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Boulangerie Jar
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Tisane Votive
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Tantallon Lantern
Tantallon Lantern
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Capri Blue Jar Candle
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Hotan Candle
Hotan Candle
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Hotan Candle
Hotan Candle
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Capri Blue Constellation Candle
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Geo Glow Lantern
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Crown-Feather Taper Holder
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Average rating for Candles
(4.7 / 5)
139 Reviews
  1. / Jun 21 2012
    Anthro at home
    Anthropologie is my favorite retail therapy store! I shop both In store and Online. I stopped shopping at other stores since I fell in love with Anthro. I was away from home yesterday and stopped at different Anthro. I felt at home. I realized they smelled the same as my local Anthro. (DUH) I see their candles all the time while I shop there. I even play finding the one with light with my little girl. Why didn't I think about it before? I LOVE the smell of the store as well as the art and the merchandise. So, today, I went into my local Anthro and asked SA for her recommendation. She told me that many customers say "Volcano" candles smell like the store the most. There is a smaller candle of the Volcano but I brought this bigger (and prettier) one home. If you are in love with the store and haven't had this, you should get this! I am enjoying the scent, and it's soooo relaxing! I want to get the smaller one for my closet! When I am stressed, I'd go into my closet and look at my Anthro pieces and relax.
  2. / Nov 28 2014
    I just love this scent and always have this candle in my house. Also, have given as gifts and everyone just loves. Not too strong of a scent and just a nice clean, crisp smell! My favorite candle and always looks pretty when burning!
  3. / Dec 03 2014
    I'm an addict!
    In one word, AMAZING! The scent is just amazing. It smells so goooooooooood I am addicted to it. I burn it everyday! Friends who visit my place always ask about this candle and give lots of complements.
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  1. / Dec 01 2011
    These Voluspa candles are so much nicer in the colorful cut glass jar rather than the tin this brand makes. Very pretty & they smell gr-8!!!! I purchased all of them & I'll be getting more. Also, makes a nice gift!!! The red jar is Goji Berry. The scent is blood orange w/goji berry.Very different nice scent! Santiago Huckleberry is in a cool purple jar w/vanilla/sugarcane scent. Yes, thats a good one!! Baltic Amber i really didn"t care for the sandlewood/cedar smell although the orange jar was gr-8. French Cade is a delightful lavender/moss scent in a light blue aqua jar.Just wonderful Belle Sucre is in a very light pink jar .It would sit nice in a ladies room as the scent is sugar sweet,tiare flower.Out of Sight Cool!! These candles have 1 wick & they are a nice size. Looks so pretty at night when these are lit.(the light thru the cut colorful glass) I know you too will have a :)) on your face & will enjoy these candles as much as I do!!!
  2. / Dec 02 2012
    New favorite candle!
    I was never that into candles (I liked them, but I was never able to find scents I really loved), but once I came across these online, I took a chance and ordered the Santiago Huckleberry based on people's reviews. Let's just say I'm a Voluspa convert now. I loved the fact that it's coconut wax and not a traditional beeswax candle, and I was intrigued by the 100 hour burn time. I received it yesterday and burned it all night. Even when it's not lit, and you leave the top off, the whole room smells delicious. It's sweet and fruity, but not in a nauseating way. The jar is beautiful, and I will definitely find another use for it once the candle is gone. When I was in Anthro today, I took the advice of a sales associate and bought the Baltic Amber one too, which I may love even more than the Santiago Huckleberry. Very vanilla-y, reminds me a little of caramel. I will definitely be trying all of the scents eventually.
  3. / Jan 11 2015
    Candle review
    This candle smells amazing, burns evenly, and looks wonderful in any home! I bought it with the intention of lighting it for special occasions, but I just enjoy it so much, I find myself lighting it every evening! Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a light, delicate scent that makes your home inviting without being overwhelming
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  1. / Sep 10 2014
    Intoxicatingly wonderful!
    I absolutely love Aloha Orchid candles! Every time someone comes to my house they ask what is that amazing smell! These candles are worth every penny because the scent really fills up the house without being over powering and the candles last a long time. no more wasting money on cheap candles that hardly smell at all!
  2. / Sep 24 2013
    I have always loved how Anthropologie stores smelled, but it never struck me to ask a sales associate what the candle they were burning in the store was. Well, the last time I was there I finally did. This is most definitely one of the best candles I have ever smelled, and one of the best purchases I have made!!! Totally recommend this candle to anyone and everyone. I plan on sending my friend one, and buying the largest candle in Volcano when this one runs out.
  3. / Oct 27 2012
    Wonderful candle
    I received this candle in the Peeled Navel Orange scent as a gift and absolutely love it. I have been burning it nearly every day since receiving it, and I really would like to purchase another one because it smells so nice! It definitely should last as long as it says. Also, the color shown in the image is accurate. Looks very nice in my bedroom. Seems like it should last as long as listed (40 hours) if not longer. It is definitely a worthwhile purchase!
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  1. / Jan 21 2015
    The best smell in the world~
    I walked into an anthro store a few weeks ago and asked one of the sale representatives why the clothes from anthropologie always smelled so wonderful. She had no idea what I was talking about, insisting that the clothes were not washed or perfumed with anything special. Then she said that they tend to have 3-4 of these candles burning at all times throughout the store and that the candle scent may be impregnating the clothes. She was right! Now my home can smell like anthropologie, and if I dry some clothes near this candle while it is burning they get this wonderful smell!
  2. / May 01 2012
    Best Capri Blue Scent So Far....
    I have purchased every scent that Capri Blue has come out with and each one seems to get yummier and yummier. Definitely an instant 'Anthropologie reference scent', mandarin, but tart as well. Love the chartreuse color of the glass jar as well. These candles never burn evenly...but I have tackled that downside by removing the wax on the sides when the wick runs out and melting it (in an old tin bowl, atop double boiler). Then, I pour the melted wax into a prepared smaller glass with new wick ready (wick can be purchased at craft store). The result is, I now have many capri blue scents all over and none of the deliciously smelling wax is wasted!
  3. / Feb 24 2012
    I had been wanting one of these Capri Blue candles for a while and finally decided to bite the bullet on the price since I just redid my bedroom. This one smells sweet and tart at the same time, but is not too overpowering. It has that quintessential Anthropologie smell, which I love. I'm hoping it lasts long, due to the price, but it does really release a great fragrance, unlike many candles on the market.
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  1. / Jul 27 2013
    Its exactly how I wanted it to be, so perfect, so beautiful, and goes well anywhere in the house! not too small to be lost in some wall, and not too big to fill up an empty wall, But perfect for corridors or a collaged wall.
  2. / Jan 28 2013
    Truly stunning. Heavy, elegant, well-made. The aged detailing in the mirror around the perimeter shows up more on a lighter wall. I have hung these on both a white wall and on a barn wood wall, and I think you see more detail on a white wall.
  3. / Jan 09 2013
    Even more lovely in person. Very heavy. Packed well for shipping and arrived in perfect condition. Hardware for hanging included. My pair hangs in my living room.
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  1. / Dec 30 2014
    The perfect candle!
    I purchased this candle in the blue colorway (Java Plum). I thought I knew exactly where I was going to put it in my house, but it looks so good everywhere that I can't decide. It is a stunner! Like the previous reviewer said, the patterns remind me of Spanish tiles... very vivid and a little boho. The candle itself is very nice as well... the scent is divine, and there are 2 wicks. Once the candle is finished, you could easily use the container for a trinket box or a small jewelry box. You definitely won't want to part with it. So when you consider this, the price seems quite reasonable. Highly recommended!
  2. / Nov 17 2014
    Delightful smell
    While shopping in store I happened upon this candle due to its pretty colors, reminded me of Spanish ceramic tiles. Once my husband approved of the scent (smells of apple, plum, and vanilla) we left with 2 java plums and a few dresses. Please make this scent into a body spray, I would wear it always. I plan on using it to hold candy and car keys once completely burned
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  1. / Jun 30 2014
    My favorite!
    I adore this fragrance and buy the candles religiously...not a huge fan of diffusers as I felt they were a waist of money....until I tried this one! It lasts and lasts and omits and omits the beautiful scent.
  2. / Sep 11 2013
    The Smell of Anthropologie!
    Loving this diffuser. My boyfriend likes the Goji Tarocco Orange scent. I just keep moving it from room to room it smells so good! the bottle is very cute with nice engraved detailing. I also was happy that it came with a cork, I plan to use it every other week to keep the scent fresh and make it last longer. It's not a tall diffuser either, which I like, because it allows me to display on a book shelf. I was already thinking of bringing one to my office. This would also be a great gift!
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Read What Customers are Saying About Our Candles
These candles have always made great hostess gifts. Bar none... I can't tell you how delighted people are to receive these lovelies, they are nice and citrusy and non-offensive. Instant mood elevator. A big bounce of joy packed into a nice decorative jar. The burn time is long as well. Can't beat it.

