Ceramic Critter Piggy Bank
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Animal Pull Puppet
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Nesting Play Suitcases
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Baby Vegetable Rattle
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Rifle Kid's Classics
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Prima-Petite Tutu
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Grand Dame Recipe Tin
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Anglophile Journal
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Every Moment Journal
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Folio Paper Clips
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Mon Cahier 2015 Journal
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Tropical Fruit Journal
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Mon Carnet Journal
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Leather Sagitta Journal
Leather Sagitta Journal
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Lazarette Pencil Case
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Letterpress Notepad
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Slipped-In-Suede Journal
Slipped-In-Suede Journal
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Q&A A Day
Q&A A Day
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Sunny Life Beach Radio
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Beach Paddle Game
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Our Customers Have Spoken!

Average rating for Books & Gifts
(4.6 / 5)
922 Reviews
  1. / May 21 2015
    Cinnamon candle my favorite!
    The cinnamon scent is my favorite! It is not too strong or faux smelling. I just wish it burned all the way to the bottom. The sides end up smothering the wick.
  2. / Jun 14 2014
    Tested all the options...
    Alright guys, I took it upon myself to go instore and stick my nose into all of these for you (tough job, I know.) Anyway, here's my take on the different options: Angel Food & Strawberry Shortcake: Both a little too sickly sweet, in my opinion. I don't know if the scent would be quite as strong when it's burning, but my nose couldn't really handle more than 2 sniffs. But if you really love a sugary scent, then knock yourself out. Vanilla and Cinnamon: A really lovely smell with not too overpowering of a cinnamon. I thought these blended perfectly, and would be great for the fall or winter. Vanilla and Fig: I thought this one would be my favorite, but almost couldn't even tell it was a scented candle. The scent was pretty weak, but what I could smell was pleasant. Cream and Pear: A dreamy blend. I ended up getting this one because it seemed more appropriate for summer, and felt like it had just the right amount of "sweet" without being like the strawberry or angel food cake one. And I can happily say that once lit upon arriving home, it did not disappoint. My room smells great.
  3. / Aug 03 2012
    Coconut Macaroon... Happifying
    So I bought this candle a few days ago in coconut macaroon, and had the lid closed. Yesterday I painted my room, and today I had the brilliant idea to open the candle lid up to see if that darned paint smell would go away. And did it ever! My room now smells entirely of amazing, sweet, calming coconut! It doesn't even need to burn to fill up a room, and the room I just painted is very large and my windows are open. Also, it goes perfectly with the theme of my room, which is sort of vintage-simplicity and airy-elegant with a light cozy feel. The jar looks like it is a little "cracked" and its glossy. I will definitely keep it once it has burned out to use it for something else since its so cute! It conveniently has a little rubber inlay in the lid, which makes taking on and off the lid very easy, and unlike actual vintage jars, none of that scratchy feeling when you open it. I feel like this is one of those things that will make me happy every time I revisit it (like any other Anthropologie product really). Very pleased, and in the future I will most likely always buy my candles from Anthro (I smelled the cinnamon one, and it reminded me of Christmas, so maybe I will come Winter!)
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  1. / May 10 2015
    Mokara scent is fabulous
    I love the Mokara scent! Adds such a lovely light scent to the room, even my husband notices and comments on how nice the scent is! These candles come in such a lovely container as well. I stocked up on these when Anthro has their % off all items sale, since they never go on sale otherwise.
  2. / May 09 2015
    High Quality & Smells Incredible
    My favorite brand of candles. I particularly like the Goji Orange, but all give a very balanced, unique fragrance that really fill a room. The burn time is always longer than estimated for me. I've saved the tins for plant basins in the garden too, patterns are pretty.
  3. / May 05 2015
    fills the room
    I'm hooked on Voluspa candles and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Baltic Amber has sealed its spot on my favorites. Well worth the money. Candles last a long time and the scent fills the room within minutes of being lit. Pure heaven.
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  1. / Mar 12 2013
    I love these glasses. I have 6 in red. My kids love them too. They are so different and beautiful. I read some of the reviews and was surprised to see some negative things written for this product. I have been using these for last 4 months everyday. These are my everyday water and juice glasses (we love these rather than plain boring ones). I have had no issues with the quality, color, chipping or anything. But remember, I do wash these myself and do not put them in dishwasher. Such pretties cant be trusted to dishwasher. Now I see that they have new color lavender. And I want that too. I will definitely buy atleast 2 lavender (its my fav. color) even though i have 6 reds already. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these. These are beautiful, with no quality issues, atleast I did not have any problem with my batch. I absolutely love these beauties.
  2. / May 04 2015
    Solid yet feminine
    Oh these are so pretty! They are a well made solid glass. I love the floral pattern on them. I can't wait to use them for summer entertaining!
  3. / May 01 2015
    Beautiful goblets!
    These goblets are just gorgeous. They make such a great accent to a dinner party.
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  1. / May 01 2015
    One of my favorites!
    The Happ & Stahns fragrance collection is my absolute favorite. I love that they are light enough to wear during the day, but lovely enough to even use as a room spray. Sophisticated scents like this brand outbeat any of the box-chain stores that you would find in a mall. These are my go-to favorites, and if you like these check out the Tocca brand, too!
