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Picture it: the family is gathered, Nat King Cole is playing, a fire is warming the hearth, maybe there's even a bit of snow falling outside the window. There's just one thing missing—a perfectly decorated tree. To kick off the decking of the halls, we've asked three of our favorite designphiles to choose the trimmings they'd use to create an even more beautiful holiday, and to share some cherished memories of holidays past.

As chosen by Jordan Ferney of  OH HAPPY DAY

I like to get a few new ornaments each year to remind me of the events that happened in our lives over those past 12 months. I also try to put on a few handmade ornaments. I love these giant glass ornaments—I think they would look amazing on the tree or piled in a bowl on display. And the boat ornament reminds me of a sailing trip I took with my friends to the Greek Isles.

My mom was an artist so she always made sure the tree was beautiful even though my family didn't have much. She taught me how to string lights by carefully wrapping each branch one at a time. She even chose wrapping papers that would go with the look and feel of the tree. Now that I have my own family, the tree has become a ritual. We always go out the day after Thanksgiving to choose our tree. And, I understand why people get them, but I don't particularly like fake trees. The real ones just smell so good.

As chosen by artist MOLLY HATCH

I am always drawn to white and metallic for trees because they create such a lovely contrast to the evergreen. I chose a "Land and Sea" theme for my tree, and the animals, boat and house illustrate that. The wooden snowflakes add nice texture—and I had to include the porcelain animals of my own design; I can't wait to see them on my tree this year! I included the glass and mirrored balls because they reflect light so well—and the holiday is very much about celebrating light for me.

Growing up, my whole family would hike into the woods near our home on Christmas Eve to search for a tree that had recently fallen and was still green, or we would cut a long-needled White Pine. That meant no presents went under the tree until December 24th—the wait was torture! We were allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve, which is a tradition my husband and I have passed onto our daughter.

As chosen by Shauna Alterio of  SOMETHING'S HIDING IN HERE

The theme for my tree is "Modern Cozy Cabin." I always start with a simple, classic ornament. I love these glass ones for their bright colors and vintage feel—I'd buy more than five boxes because tucking them into the branches would add lots of depth. The teeny houses remind me of a rustic winter village, but their clean lines give them a modern feel. They'll look sweet in little clusters, so I'd get a bunch. The soft texture of this felted wool garland is a perfect counterpoint to the glass balls. Depending on thesize of your tree, three or more strands should do it.

Each Thanksgiving, my husband and I spend the day in our pajamas, playing with the dog, cooking yummy food and decorating for Christmas. It's become my favorite way to celebrate the holidays.

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