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  1. / May 16 2015
    Elegant cuff -grab it!
    I disagree with reviewer who said this cuff was not worth full price! I think this cuff is worth the price-I paid full price-so simple, elegant, delicate but shines on its own! Unlike most cuffs this one is refined and classy yet stylish, modern and so pretty on! Hammered gold makes it look "real" not flashy ! !i purchased the gold cuff and it dressed up the evening dress but it can be worn for other occasions too. Got tons of compliments every time I 've worn it. I plan to get the silver version soon .
  2. / Jan 25 2015
    Bold yet delicate
    This piece caught my attention on my last shopping trip to my favorite Antrho store in the area. I debated on it, but not too long. I came home that evening and ordered it online. Every time I wear it I receive many compliments. It is a somewhat delicate, lightweight piece. However, it is a cuff and covers a lot of wrist space. the hammered gold look is very striking. It is the only piece you need. I can see wearing this with many different outfits.
  3. / Jan 22 2015
    graceful and refined
    I was pleasantly surprised when this cuff arrived in the mail. I was expecting something big and bulk with regret to the purchase before it came in the mail. However, when i opened the package I was delighted and shocked to see how beautiful this light and airy cuff bracelet is. It looks extremely high end and fits snug on the wrist....I love it so much I bought another so I can wear one on each arm. Amazing purchase, great quality at a killer price.
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  1. / May 02 2015
    Great quality, good price!
    I bought these bracelets in both colors and wore them all at the same time. I received many compliments. The color tones go with almost everything. They are very well made! I took them off when I was at my desk and two of them fell to the floor and nothing broke! Great bracelet set that will be timeless in style! I also like that they are 'overwhelming' on my wrist. I have small wrists and sometimes bracelets look ridiculous or are so loose that they hang down on my hands. These are not the case and fit well.
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What's the one thing we can't get enough of lately? Bracelets for women! Whether comprised of delicate metals or rough-hewn stones, bracelets big and small are leaving their stylish mark. For a modern bohemian spin, try piling on a few bangle bracelets, mix stones with metals, wood with Lucite, just have fun with this jingle-jangly trend. We also like wearing cuff bracelets along the upper forearm for edgy, urban sophistication. Whether they're stacked in spades or sparely adorned, bracelets make every ensemble complete.
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