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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Swimwear
(4.6 / 5)
146 Reviews
  1. / Jul 10 2014
    Exactly What I Wanted...
    I am just under 5'5", directly under my chest is 30" - Victoria secret pushed a 32C on me and it fits beautifully, but I believe I am much more smaller chested than a C. My waist is 27" and my hips are 36" - I am generally around 120 lbs - I purchased the 4 and it fits beautifully. The bottom covers my rump and I feel this suit will prevent those awkward "need to make sure my suit is covering my butt" moments. I have issues with things tied around my neck, but this suit holds its own enough (through the bodice portion) that the straps aren't pulling down (I also have my smaller chest to thank for that). When my friend saw it, she was shocked and loved how classic it looked. My husband... well, he likes me in a bikini... but he embraced this one piece. :-) (PS, if you are used to bikinis like I am, it's going to feel VERY weird at first... but when you walk around in your home wearing it while trying it on, you start to think, "I can go to a pool or beach and not feel naked!" and it's an amazing feeling)
  2. / Feb 09 2014
    Cute as a button!
    This swimsuit is a classic, and offers all the coverage that many women want, but struggle to find. As the other reviews say, it has retro pin up girl appeal, but still remains contemporary and fun. The quality is lovely. Bootylicious and pear-shaped girls - you might struggle just a bit with this suit, but it's worth a try. I am 5'4" 125 lbs, with a 33 inch bust and booty to spare. I tried a sz 4 on. While the top did not provide real support for me (and I needed the padding) that's understandable since I don't have a large bust. The bottom was wondering up over my 36.5 inch hips, sometimes and - if I was not careful - show a little of my not-so-young behind. That's my shape, though - bigger on bottom than on top. I agree with other reviewers - it is slimming, and I love all the coverage I got with it, and I liked the classic yet fun characteristics of the suit. If you're considering this suit - I say definitely try it out, it's a great choice.
  3. / Dec 18 2012
    Figure flattering glamour
    I bought this months ago in navy and have had compliments every time I've worn it. The design is fabulous 50s glamour and the cut wears more like shorts, which I love as it downplays my hips unlike most normal swimsuit cuts. I've also gained weight around my stomach recently and this does a good job of minimising the bulge. The only cons here are that if you are a true pear shape with relatively little on top, you do need to tie the suit fairly tight to stop the inbuilt bra cups from drooping. Also, the fabric is of the highest quality and very thick. But that also means it takes an age to dry if you can't dry it out in the sun (as was the case on a recent trip where our hotel room didn't have a balcony and it was still damp when I put it on the next day). Finally, I would recommend sizing down 1 size if you like a snug fit. While I wouldn't say mine is loose, it doesn't feel as tight as I'd like it to. All in all I think the price is worth the investment as it's likely to be the most durable and flattering suit you'll find!
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  1. / Jun 14 2014
    The best one-piece!
    After having my son in 2012, I had to retire my two piece bathing suits. I've hated every one-piece bathing suit that I've tried, until now. This suit is amazing. It doesn't have a "motherly" look to it. I actually feel confident and beautiful in this bathing suit! I have to refrain myself from buying it in every available color. I am 5'6, 135 pounds, a 34B, and the medium fits perfectly. I have a long torso, wide hips, and a small chest, so I normally have a difficult time finding a bathing suit that fits me all over. I even worried about the back of the bathing suit before purchasing it. I thought that it might hug my back, and give me the dreaded "back fat." But it doesn't. Seriously, I don't think I could ask for a better bathing suit. If you're looking for a flattering, comfortable, and practical bathing suit, look no further. You'll only regret that you didn't purchase it sooner!!
  2. / Apr 18 2014
    Did my heart love till now?
    I think that like most women who've been told all their life they should hide 'problem areas' I, too, hate shopping for swimsuits. It means coming to terms with my insecurities and finding a cute way to cover them. I'm constantly disappointed and rarely happy after trying on a swimsuit. That all changed with this suit. Such a beautifully shaped suit, and the fabric is soft enough that it doesn't dig into you and cause weird bumps. The daring cut on such a sweet print (blue motif) framed by feminine ruffles is just the absolute cherry on top. I've never been happier with a swimsuit. I will agree that it doesn't offer much chest support, but that wasn't a huge problem for me. I love this suit and you should be as happy as I am.
  3. / Mar 26 2014
    LOVE this, TTS.
