strip of crochet are high quality as well. Love love love them.
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  1. / Dec 12 2013
    Simple with pizazz!
    I was looking for a neutral curtain that had a little big of spunk. These fit the bill perfectly! The color is a neutral-y, muslin-y type of color, the material is light enough to let light through with some fibers woven through to give it that bohemian look, but my favorite thing about these curtains is the embroidered, sequined shapes.. Its really pretty and interesting without being too over the top. The colors of the embroidered shapes are light and dark grays, a pale blue, and a mustard yellow... all muted colors that will go with many decors.The sequins are subtle, you cant really see them unless you're really up close. I would highly reccomend these!
  2. / Apr 03 2014
    Gorgeous curtains
    These curtains are absolutely beautiful. They are the perfect addition to my dining room. Very high quality with nice details. They have a lot of texture - shimmery embroidery throughout and velvety round circles near the top. Delicate and pretty against my light green walls. I highly recommend these curtains.
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Curtains have a way of polishing off any room of the house. Being the incurable magpies that we are, we especially gravitate towards curtains that are embroidered, appliquéd and flocked, as they have a way of injecting levity and energy into your space. In addition to considering the palette, texture and opacity of your curtains (remember: a curtain's truest function is to filter the sun!), be sure to pay mind to your curtain hardware. From colorful glass and ceramic finals to burnished brass and iron rods, today's hardware choices are anything but staid. This season, we take a particular shine to those curtain panels and curtain hardware inspired by nature - think falling leaves, blooming flora and scurrying
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