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  1. / May 06 2015
    Rose gold
    I was attracted to this by the unusual rose gold color but find it too small and plain. I also like the chain but found it hard to fasten. As noted by previous reviewer, this is for very small wrists and would look great paired with other bracelets. It is well made and will not discolor.
  2. / May 07 2015
    Very Small. Very hard to fasten by oneself.
    Beautiful simple band. It is very small but can be easily bent and stretched to fit your wrist. The clasp is impossible to fasten by oneself. I think I will replace the clasp with one that is easier to use.
  3. / Apr 26 2015
    Great for Smaller Wrists
    This is a delicate bangle made for a smaller wrist which is why it works for me. It is a nice addition to a group of other braclets on the wrists or worn alone.
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  1. / May 02 2015
    Great quality, good price!
    I bought these bracelets in both colors and wore them all at the same time. I received many compliments. The color tones go with almost everything. They are very well made! I took them off when I was at my desk and two of them fell to the floor and nothing broke! Great bracelet set that will be timeless in style! I also like that they are 'overwhelming' on my wrist. I have small wrists and sometimes bracelets look ridiculous or are so loose that they hang down on my hands. These are not the case and fit well.
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  1. / May 18 2015
    I bought these bracelets in every color when they were on sale. I love them. The beads catch the light beautifully and I can mix and match the colors. Even wearing one simple bracelet looks great. Highly recommend.
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  1. / May 11 2015
    I received this as a gift and it is a beautiful bracelet. It is feels substantial and sturdy enough to wear on a regular basis. It is also adjustable - I do not have dainty wrists and the 7" true size fits well. The extender chain allows the bracelet to sit lower on my wrist if I want. FYI, the extender chain is a part of the bracelet, it just allows it to fit different size wrists as the links do not stretch. The gold is a slightly shinier gold in person. The stones look a lot like turquoise, but are amazonite. There are a few minor details that are different on my bracelet from the online photos. I'm not sure if the design changed part way through the manufacturing, or if all the bracelets will be like mine. The first difference is that all of the stone beads have the gold floral cap on them. In the online photos, there is one bead missing the floral detail. There is also a small clear crystal near the base of the lobster clasp that isn't visible in any of the online photos (wish I knew what type, but I'll include a couple photos to show this detail). The lobster clasp is more squared off, which I like better. The extender chain has two larger circles; one where it is attached to the main part of the bracelet and one at the end of the extender, but is missing that final gold bead. The larger circles do make it easier to clasp yourself. Overall the differences do not take away from the design, and do add to the function. This is a gorgeous bracelet and I recommend it to anyone who fancies turquoise and gold.
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What's the one thing we can't get enough of lately? Bracelets for women! Whether comprised of delicate metals or rough-hewn stones, bracelets big and small are leaving their stylish mark. For a modern bohemian spin, try piling on a few bangle bracelets, mix stones with metals, wood with Lucite, just have fun with this jingle-jangly trend. We also like wearing cuff bracelets along the upper forearm for edgy, urban sophistication. Whether they're stacked in spades or sparely adorned, bracelets make every ensemble complete.
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