    Ordered the green motif in this suit recently, and really love the print and cut/comfort of the suit. Based on other reviews, I ordered the S (normally between XS and S or 0-4, though this is my first swimsuit from anthro, and first one-piece as an adult). It is darling ... there is enough fabric that it doesn't have to be very low-cut if you tie the halter properly. I love it low, personally, but don't have much to support. I ordered this mainly to be more modest around my boyfriend's family for a summer beach trip, but it is still very young and modern (my bf LOVES it), and I can't wait to wear it outside. I do wish the back were cut lower, and that I had perhaps tried the XS, but not worth the cost to exchange. Also the butt is cut a bit like a little girl bathing suit, with 100% full coverage and then some, but I guess that goes with modesty of ordering a one-piece!
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  1. / Mar 06 2014
    Flattering yet Flexible
    I am 6 months pregnant and just received a size 8 for the summer. I tried it on to see if it'd even go on, to get an idea of how it might fit after the birth. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised: I was able to get it over my belly and fully tied on. I think bikinis look better on pregnant women, but I bought it for after the birth. I am 5'5". Before getting pregnant, I was 125 pounds and a small C. Now I am 146 pounds and a large C. The size 8 fits snugly when fully stretched out in the middle. I think it will fit nicely this summer, when I anticipate being around 135 pounds and maybe a large C/small D. I didn't realize the cups were padded, but it's actually fine/flattering. The boy shorts come down enough to make me feel very secure. My only issue is the rope design isn't quite as sophisticated in person. But the vertical stripes are very flattering, so I can get over it quickly!
  2. / Jun 27 2014
    so flattering! LOVE!
    i have never written a review before -- but i felt compelled because I LOVE THIS BATHING SUIT! got it in the mail yesterday, slipped it on -- and i think it was the first time in my adult life that i actually LIKED the way i looked in a bathing suit. came back on anthro website today to get the floral one, too. have not worn it i the water yet -- it's possible the chest is a little big and might sag in the water -- but i don't care cuz it's so darn cute :). i'm 5 ft 7.5 in, 118 lbs - and i got the size 4 - body and legs of suit fit well.
  3. / Jul 27 2014
    Perfect if you don't have big boobs
    I just received it and i have to say i am a bit disappointed. I am 5ft. 4 and 150lbs, i ordered a 10. It fits perfectly, except at the chest. I am a 36DD and i am so upset because this bathing suit has no support for big boobs. I am afraid they will come out everytime i jump in the pool and i really don't want to worry about it. So, i don't know if i'll keep it or send it back. I thought at this price and because of the comments, i'd have a good support and everything, but i'm not sure it's worth the money i spent. It's not because of the suit itself, more like my breast. Also, last thing that i don,t really like is the back. It looks a bit awkward with the seam in the middle.
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  1. / Jan 28 2014
    Wow - Pinup Magic!
    This suit looks fabulous on the website - in each of the different color and patterns offerings. I was hesitant to order such an expensive item online, but was very pleasantly surprised by the actual merchandise. US Size 6 fits completely perfectly: 5'5", 130 lbs, smaller-chested, longer torso and athletic legs. Hope that gives you a guide if you're not sure. It couldn't be more flattering! Feminine, modest, but still very sexy. if you're a mature but fun-lovin' mom, you'll appreciate the coverage, great fabric, and incredible tummy-forgiving middle when you're actively multi-tasking round the beach and pool. Boy leg cut makes grooming less onerous, if you know what I mean! The leg openings fit the thighs without pinching or causing bulges. Even for the younger, lither, girls, as evidenced by the model, this is a timeless, classic pinup style. It's been near impossible to find a swimsuit for Moms that's pretty AND practical for actual movement. Here's the solution!
  2. / Sep 05 2014
    Great Suit - Good Fit
    I am 5'6 130 pnds and a 36C. I normally wear a 6 in pants and a 8 in tops (boobs). I have a boy shape - boy shaped butt and big waist for my size. Normally in a dress I would purchase an 8 and whatever my dress size I do in a bathing suit and an 8 fit perfectly. I did try a 6 in the floral print because that was all they had and it was just too small for my boobs - the 8 is very comfortable. This suit is the answer to my prayers for my butt! Bathing suit bottoms have never been flattering on me because of my shape and in this suit I finally feel very sexy and my boyfriend LOVES it. It also is complementing to a larger waist too. I wound up with the poka dot for the size 8 and it is a very cute suit with good material. The floral finally has an 8 available so I just purchased a second suit today!
  3. / May 11 2014
    such a cute suit
    This is very well made and looks good. Very flattering. I had to return the suit because after reading other reviews I felt that it may fit over my HUGE top parts. So I ordered a 14 to make sure. That made the suit way to big in the hips and middle (I was going to take it in there anyway bc I can sew) but it did not have enough room up top. That was not a problem with the suit at all, just a problem with me. I absolutely loved how the suit looked from behind. I have a flat derriere and skinny thighs and it made me look as good as any suit I have ever had.