Simply a delight. I bought this candle in the store and I love it! I've been burning it all the time. It is adorable, and it smells WONDERFUL. I love the mercury outside, it goes with a lot of other things in my room. Plus, once I've burned the whole thing, I'm going to use the jar for toiletries in my bathroom like I've done with other Anthropologie candles! Great buy!

Beautiful for every season. I don't usually like sweeter, citrusy scents (preferring lavender and cedar notes), but this Volcano candle's scent is so light, it's not overwhelming & doesn't remind me of food. Got it for Christmas last year and the mercury glass has looked pretty in my room all year. Thank goodness, it's slow burning! When it burns down, I plan to refill it with a white candle to recreate the original look.

This candle has a soft smell that's not too overpowering, but what's the best is the antiqued, mirrored glass jar that the cream-colored candle sits in. Really beautiful focal point. I featured this candle on my blog, it's so elegant.

LOVE this candle!!! I agree with one of the previous reviews...Anthropologie is like walking into a happy place and nothing can go wrong there. I love walking into the store and when I light my Volcano candles at home, I feel like I'm in my store. I have both the red and blue candles and they go perfect with the decor in my home. Best candle ever!!!

Best smell ever. I have bought all of the Capri candles (the silver is gorgeous when it's glowing through the jar) and they are to die for. The smells are simply stunning and strong, which I love!
I love the blended fruit and flower scent of the Capri Blue jar candle, it's the best way to freshen up my house and welcome home my husband every evening! The soy wax let's it burn clean and even, leaving the sides looking nice and clean and the candle attractive.

This is my favorite candle of all time. Once you own this candle, you'll want one in every room. I think the scent of this candle gives Anthropologie its distinctive fragrance when I walk into their store and adds to the ambiance while I shop. I love this candle and will continue to use it forever!

Is it a coincidence that the day my wonderful Volcano candle came in that it also started to feel like Spring? I don't know, but after lighting it and smelling those wonderful scents I am also tempted to call it my vacation inducing transference magic jar. Not too powerful, not too smelly...just like Spring Magic. Maybe it's both?

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