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  1. / Jun 10 2014
    These curtains are stunning! Yes, they cost a pretty penny, but I couldn't imagine my bedroom with any other curtains. These HAD to be it. And, indeed, they brought everything together. I ordered these curtains in the light red color. I was concerned with other reviews about the actual color of the curtains in comparison with the way they look online. The color is true, but a bit more muted. So, it's not as bright as the picture online. It has more blue than yellow undertones, but I'd say that the online picture is pretty accurate. Maybe a bit mauve - but a happy mauve, not a sad mauve. The curtains have a separate lining that is sewn to the top and side, adding an extra layer. I placed a white linen curtain behind these on a double-rod curtain. Do not hesitate to order these. They are really beautiful.
  2. / Nov 03 2011
    great curtains
    i ordered those in natural color. waited for ages until those became available. made me quite mad, but it was worth it. they're light, and subtly beautiful, with their pleats, and are exactly(or almost exactly) the color of my wall (Cangaroo by Benjamin Moore if u want to look it up, though i'm sure it looks slightly different on the screen), creating thus the soft, unintrusive look i wanted to create for my bedroom's window. they are rather transparent(do have lining, but thin one), so they do let the light in, but they transform it from a blinding and bright to a very soft, golden, fairy-tale-y one. in short, i'm in love with those curtains. i look at them and smile. they arrived a bit wrinkled, but no big deal..i never iron, it goes away by itself.
  3. / Jun 02 2015
    Beautiful Curtains!
    LOVE the mint color. These curtains drape beautifully. Very happy with this purchase.
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  1. / May 08 2015
    Beautiful curtains!
    I was looking for fun curtains and these are the only ones I could find that I liked. When they arrived, I was so happy to see that the colors are accurate in the picture. The top which is not shown in the picture has a tab top construction but it's sewn down so it does not show. They look amazing hung up and like an expensive drape. (well I guess they are expensive) I'm glad I splurged on these. I have a wall color that matches the large limey green flower. I really like the navy blue accent color in there and it may be difficult to tell but there are also teal leaves in there as well. Lots of fun colors to work with. Also a very nice lining. It lets in plenty of light but is still private. Extremely pleased with this purchase. Well worth the splurge.
  2. / May 14 2015
    Gorgeous fabric
    I have been searching for fabrics to use as a roman shade in my master bedroom and decided to order the Kalei curtain. The weight of the material is perfect and does not wrinkle too easy. It comes with a pretty decent lining already sewn in. The pattern is true to the image and is gorgeous in person. I absolutely love the colours!
  3. / May 04 2015
    Lovely, Airy and Perfect
    I had been eying these curtains online for months and finally took the plunge and bought them in raspberry! I waited so long to purchase them because it seemed a bit pricey for 2 panels but I just couldn't find anything I liked more than these. I am very happy with them! They arrived quickly and were exactly what I wanted for our bedroom. They look lovely! And the extra liner in the back is great for privacy. They let a lot of light in but you can't see through the curtains from the outside.
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  1. / Jan 08 2015
    Love these curtains
    We have a small White bedroom with a large wood head board these curtains did just as I expected they made the room come together. One thing the picture does not show is the edging. There are sequence and beads which was an added bonus.
  2. / Jan 01 2015
    Gorgeous , unique!
    These curtains have transformed our bedroom into a place of intrigue and mystique. They don't provide much light-filtering, but we have shades behind them, so not a problem. In fact, the light filtering through the cut outs looks beautiful and lends a subtle shimmer to the sequined edges. I think they're a little bit saucy, late Victorian/slightly raffish Arts & Crafts. As you can tell, I'm rather taken with them!
  3. / Apr 10 2014
    Statement curtain!
    This curtain definitely darkens the room but I'm using in a first floor powder room that is done in deep tones. I love the way the sun streams through the cutwork. Perfect textile for my jewel box bathroom. Love it.
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  1. / Jan 17 2015
    These look a touch darker in my TV room than they look online, but my window faces east. Not a problem though. They are great panel curtains. They are fun/playful, but sophisticated enough---not too juvenile or youthful looking.
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  1. / Mar 03 2014
    A work of art!
    This curtain is stunning! The print looks like a watercolor painting. I like the fact that the print is mostly towards the bottom because it makes the curtain quite versatile. You can feel good about putting up so much color because the neutral area at the top of the panel prevents it from being overwhelming. The colors in the 'painting' are more vibrant and saturated than they look in the pic. The red is quite bright and has a touch of orange in it. The blue flowers have a slight purple cast. Overall, the colors work really well together. The quality of the curtain is quite good. The fabric has linen, so the weight is fairly substantial. The curtain doesn't really block out much light... just FYI in case you're looking for a blackout type of drape. The curtain is pricey, but it's a knockout piece! It makes a statement... kind of bohemian, but also elegant. Love it!
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  1. / Apr 09 2015
    I wanted a plain curtain in a neutral color for my living room. I have the Anthro yellow pom pom curtains in my adjoining dining room, and I felt like the living room needed a quiet vibe to offset those. I wondered if I was going too far in that direction by ordering these (I ordered the ivory, same color as my living room walls), but in fact they are pretty much spot on for what I was looking for. I was also a little worried about the tie tops but in fact they give the curtains that touch of pizzazz I like. The quality is 5-star, and the tops stay tied with just one loop. I love the gray and coral colors as well, and if I ever decide I want some color on the windows, I would not hesitate to order in those colors as well.
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  1. / Mar 15 2015
    Understated Edgy Elegance
    I love these curtains! I have purchased and returned so many potential curtains for my dining room I had almost given up. These curtains are beautiful, well made linen, with a classic look but the fringed trim and burn-out pattern also gives them an edgy look. The creme color keeps the room light and would blend with any room color.
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Curtains have a way of polishing off any room of the house. Being the incurable magpies that we are, we especially gravitate towards curtains that are embroidered, appliquéd and flocked, as they have a way of injecting levity and energy into your space. In addition to considering the palette, texture and opacity of your curtains (remember: a curtain's truest function is to filter the sun!), be sure to pay mind to your curtain hardware. From colorful glass and ceramic finals to burnished brass and iron rods, today's hardware choices are anything but staid. This season, we take a particular shine to those curtain panels and curtain hardware inspired by nature - think falling leaves, blooming flora and scurrying
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