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  1. / Jun 27 2014
    Ordered this swimsuit with hopes high, but it definitely exceeded my expectations... especially since I never tried it on and got the sizing correctly. I'm a 36C-36D and ordered a Medium in the black; fits great. The peplum style makes my curves stand out in a "balanced" way while giving me a more slender look. I ordered a Small (usually wear a size 6) for the bottom and fits nicely as well. Going to be wearing this all summer. Thinking of buying the blue motif one just cause I like it so much.
  2. / Apr 07 2014
    flattering fit!
    I'm of an age that I'm finally transitioning from bikinis to suits with a little bit of coverage…it's killing me. I don't like tankini tops because they tend to ride up on me. This suit works perfectly! The peplum is both fun and functional. The suit is a little flirty and a lot flattering! And, in response to another reviewer's comment on being concerned that the hem was not "finished", this material is laser cut. It's a great finish and is guaranteed not to fray. It's specifically designed with the laser cutting to be smooth and not bulk. A revolutionary process, not to worry. I wear a 2-4 and the Small fits nicely.
  3. / Mar 19 2014
    I love this top. It is young but modest and covers well. It is a little loose in the waist but fits well in the bust. Very flattering fit for a curvy girl. I did order the blue motiff (floral) and ended up with this wrong color they sent me the blue motiff (multi?) It seems like that is an error on their website because both colors have the same name in different styles with different patterns. Nonetheless, it is a great suit and I would buy it in every color!
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  1. / Jun 25 2014
    Pretty in Pink
    Great fabric with a substantial feel. I love how you can change the look of the top with the straps. The clip in the back is sturdy and the cups are sewn in rather than sitting inside a pocket like many other swim tops. A note on the color. I bought this top in the "red," however, it is a very bright pink. It is closer in color to the first picture of the "red" than the second. In the picture on the model, it has more of a neutral pink tone, but in person is is much brighter.
  2. / May 22 2014
    need the perfect swimsuit. LOOK NO FURTHER!
    I have always had the HARDEST time finding swimsuits. Between factoring in color, style, price- as well as the type of tan lines it will give me- every summer I find myself unlucky and reusing past summer suits. I went out on a limb with this top and I am SO SO happy I did! First off- the material is incredibly well made- amazing quality! I am typically a size 8 and ordered the size 8 and it fit better than any other bra or swimsuit top I have ever previously purchased.. I felt like this top was made for me. I have a C bust and everything felt very secure and there was not any unnecessary cleavage or falling out in any way. I LOVE the way this top can be converted into a halter or bandeau as well! As far as the color- I had wanted the black but it was sold out so I went for the 'red'- WELL... the description says red- the image looks pale pink... when I opened the box when it arrived- it was neon fuchsia! I was very surprised but ended up loving it more than what I assumed I would be receiving (the pale pink) from the image. Luckily for me, it ended up matching the separate bottoms I previously purchased- but just beware if you are trying to match it to something a bit more unique. Overall I would totally recommend this top- the quality and fit is by far the best I have encountered to date in a swimsuit. It is totally worth the price!
  3. / May 22 2014
    Great Top
    I am a 30-32 DD in a bra and I can't tell you how much I love this top. I normally can't wear the bandeau style b/c it doesn't support me correctly but this one is absolutely perfect! I was able to try on the 8 in the store (they didn't have any other sizes) and it fit great. I can't say anything about the bottoms b/c I bought the black and just pairing it with another suite I have. Love it and would recommend this for large chest and small waist.
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  1. / May 29 2014
    my favorite suit ever!
    Somehow, this swimsuit is both the most comfortable and most flattering one I've ever had. I got the 8 and normally wear a Med in tops and 8 or 10 in bottoms, and I'm 5'9". The 8 is perfect. I have wide hips and it really slims them down. It's nice not to feel quite so exposed too. I'm 36B on top and again the 8 fits just right. It gives me shape. The summer garden pattern is really pretty. It looks just like it does online. Oh, and the material weight and the gathering around the middle holds my stomach in nicely. I can't imagine this suit looking bad on anyone. The next suit I buy will be this one in a different color or fabric.
  2. / Sep 02 2014
    This swimsuit makes you look like a 50's pinup model - VERY flattering. Also feels well-made and durable. I'll be buying this style in another color later. I'm a 5'4", 135 lb, 36D, and the size 10 fit me perfectly.
  3. / Jul 13 2014
    Great one piece suit
    I absolutely love this suit, so much that I ordered the black one as well. It is so comfortable and flattering. I love the vintage look of the suit. I have had 2 children so I wanted something cute and not the same old one piece. The rouching throughout the front is slimming. The chest of the suit is very nice, my chest is very small now after having children and this suit compliments everything nicely! I would definitely recommend this suit to anyone, seems like it would be flattering on any shape.
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