  2. / May 01 2012
    A lovely scent
    I became smitten with Happ & Stahns 1842 Rosa Alba sometime last year when I smelled it in the store. Obviously, I was drawn in by the beautiful packaging but the scent did not disappoint either. It's a lovely feminine scent. Lucky me, my fiancé gifted me this perfume for my birthday last summer. I received the fragrance in the tear catcher since the larger bottle was sold out in all of Anthropologies in our area. It was fine by me because the tear catcher is such an unusual vessel- I just adore it. Unfortunately a few month ago the spray nozzle got caught in the cap of the bottle and I was unable to spray my beloved perfume. Fortunately, Anthropologie swapped it out for me with no questions asked. We wondered if perhaps this was a not so unusual occurrence with this particular bottle? Anyways, the scent is wonderful- it's very nice the warmer months and I feel so romantic when I wear it. I only wish that it would last a bit longer. It seems to fade rather quickly (which is why I've given the quality score 3 stars. I'd say that the actual scent is 5 stars.)
  3. / Aug 11 2012
    Complex and sophisticated
    This is not your typical department store, designer made perfume. Although, billed as a "rose" scent, this perfume is a complex layering of fragrances that wind together to create something totally unexpected. The rose in this fragrance is not the in-your-face rose of say Jo Malone's Tuber Rose or even her Red Rose. It is balanced with notes of grapefruit and tea and pepper. The most surprising aspect for me is that the base notes are warm and slightly spicy ( amber and cashmere wood). I find this subtle, intimate fragrance to be powerfully feminine and on my skin it has good staying power. Hints of it cling to me all day. Anthro says that this was inspired "by The Grand Tour - a trip across Europe enjoyed by young ladies in the 19th century." Uh.... that is true if the young ladies were George Elliot, Mary Shelly, or Christina Rossetti.
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  1. / May 11 2015
  2. / Jul 04 2011
    One of the pulls is crooked--screw extends from the ceramic crookedly so goes on the cupboard door a bit crookedly. I can't be bothered returning it, though. It'll be OK. Like others, I find the long screws off-putting. I'm going to take them to my local Home Depot to see if they can tell me what tool I need to cut them to the size I need so that the screws don't catch on everything, including the kids' heads, etc.! They look stunning on the cupboard at the end of my hallway. Very true to the photo--a little bigger than I expected (even though I checked the measurements to the cupboard before purchasing), but the size is really attractive. I'd love to have all the various colors, actually. Like I said, absolutely stunning. They make me happy every time I walk down the hall.
  3. / Jun 20 2011
    so unique
    I just re-did my bedroom, and I had to have these for my closet doors. They are perfect! They're not as green as in the picture, but actually match my color scheme a bit better. They're the perfect size, and not super heavy/obnoxious to install. The best price however is the price--after searching at my local Home Depot/Lowe's/and decorating stores, these were definitely the best find, and they were the same price as the hideous and very plain door knobs at the above listed places. Can't wait to buy more!
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  1. / May 08 2015
    My favorite measuring cups! They are so pretty I just love them!
  2. / Jul 30 2011
    Beautiful, unique ...
    These cups were a birthday present and were put to use the following weekend at a dinner party. I used the smallest one for olive pits, the 1/3 cup contained the olives. The half cup was used to serve the dipping sauce for grilled artichokes, the full cup was full of marcona almonds. I love these measuring cups! They have yet to see the inside of my kitchen drawer, they are displayed on a shelf above my bar. Having said all that I'm not sure I will ever use them as measuing cups. Go ahead, buy them ... have some fun!
  3. / Jan 22 2012
    I had a blast spending my Anthropology gift card the day after Christmas. Everyone expected me to buy clothes, but instead I shopped the House & Home section. These fun little beauties immediately caught my eye as a much needed alternative to my white plastic measuring cups. They are even prettier in real life and have become a centerpiece in my functional kitchen art piece. They are coveted by all who enter my kitchen and several friends have hinted they may want a set for their birthdays.
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  1. / Aug 27 2012
    Love these for making pillows!
    Even though I've been married for almost 11 years, I bought them for myself! Who says you have to be a newlywed to enjoy these right? They were too cute to pass up! Even my hubby liked them! But because they are more on the delicate side, I thought they'd look so adorable as accent pillows! So I'm planning on sewing them up and adding a zipper to make them last that much longer! Several of anthros tea towels would make great pillows and these are definitely some of them. There is an excellent online tutorial for those of you who need a little guidance on how to do that if you wish to do the same! http://thepleatedpoppy.com/2011/03/how-to-make-a-pillow-from-a-tea-towel/
  2. / Jan 07 2015
    oh those are beautiful, and so big. people say they bought it for a gift, but I bought these for myself and I love them! They are big and good quality, nicely done.
  3. / May 18 2012
    I got this for my daughter's wedding. She happens to love birds and had bluebirds on her wedding cake. I accidentally purchased two online which is easy to do since the checkout does not prompt you if you do that. This turned out to be fortunate because when took both of them out of the package, some of the stitching on the words was hard to read while others were okay. They look to be machine made but still comparing the two side by side had a lot of differences in the stitiches on the design. That is why i gave the quality, an average, but the design is really sweet! Also, the material they are stitched on seems quite heavy and rough, I hope when she washes it, it will become softer.
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